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Groupe Dynamite employs Oracle's cloud services


Groupe Dynamite employs Oracle's cloud services

Oracle declared that Groupe Dynamite who creates, designs, markets and distributes a constantly evolving edited fashion collection to a large network of Dynamite and Garage retail stores have deployed Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning Cloud Service.

Groupe Dynamite provides creative and fresh merchandising to propel customer touchpoint. The company required one unified global planning approach to drive inventory performance, the flexibility to configure the interface and the ability to infuse data science into assortment prioritization, all while supporting open-to-buy processes.

"Our current process and incumbent solution required an assortment planning process that was time consuming and cumbersome. By shifting to Oracle Retail, we are empowering our teams with an intuitive and modern interface, and a holistic planning solution that provides store level detail and allows us to make more strategic merchandise decisions," said Julie Fillion, Senior Director of Planning, Groupe Dynamite.  

Groupe Dynamite has a deep- rooted relation with Oracle Retail. Groupe Dynamite, in 2011 introduced fast fashion women’s apparel retailer brands namely, Garage and Dynamite in the U.S. with the help of Oracle Commerce solutions. In the year 2014, Groupe Dynamite utilized Oracle Retail Merchandising, Stores and Financial Inventory Management solutions to accelerate international expansion with a single view of inventory.





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