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5 Things to Know About Dabbing


 5 Things to Know About Dabbing

In the past, you could only consume marijuana by either smoking a hash brownie or a joint. But, fast forward to 2022, there are different ways you can consume cannabis, and these include gummies with the CBD flavor dash, tinctures, and many others. In addition, dabbing is another new and popular option for cannabinoid consumption among CBD fans.

You must understand that weed dabs are usually produced from dry herbs in concentrated doses, hence, can be used vaporized or smoked. And, when dabbing, you need to use carbon dioxide solvent or butane to extract the THC from the weed dab. This will let out sticky oils called budder, butane hash oil, wax, and shatter. But, if you’re unfamiliar with all this, worry not. Continue reading as this guide shares with you five things you need to know about dabbing. Also, Leafwell is a legit choice for an MMJ card as it will help you connect with a medical physician directly so you can get access to cannabis products.

1. What Are Dabs?

You first need to understand what a dab is before learning anything else about dabbing. A dab refers to a marijuana concentrate, and, as you might already know, marijuana usually entails shatter, earwax, honeycomb, budder, and butane hash oil. All these make dabs more powerful, unlike other types of conventional cannabis. Dab is robust because it has an 80% higher concentration of THC, a psychoactive chemical.

If you pour butane on top of your marijuana, you’ll undoubtedly produce dabs because it enhances THC extraction, which combines into butane. After this, the extraction undergoes filtration; then, it’s decanted on a tray or a dish as a gummy solid.

2. What’s Dabbing?

The term dabbing refers to heating marijuana concentrates and inhaling the smoke using devices such as dab rigs, which come in a number of variants. There’s the traditional or glass dab rigs, recycler dab rigs, silicone dab rigs, mini dab rigs, as well as electric ones known as e-rigs. If you want to know more about electric dab rigs, you can visit sites such as Dr. Dabber. Their site says there are a number of considerations to make and steps you should take in order to ensure a satisfactory experience with e-rigs.

Dabbing helps you enjoy cannabis benefits immediately. If you try dabbing today, you’ll most likely be encouraged to quit other options of consuming cannabis because of its smooth nature.

There are a couple of benefits associated with dabbing, and these include the following:

  • It’s highly efficient as it’s a lot stronger than conventional smoking.
  • It produces a smooth, fresh, and enhanced flavor.
  • It’s an excellent method for indoor setups because it doesn’t produce too much smoke and, instead, produces clean vapor.

3. How Does Dabbing Work?

You can take marijuana using vape pens and smoking joints. Before you inhale the dab, you must ensure you heat it to a high temperature using a glass bong designed for that specific purpose. On the other hand, you can position your dab on the attached nail and use the blow torch to melt the wax. This makes it generate vapor for inhaling. With this kind of chemistry, there’s no doubt you’ll feel the dabbing effects instantly.

Besides, if you place the hash oil in a vaping device, you’ll also dab comfortably. However, this technique is used by teens because it doesn’t produce a distinct smell or even smoke. Therefore, you can also use it in public places.

4. What Do You Need To Start Dabbing?

You can’t just start dabbing your favorite herb and cannabis concentrates without the right accessories. This is why you must invest in the necessary tools to start your dabbing journey. Some of these include:

  • Silicone container – It’s the best option for storing your marijuana concentrates.
  • Dabber - This is designed to collect the concentrate and settle it on an attached nail. If you’re a beginner, consider this accessory because it has a spoon at one of its ends. This means you can easily scoop your dabs and put them where you require them.
  • Propane torch – This is used to heat the nail or banger.
  • Banger - A nail or banger is necessary for putting the dabs on. In most cases, nails usually come packaged in titanium glass. Remember, titanium nails are robust, and before you utilize them, you must season them. On the one hand, bangers have varying shapes that resemble little buckets. They’re manufactured from quartz.
  • Bong - It has the same function as the dab rig. The only difference between these two accessories is the size. Dab rigs have male joints, while bongs have female joints.

5. Can You Overdose On Dabs?

At times, overdosing on dabs is unavoidable. Fortunately, even if you overdose, dabs aren’t fatal. It’d help if you researched more to determine the hazardous impacts of dabbing and the possibilities of overdosing. In case of overdose, you might experience paranoia, panic attacks, vomiting, nausea, hypotension, hallucination, and anxiety.


There are multiple methods of consuming cannabis, but dabbing is the new method in town that’s been liked by many cannabis fans today. If you want to feel the potent effect of THC faster and become high, consider dabbing. Thanks to advanced technology, traditional torches and nails are no longer used. If you’ve looking forward to learning more about dabbing, this guide has detailed everything you need to know. 

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