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11 Business Tools to help With Presentations


11 Business Tools to help With Presentations

Presentations have made companies either become better at what they do or not. Why do we say this? Well, it all depends on how well you are promoting your product or service, how interesting you sound, and how simple you can be while presenting. 

One of the common issues people have while they are presenting is keeping their audience engaged. However, the better your business tools, the easier it may get. 

Well, let’s not wait any further because, in this article, we will identify the top business tools you can use to help you with your presentations. 

1. Pitch

Pitch offers teams an easier way to communicate complex ideas, and that’s what makes presentations great. Moreover, Pitch is building an ecosystem where people can get inspired by using templates that experts create, discover ideas from top thinkers, and publish exciting storytelling that will make their presentations stand out. 

However, Pitch is well known for its slideshow maker. You can create a slideshow using Pitch which will help you build fantastic slideshows with professionally designed templates, collaboration features, and much more. Pitch has more than 100 free templates, all created by a group of experts. 

Pricing with Pitch starts for free, but of course, if you subscribe to their paid plans, there are different set prices, which you’ll need to contact them to find out. 

2. Creatopy 

Creatopy is an online business tool that you can use to edit banners, customize them in any way you wish, and quickly design them, with many options available that allow you to speak to your target audience more effectively. 

Creatopy offers customizable banners with high-quality stock photos, shapes, icons, and much more you can receive from Creatopy’s library to ensure they align with your brand identity. 

Furthermore, you can create your banner on Creatopy through four steps: 

  • By choosing a template
  • Customizing and personalizing the type of banner you will create 
  • Resizing your banner to an ideal size 
  • The last part includes exporting it

Pricing with Creatopy will start anywhere from $17 per month and greatly vary based on your personalization levels. However, keep in mind that you’ll be billed yearly! 

3. Visme 

Visme is a cloud-based business presentation tool that allows you to create high-quality presentations that engage with viewers and effectively communicate your ideas. 

Visme has a business version and prioritizes brand consistency and image storage. Whenever you or your employees create a presentation, it will feature many colors, logos, and images that reflect your brand’s image. This is excellent for promoting consistency in your program and allows you to identify who viewed your presentation and finished it. 

Pricing with Visme includes different plans, and they can range anywhere from $20 per user per month to $60 per up to three users. However, if you want just to try the program out, you can do so by using their free demo and see if this tool is for you or not.

4. Canva

Canvas is a graphic design platform that allows organizations to choose from a range of design templates that they can include in their presentation. You can select the design templates based on your brand image or add visual elements to any free-stock images you download from Canva. Let’s not forget that all these images are of high quality and won’t disappoint you when you download them. Furthermore, you can even work with your team through their built-in features. 

Pricing begins at $12.95 per month and goes up to $30 per month. 

5. Powtoon 

If you want to include animations in your presentation, Powtoon is the tool you should consider using. Its animation software allows you to create videos with characters and background animations. It can make a presentation quite exciting and help you differ from any other presentation a regular person does. Especially if you are talking to prospects, this can help you make your presentation interesting. 

Monthly prices with Powtoon begin at $19 per month and can go up to $89 per month. 

6. Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the most commonly used program for presentations. It’s considered the standard presentation software most people use, but it doesn’t mean it should be the only software people should use. However, it has many features that allow users to take advantage of, such as its marketing ones, which include charts, text, customizable slides, font colors, and more. 

As you may know, PowerPoint is free to use, but of course, you have paid plans that start from $5 per user per month. 

7. Haiku Deck 

If you want your presentation to be simple, Haiku Deck is the right choice. Business owners are allowed to create simple presentations that include high-quality images. The simple outline will enable you not to overload your audience with useless information. Comparatively, 

Haiku Deck has a library full of different fonts and images that you won’t find in many presentation tools. However, no need to worry because they are simple to use. 

Pricing with Haiku Deck starts at $7.99, but of course, there are more expensive plans that offer you more features. It’s always best to visit their site for more important information. 

8. Slidecamp

Slidecamp is usually an alternative a large business will consider. Using this platform, you can repurpose your existing slides and build new presentations to maximize audience engagement. In addition, using the presentation tool, you can set branding details that will allow you to stay consistent with your presentations. 

Paid plans with Slidecamp include memberships. So, for example, a team plan member will cost you $99 per month, but there is also the unlimited plan which is $499 per year. So, comparatively, your best bet is to subscribe to the unlimited plan, which will be more than half the price of the team plan membership. 

9. Oomfo

In other words, Oomfo assists marketing and sales experts in creating charts for their presentations. These charts aren’t like any other but are specialized, live charts and various variants. The best part about Oomfo is that it’s free to use. 

So, if you’re looking for a tool that provides excellent chart options and don’t want to pay a penny, consider using Oomfo. 

10. Pitcherific 

Pitcherific is an excellent solution you can consider using if you want to learn more and practice throughout your presentation. It’s template-based and fully guides you through the creation process. While using the platform, you’ll come to know that there are various templates that serve different purposes. 

This is good for you because you’ll be entirely guided by what you have to do. Nevertheless, the platform will recommend a character count for each section, allowing you to identify how long your presentation speech is. 

Pricing plans with Pitcherific will vary on your business requirements and how large your business is. So, the best option you have is to visit their site and directly contact them for pricing plans. Above all, it offers a free trial, so you can find out if it’s the right choice for you or not! 

11. VideoScribe

Another animation software you can consider using is VideoScribe. It allows individuals to fully customize their presentations with animations. The company provides you with an easy-to-use platform that you can use for presentation purposes. 

While you use the platform, you can use the drag-and-drop interface for images, while you use the animation features. Pricing begins at $39 per month, but you can always use their 7-day free trial to see if the platform is for you or not. 

Alternatively, if you choose to subscribe to their yearly plan, you will get a discount and only pay $14 per month, or you can even consider making a one-off plan that will cost you a one-time payment of $995. It really comes down to your business requirements and how your budget is. 

Wrapping everything up

That’s all for this article. These are the 11 business tools we recommend you use for your presentation. No matter what you do or which tool you use, you need to plan out your presentation. 

Nevertheless, there are plenty of excellent tools available to choose from, but everything will all come down to what you want to do and how your budget is. We recommend before you choose any tool, compare prices and quality between them. However, it’ll still depend on what you want and need in your presentation. Prices won’t be as important if they don’t fulfill the criteria you are looking for. 

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