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5 Business Processes to Outsource to a Foreign Team


5 Business Processes to Outsource to a Foreign Team

There are plenty of reasons for businesses in the US to outsource their processes to teams outside of the country. According to a 2021 survey conducted by market insight provider Clutch, many small enterprises do so because it allows them to save time, cut costs, and increase business flexibility. Choosing to work with international partners also gives US-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to work with experts in various fields and find novel ways of streamlining their processes. 

If you’re thinking of doing the same for your business, you’re not alone. Based on its performance in the past years, the outsourcing industry is only expected to continue growing in the next decade. But which of your processes should you consider outsourcing to a foreign team? Here are some of the most popular and practical choices for businesses based in the US. 

Search Engine Optimization

Businesses that are serious about turning their digital storefronts into major sales channels do so by investing in search engine optimization (SEO). Instead of building an entire team just to manage this task in-house, however, many US-based SMEs depend on SEO service Philippines agencies to carry out this complex and time-consuming activity for them.

The best Filipino agencies have seasoned web designers, content creators, and SEO specialists in their employ who know exactly how to design, launch, and implement SEO campaigns that get measurable results. Outsourcing this particular task to agencies in countries like the Philippines enables US businesses to access expert SEO services, done with precision and consistency, for a much lower price compared to hiring an in-house team of SEO professionals. 

Sales and Marketing

Sales is a numbers game for many businesses. The more people you reach, the higher the chances that one of your prospects will get the products or services that you’re selling. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to find and retain good sales professionals, and many businesses in the US can’t exactly afford to have a large sales team as a part of their regular operations.

As such, many outsource their sales and marketing departments abroad. This arrangement with a foreign sales and marketing provider allows companies in the US to scale their sales activities as needed. If your company enjoys good sales, you can increase its contract with its sales services provider, and you can also freely do the opposite if the effort does not get the results that you are looking for. Adopting this strategy means there’s no need for your business to go through the lengthy process of onboarding, training, or parting ways with in-house sales personnel.

IT Management

Choosing to outsource your IT functions to a foreign team is an easy choice if you’re from a US-based business that wants to cut costs on acquisitions for new software and hardware. Delegating this task to a team of IT experts in India or Poland, for example, means that your business no longer has to hire more personnel just to ensure that someone is around to maintain your IT systems 24/7.

Your outsourcing partners can take care of your IT needs on a round-the-clock basis on your behalf, and you can count on them to keep their IT tools and capabilities up to standard so as not to lose business to their direct competitors. 

Finance and Accounting

It’s important for businesses to track the movement of their financial resources. For many establishments, however, financial activities do not directly contribute to their core business processes.

Companies can take advantage of this divide by outsourcing their finance and accounting to agencies that specialize in these fields. That way, there will be no need for the business to hire its own accounting and finance personnel. Having an outside expert available to manage and monitor your finances will allow your business to free up key internal resources for activities that directly affect its growth, operations, and performance. 

Human Resources

Many businesses in the US consider their human resources as their most important asset. However, hiring the right people for your team is often a resource-intensive activity. This is why many US businesses choose to outsource this task to companies in other countries.

The outsourcing team can focus its resources on the task assigned to it, while your business can devote its manpower, time, and energy to streamlining its processes and bridging the gap caused by the lack of personnel. Aside from hiring people, outsourced HR agencies can also be tasked with training and onboarding new personnel into your business so they can hit the ground running once they join your team. 

Of course, the key to reaping the benefits of outsourcing is finding the right foreign agency to partner with. Many companies in various countries all over the world are competing for the opportunity to work with businesses in the US, and it’s in your best interest to find a good match in terms of values and business culture.  

If you have a set standard or non-negotiable requirements for the business you want to partner with, you’ll have an easier time finding the best match for your outsourcing needs. Think carefully about what you want from the people you outsource, and set your expectations before inking a new deal.

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