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Meta officially deploys its new metaverse ID system


 Meta officially deploys

Meta has officially released what the social media goliath calls Meta accounts and Meta Horizon Profiles.

The global launch of Meta accounts and Horizon Profiles will be gradual, but both “accounts” are to be used in place of personal social media account logins—Instagram and Facebook—once used to log in to the firm’s virtual reality (VR) system.

New and old users of Meta’s VR devices will need to sign up for a Meta account to log in and access the Metaverse. The firm is scrapping the old way of logging on after complaints about privacy concerns using personal social media accounts.

However, Meta said the firm still allows users to use Facebook and Instagram accounts to create a Meta account. Suppose a user chooses to make their Meta account through their social media accounts. In that case, they’ll be connected in Meta’s Account Center, the tech giant’s central hub for connected experiences across Meta.

In order to start the Meta account creation process, users must have the latest software in the Oculus App and VR headset.

Additionally, the Meta Horizon Profile will replace the Oculus account. The Meta Horizon Profile will act as a home for all avatar-based activity and will be considered the social media for the Metaverse. The firm will replace “Friends” in the Metaverse with “Followers,”—giving the Horizon World platform an Instagram feel.

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