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Starlink becomes the savior for towns devastated by wildfires


Starlink becomes the savior for towns devastated by wildfires

Starlink has become the savior for the far off locations in the wildfire hot areas in the US. Due to the catastrophic wildfires in Washington, most of the rural areas were badly damaged and internet connectivity hampered. As Starlink uses satellites to provide internet connectivity to far off places, it has become the only option for the relief workers in remote locations.

The official handle of Washington Emergency management thanked Elon Musk on twitter for the help. To which Musk replied, “Glad SpaceX could help! We are prioritizing emergency responders & locations with no Internet connectivity at all.”

The EMD public information officer, Steven Friederich reported that the division has been using Starlink for a few weeks to provide public internet hotspots. “The town had a pretty big fire come through town and it burned a good chunk of the area, including the fire station and the post office. There simply hasn’t been a way to get a fast and reliable Internet connection there for the public to use,” he said.

Although, Starlink is not present in its full capacity, but Elon Musk’s company, Starlink has taken a kind step and focus to make the receiving devices available to the small towns in Washington. The priority responders have been diverted for the Washington area temporarily. Every two weeks, Starlink launches its satellites to reach its desired initial capacity of 1440 satellites for the start of its services. It has already successfully placed 715 satellites in the orbit which has enabled it to provide internet to few states in the US in closed beta mode.

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