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Business others mattel’s prohibition on utilizing plastic by 2023 was a hoax

Mattel’s prohibition on utilizing plastic by 2023 was a hoax


 Mattel not using plastic was a hoax

The announcement that led people to believe that the Barbie doll makers, Mattle, were stopping the use of plastic by 2023 was a scam.

Daryl Hannah, 62, the star of "Splash," asserted in a YouTube video posted on Tuesday that Mattel, maker of Barbie picked her to make a historic announcement about its decision to stop utilizing plastic by 2030.

Mattel, however, is not attempting to make this assurance. This is a hoax that has no connection with Mattel or its various products, a company spokesperson claimed in a statement to The Post on Tuesday.

A fictional line of MyCelia EcoWarrior Barbie dolls modeled after eco-activists Greta Thunberg, Julia Butterfly Hill, Nemonte Nenquimo, Phoebe Plummer, and even Hannah herself was also announced by the environmentalist. According to the fake commercial, these imaginary dolls would be made from mushrooms and other organic materials.

Hannah's announcement was supported by a convincing marketing campaign that went live early on Tuesday. It included press releases, fake Mattel websites that appeared to be authentic, MyCelia Barbie accounts on popular social media sites, and other elements.

The Washington Times even wrote an article about the announcement before releasing a note from the editor admitting it was a hoax.

The "Kill Bill" actress uploaded a strange video message from two unnamed "Barbie Liberation Organization" members to her Instagram account on Tuesday night. To give the announcement the appearance of legitimacy, the video was posted to MyCelia Barbie's YouTube channel.

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