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Business others gallagher Global Insurtech Report Results: Capitola is the "Deal of the Quarter" Featured Vendor

Gallagher Global Insurtech Report Results: Capitola is the "Deal of the Quarter" Featured Vendor


 Gallagher Global Insurtech Report Results

The world of insurance is evolving rapidly, thanks to the rise of insurtech. With new technologies and innovative platforms revolutionizing how insurance is bought and sold, it's an exciting time for industry players and consumers alike. And in this dynamic landscape, one company stands out: Capitola. Recently named "Deal of the Quarter" by the Gallagher Global Insurtech Report, Capitola is making waves with its cutting-edge platform that empowers broker teams and redefines the way commercial retail brokers manage their businesses.

The Gallagher Report highlights Capitola’s USD $15.6 million Series A funding round that attracted major investors like Munich Re Ventures, who recognized Capitola's potential to transform the insurance sector. This funding injection is aimed at further developing Capitola's market intelligence capabilities and accelerating its growth in the US market. This round adds to the USD5 million in seed funding raised in 2021, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, emphasizing the platform's rising prominence and potential.

One of the most compelling features of Capitola is its ability to streamline communication and collaboration among multiple parties. By centralizing associated documents and eliminating repetitive tasks and manual entry, brokers can now focus on more strategic tasks, resulting in a remarkable 47% reduction in time spent on tasks. Moreover, the platform equips brokers to increase their productivity by an impressive 30% while maintaining the same team size.
The visionaries behind Capitola — CEO Sivan Iram, Chief Product Officer Amit Ben Nathan, and Chief Technology Officer Naor Rosenberg — recognized the untapped potential in the mid-market and large-market commercial insurance brokerage segments. They united human expertise with cutting-edge technology to create a platform that liberates brokers from mundane tasks and empowers them to excel in their roles as trusted partners, customer retainers, and competitors in the industry.

At the core of Capitola's innovation is its advanced AI-driven risk appetite matching, powered by real-time market intelligence. Through AI algorithms, the platform gathers and compares policy information from insurers, ensuring that brokers offer the best-suited products and deals tailored to individual customer needs. This intelligence not only enhances customer service but also positions brokers to anticipate and adapt to emerging risk appetite trends, further solidifying their competitive edge.

By automating routine tasks, reducing errors, and providing user-friendly tools, the platform reduces E&O risks and elevates the broker experience. The standout "Capitola Co-Pilot" takes productivity to the next level with its advanced AI capabilities, leveraging cutting-edge GPT technology. As one of the first platforms to harness this innovation, Capitola transforms broker operations, improving efficiency and effectiveness while significantly increasing their book of business.

In a world where innovation drives success, Capitola is leading the charge in transforming insurance marketing and brokerage. Its smart digital marketplace is reshaping the industry landscape, empowering brokers with advanced tools and technologies that enhance efficiency, elevate performance, and position them for sustained growth. As Capitola continues to evolve and expand, it's clear that its inclusion in Gallagher as a deal of the quarter is more than just an opportunity — it's a game-changer for the future of insurance.

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