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New Technology Solutions Improve Workplace Health and Safety Programs


 New Technology Solutions Improve

In August every year, an initiative launched by OSHA encourages employers to start or improve their health and safety programs. Safe and Sound Week recognizes the importance of these programs and the many benefits they can bring beyond simply reducing the risk of injury and illness in the workplace. As more businesses review their safety procedures, many are turning to innovative technology to find smart ways to prevent accidents and protect their employees from potential hazards at work.  From wearable tech to automated video monitoring, employers can now choose from a range of new technology that will help them to improve safety practices and protect their workers from harm. 

Upgraded Software Improves Incident Reporting

If an accident or injury does occur at work, it is important to submit a workplace incident report within the time specified by individual state regulations. Promptly logging an injury at work not only strengthens an employee’s claim for worker’s compensation benefits but may also prevent a similar accident from occurring again. The use of incident reporting software enables all workers to capture information and log hazards quickly and accurately. This has the additional benefit of boosting productivity as less time is spent filling out burdensome paperwork.  

Wearable Safety Devices Reduce Risk of Injury

Some of the most common injuries and illnesses in the workplace are caused by repetitive stress or overexertion.  By providing workers with wearable devices, their everyday movements at work can be electronically tracked for signs of unsafe actions that could result in injury.  Monitoring their physical behavior in this way allows both management and the workers themselves to analyze the data and take steps to minimize ergonomic risk factors.  

Video Monitoring Prevents Safety Violations

Another way to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace is through the use of live streams analyzed by AI.  Automated video monitoring detects hazards such as spillages or falling debris before they cause injury. Information from a video analytics platform can also be used to produce live updates for supervisors via text or email to inform them of potential safety violations, such as neglecting to wear a hard hat in a hazardous environment before they become a safety issue.   

By adding technology and updated software to an occupational health and safety program, businesses can improve the accuracy of incident reports while helping to prevent injury and illness with enhanced monitoring of safe working practices.

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