Alexa Qualcomm eyes laptop market, looking to beat M1 chip
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Qualcomm eyes laptop market, looking to beat M1 chip


Qualcomm eyes laptop market, looking to beat M1 chip

Qualcomm aims to make the world’s best processor, even powerful than Apple’s M1, powered by Nuvia’s designs, next year

Qualcomm gets its primary revenue from the smartphone chips it manufactures. But the company’s new CEO, Cristiano Amon, has big plans as he aims to directly compete with Apple to produce chips more powerful than the M1. Qualcomm wishes to launch this new chip by next year.

This year, the company acquired Nuvia, which was formed by ex-Apple employees who were also involved in Apple A-series SOCs. Amon told Reuters that he believes Qualcomm could make the world’s best processor, which would require designing a chip better than Apple’s M1.

Apple, which used Intel and AMD chipsets powered by x86 architecture, transitioned to ARM-based in-house chip design last year. This gave them the power to design a much efficient and yet powerful chipset. However, Qualcomm has been making ARM-based chipsets for Windows for ARM. Although the Windows ARM architecture is not much popular due to its limited ecosystem.  

Before becoming CEO, Amon was head of Qualcomm’s semiconductor division and was in charge of the company’s acquisition of Nuvia for $1.4 billion. Qualcomm aims to start selling Arm laptop chips, powered by Nuvia’s designs, by next year.

Amon also hopes to use Qualcomm’s experience in making 5G chips and smartphone processors to help provide a better laptop experience by building 5G connectivity into its laptop-focused CPUs. However, it will not be an easy task for Qualcomm to become Intel for PCs with Windows with ARM. Also, the much-awaited Apple M1X or M2 chip is coming soon.

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