Selecting a Concentration for Your Business Degree


Selecting a Concentration for Your Business Degree

Majoring in business seems like a good idea, as it is a broad degree that teaches a range of subjects that are beneficial throughout your career. Deciding what area of business you want to concentrate your studies in can be difficult. You may have something in mind, such as working in marketing or finance, or maybe not. If not, don't worry, it is unlikely that many people graduated high school and headed to college eager to work in human resources. Understanding a little about the different concentrations in business can open your eyes to options you hadn't considered.If concerns over paying for your degree is holding you back, consider taking out loans to cover the cost. You can take out student loans from a private lender without a cosigner. The application process is quick and easy. Having a business degree can make it easier to find a job in your field and advance in your career.


Even by narrowing down your concentration choice to marketing, you will have plenty of variety in where to take your career. You may work in brand management, alongside an advertising company to manage campaigns, or in product development. Your position may allow for a great deal of creativity, or you may spend most of your day using research and analytical skills to determine the effectiveness of others' work.

Human Resource Management

Working in human resources puts you in a hands-on position with the employees where you work. You may be responsible for hiring, training, retention, and discipline. The job can be stressful, and at certain times of the year, such as during the open enrollment period for health insurance, you may spend most of your day answering questions from employees and must still find time to complete your routine duties. The job is rewarding for those who thrive under pressure and enjoy learning the inner workings of businesses.

Healthcare Management

Specializing in healthcare management allows you to work in the complicated and heavily regulated healthcare industry. You will become familiar with healthcare law, risk management, healthcare policy, and the particular economics of medical facilities. Whether you are interested in managing people or working on the technical side of healthcare, the field is growing and is anticipated to continue to do so.


Finance is a lucrative career. If the idea of managing investments, studying financial markets, and evaluating risk for investors sounds appealing, consider specializing in finance. Jobs in finance have a higher than average starting salary, and you can find an area of interest for any personality type. While some finance jobs are high-pressure, others, such as budget analysts, are low-key and require an eye for detail.

General Business

You do not need to choose a concentration when earning your business degree. Instead, you can take general business courses and include a range of electives from various concentrations. This allows you to explore the many different areas of business and provides a solid education to build on. Selecting a general business degree will prepare you for an entry-level job in the field. Earning a concentration in a particular field can make you a more attractive job candidate, but you can easily close the gap by showing confidence and competency during the interview process.

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