Alexa Oracle's Customer Experience Cloud gets AI boost
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Oracle's Customer Experience Cloud gets AI boost


Oracle's Customer Experience Cloud gets AI boost

Oracle is intent on AI and it shows. It has announced a number of AI driven features across it Customer Cloud Experience portfolio that help make customer experience simple, better and more personalized. Oracle is joining a list filled with its competitors who are offering similar features with underlying AI capabilities.

The tool, called Adaptive Intelligence technology is a slew of AI driven capabilities that works across a bunch of their products like Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CPQ Cloud, Oracle Commerce Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Social Cloud and Oracle Marketing Cloud. That’s one long list of clouds.

The tech giant aims to bring a level of automation through this using machine learning which is fueled by the tonnes of Gigabytes of data they collect through its Customer Experience Cloud, which is not surprising since Oracle boasts of more than 7.5 trillion data points.

 “The AI engine operates behind the scenes that does modeling and feature selection and can combine the algorithms uniquely for the use cases. We provide recipes for consumer problems versus business problems, but then the system does the processing [automatically],” explained Jack Berkowitz, VP of products and data science at Oracle. He added that the optimized solutions offered by the system are the result of combination of a series of AI techniques like natural language understanding, machine learning and neural networks.

The AI abilities will be present across Oracle’s entire Customer Experience product set and will also include additional widgets and analytics. With this, Oracle is putting machine learning and other AI driven techniques in the reach of its customers, without the need of extra work on the their part. The whole point was to simplify it for them while Oracle does the work behind the scenes.

“We wanted to greatly simplify what it takes to make these [AI] capabilities on-boarded by companies. We don’t walk in with armies of data scientists or require long integration projects. Connectivity and embedding is really right out of the box,” added Berkowitz.

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