Alexa 5 Tips on How to Hire – and keep – a Digital Business Developer
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5 Tips on How to Hire – and keep – a Digital Business Developer


5 Tips on How to Hire – and keep – a Digital Business Developer

Finding a top-level business developer in today’s business world is hard but finding a top-level digital business developer is even harder. At least if you don’t know who you are looking for. This blog post gives you five tips to find, hire and retain a top-level digital business developer. 

1. Who are you looking for? 

When we talk about attracting and hiring new people it always starts with knowing your home base. Who are you looking for? What kind of personality and skill-set fits to your organisation and to the team you are aiming to grow? Do not look for someone who is similar like every existing teammate but someone who complements the skills and personality traits of others.  

Ask yourself: “Where is our company heading? What kind of person and skills do we need in order to get there faster?” The answer must be more concrete and detailed than “a digital business developer”. 

2. What can you offer for a digital business developer? 

For a digital business developer nice benefits and company culture aren’t enough. Yes, they certainly make a great deal and can turn the boat to one direction or another, but a digital business developer seeks for challenges and opportunities. A person, who is passionately interested in developing digital businesses usually wants to work with a modern company and solutions. Can you offer this for them? Also, what else is there you can provide for the recruit? Today’s labour markets are favouring the employees (especially the top-talent ones), so keep this in mind already when you start to draft the job advertisement. Do not start the add with “We require...” but “We offer...”. 

3. Do you know what you are talking about? 

It goes without saying that you don’t have to be an expert in digital business to hire one. But it’s important to have some sort of an idea of the topics and skills you want to evaluate in the candidates. Familiarize yourself with digital business-related terminology before the interviews and you are more likely to ask the right questions.  

4. Can you give them a WOW effect right from the start? 

Hiring does not end after the employment contract is signed. On-boarding is as important (or maybe even the most important) part of the recruitment process. It’s pure insanity to pay a huge amount of effort on finding and hiring the new digital business developer and then drop the ball with a thought: “They know what they're doing. They are the experts after all!” Even if the recruit was an expert, they are the experts of their own field, not of your company, its culture, and the ways of working. Especially when talking about digital business developers we always must remember that these are the modern-day professionals. They know what they want from a company and if you cannot give them that since day one, they are probably out of the door in a blink of an eye. 

5. Can you support them while they succeed? 

To hire a digital business developer is one thing, but to keep one is another. Like mentioned above, these professionals are considered as modern, forward-thinking, and courageous when it comes to trying new things. How can you support them while they continue growing as professionals? What kind of opportunities and challenges can you offer them? How do you lead their career development so that they feel it is successful? Can you offer them the flexibility in location and time, which they most certainly will ask for?  

Digital business developers want to work for an organisation that respects them and their expertise. They want to influence and be heard when the company makes decisions. Before kick-starting your recruitment process, make sure you have answers to all these questions to avoid spending time and money in vain.  

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