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Business others the Advantages of Using Innovative Smart Parking Systems in 2022

The Advantages of Using Innovative Smart Parking Systems in 2022


 Smart Parking Systems in 2022

There is a disproportionate number of cars and parking spaces in the majority of the world. According to some statistics, there are over 1.4 billion cars as of 2022. This number will continue to grow in the future. 

Managing the problem of lack of parking spaces can be done mainly in two ways, by building more parking spaces, or by optimizing those that are already built. Unfortunately, most big cities don’t have enough space to build more garages and parking spaces. The worry that they won’t be able to find a parking space causes unnecessary expenses and stress for the driver.  

Thankfully, the internet of things technology has jumped in to fix this problem. Smart parking systems are centralized management systems that utilize IoT technologies to provide drivers with info on parking spaces in their surroundings.

Through smart parking systems, drivers will be able to check the availability of parking spaces, have an insight into traffic congestion, make reservations, and pay for them through their smartphones. This system helps both companies that offer parking services and drivers. 

Data that are being sent to the driver is in real time, it’s gathered by sensors and microprocessors installed in the parking lots and connected with the parking system.  

1. Reduced traffic 

Searching for parking isn’t causing an inconvenience only for the person involved in searching for the parking spot, multiple people looking for parking space can potentially cause a traffic jam. According to research done by Science Direct, 30% of all traffic comes from people looking for a parking space.

So, up to a third of all traffic can be avoided by implementing systems that will allow people to find parking spaces faster. Without smart parking systems, drivers might circle the building to find a parking space, potentially creating traffic congestion. 

Reduced traffic on the streets benefits other people involved in the traffic, allows them to get to the job faster, and reduces the chances of accidents. 

2. Reduced fuel consumption 

The most unmistakable equation when it comes to traveling is that a longer route equals more fuel consumption. While searching for a free parking space, or waiting for one to clear up, drivers are unnecessarily consuming fuel. This can be a negligible amount, however, if this happens every time that you travel to work, it can amount to significant expenses. 

Through mentioned systems, the users will have an insight into free parking spaces in their area, or in the area that they are traveling to. This will allow them to optimize their route, and park at the nearest available parking space. 

3. Helps the driver avoid stress 

The search for a parking space can be quite discouraging. For people going to work, searching for a parking space can make them late for work. People that calculate the time needed for finding a parking space will often lose up to an hour of their morning by adapting their routine to this unpredictability.

Smart parking systems will allow people to make a reservation for their parking spot, which saves them time. It also helps them avoid the unnecessary stress that comes with searching for a parking space and being late for work. 

This technology will also come in handy in locations that are attracting tourists. Searching for a parking space at an unknown location can also be quite challenging. With the internet of things technologies expanding, chances are that you wouldn’t have to worry about parking while traveling across the country. 

4. Comes with useful car park management software 

Car park management software will allow you to take a look at free parking spaces using a combination of Internet of Things technology, robotics, and geospatial analytics. Of course, not all car park management software is feature-rich. 

But the most modern software of this type will provide you with things such as statistics of the traffic congestion in the area, the price of the parking space, whether it’s possible to make a reservation and a majority of other things that will improve your experience. 

Just like everything today, this type of software is available to both individuals and companies. The payoff is great for both sides, however, there might be certain downsides such as the price of implementing this software, hiring experts in the field, and purchasing the required sensors and devices. 

Maintenance is another aspect that can prove costly, and a nonfunctional system will do you more harm than good. 

5. Increases safety and security (200 words)

A combination of stress increased traffic, and unawareness while driving is a recipe for an accident. All of the things mentioned above can be fixed, or at least improved, by implementing smart parking systems.

Imagine a person searching for a parking space, there is a high chance that he won’t be paying attention to the road and other cars while doing this. If he is late for work, the stress is even greater, and the chances of an accident increase. 

On top of this, with fewer people jamming the traffic because they aren’t roaming around searching for a parking spot, the parking system lowers the overall chances of accidents in the region where it was implemented. 

Parking systems also lower the chances of people violating parking regulations and other potentially destructive activities in the parking facilities. For enterprises, a well-regulated parking facility with sensors and cameras will also allow them to cooperate with the police if any safety or traffic regulations are violated. 

6. Great choice for eco-friendly people 

Parking systems are a great option for environmentally conscious people and companies. All kinds of such as petrol, diesel, CND, and others, are producing carbon dioxide emissions which are considered to have an impact the climate change. 

It’s noted that since 1970, the carbon-dioxide emissions have increased by 90%. We should work on lowering this number on every level, starting from each individual. Some of these fuels also have a direct negative impact on human life and the environment.

Just like was mentioned above, this type of software will help the users decrease their fuel consumption which ultimately leads to a decrease in carbon emissions. If this technology gets accepted worldwide, the compounding effect will have a stunning impact on lessening, or at least slowing down, the impact of climate change. 

7. Saves time 

People that are commuting to work by car will be able to save much more time on their travel. The time spent searching for a parking spot can vary depending on the traffic on that day. However, since you can’t precisely predict how much time it will be required for you to find a parking spot, chances are that you will go to work much early. 

This might take time out of your sleep, your free time in the morning, or even make you late for work. Through smart parking systems, you will be able to make a reservation for a parking spot in the vicinity of your workplace, or at least see where you can find the available spot. 

For companies that own their own parking facility, parking systems will lead to increased productivity. 

8. Improves user experience(200 words) 

Parking systems usually rely on outdated technology for their payment and timing systems. This often includes using terminals or there is a worker that manually charges people for the parking. Step forward was the implementation of SMS payment.

However, smart parking systems are paired with applications that allow payment through credit or debit cards and other digital wallets. These transaction methods are much faster and much more reliable than using tickets. 

Paymet-wise, SMS is also a fast process, however, this system isn’t as nearly as feature-rich as what mobile parking system applications offer. From checking the availability of parking lots in the area to real-time data of various traffic info, smart parking systems simply offer the most options.

Should you use a smart parking system? (Conclusion 100-200 words)

So the question comes to mind, should you use smart parking systems? For companies, there is a wide variety of questions that should be asked first before implementing such an expensive system. 

If your company is stationed in an area that’s densely populated and there are often traffic jams and accidents, car parking systems can prove helpful. However, if your company has a smaller number of workers, it might now return your investment any time soon, but since many of these systems are scaleable, they might be more and more valuable as your company grows. 

As an individual, there aren’t many risks or cons to using such software. This whole service might be costly when compared to other options, yet it’s also a more reliable and safer choice. Even if you aren’t a tech-savvy person, learning to use this type of software will provide you with many benefits. 

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