Alexa Oracle's new security cloud services booms
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Oracle's new security cloud services booms


Oracle's new security cloud services booms

Oracle’s new security cloud services portfolio is not only taking hold, its growing at an unprecedented rate. Barely six month old, the service has already registered more than a million users. Called the Security Operations Center (SOC) cloud services portfolio, it is Oracle’s identity based cloud security service that helps enterprises enhance their security through AI backed, context-aware detection and machine learning.

Oracle’s SOC framework is an AI powered service that provides integrated and intelligent security monitoring, threat detection, analytics and remediation across hybrid and heterogeneous clouds which is in turn powered by a comprehensive identity context and enhancement. That’s a lot of security!

“As organizations continue their journey to the cloud, they are looking for an integrated, intelligent and comprehensive security platform that can manage, better secure and automate processes across hybrid IT environments,” said Rohit Gupta, group vice president, Cloud Security products at Oracle. “Customers agree that Oracle’s Identity SOC approach offers a critical controls framework to help enhance their security posture for applications and data—both in the cloud and the datacenter.”

Being the world’s first and only identity based security framework, Oracle has created a benchmark in providing consistent security controls across cloud and on-premises environments helping companies detect and respond to advanced security threats better and also predict the path of escalation of the threat effectively. Its SOC portfolio unifies threat, operational and user data to better understand the state of things and uses machine learning to empower these operation centers with a context aware and identity centric solution.

The thing with this service is not that it is a boon for tech enterprises, but the fact that it is also applicable to any company taking it to the cloud. One eample is Levies Strauss which is one the clients in a long list featuring names like Marlette Funding, New Mexico Human Services Department, Nomis Solutions, Ooyala, Pragmatyxs and UBI Banca.

“At Levi’s, my primary job is to protect the company brands and reduce our overall risk. From an IT perspective we have moved quickly into the cloud and have upgraded our SOC intelligence capability as a result. Levi’s invested in Oracle CASB Cloud Service to help give us visibility and better protection for our IaaS investments,” said Steve Zalewski, Chief Security Architect, Levi Strauss & Company.

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