Alexa Oracle unveils Oracle Utilities Customer to meter
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Oracle unveils Oracle Utilities Customer to meter


Oracle unveils Oracle Utilities Customer to meter

Oracle has strived to put bring out the easiest of the solutions into the hands of their customers and the new utilities service just topped it all. Oracle has unveiled its Utilities Customer to meter service. It is a meter to cash solution which is easy to use and apt for today’s costumer first utility. The service is the first of its kind, merging customer information system (CIS) with meter data management system (MDMS) into one solution with a single user interface.

“Oracle Utilities continues to partner with utilities around the globe to solve the issue of increasing complexity in this rapidly transforming industry. Simplifying meter-to-cash processes is an important part of those partnerships. This new solution does exactly that: it allows utilities to get up and running in a matter of months with a complete meter-to-cash solution and allows them to leverage that complete solution to streamline business processes and easily stay ahead of rapidly evolving business drivers impacting how they serve their customers,” said Rodger Smith, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Utilities. 

The new service is set to take the market by a storm. The reasons are simple, really. Leveraging a single technology stack that can be shared, the technological costs alone are cut by an astounding 25%. It basically results in faster implementation times and fewer integration points which lead to greater operational efficiency. Coupled with the fact that the service provides a powerful customer platform and a comprehensive meter solution, it allows a more immediate and efficient extraction of value from metering infrastructure data.

This has resulted in a streamlined approach that lets utilities design customer centric programs and specializations and also prepare for the continued growth of smart meter programs. This solution has nearly laid the ground work for utilities to evolve and in doing so it eliminated the need of a major IT project to roll out smart meters in the future.

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