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These Are the Best Museums in Pittsburgh


 he Best Museums in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is often thought of as a hard-nosed and blue-collar location due to its history and close relationship with the steel industry. However, Pittsburgh also has a softer side, being a great appreciator of the arts. The city is home to many amazing art institutions, each with something unique to offer visitors. So if you’re an art lover who has just purchased one of the Pittsburgh houses for sale, which of these museums are the best to visit? Let’s take a look.

The Frick Pittsburgh

The Frick Collection is a world-renowned museum of Old Master art. The collection gets its name from Henry Clay Frick, the man who originally started the museum. Frick collected all kinds of European paintings throughout his life, using decades of searching to add to his collection. Frick left his collection and his home to the public to be used as a museum so that others could enjoy art as he did. Over time, the collection has grown even more, making the museum one of the premier art destinations in North America.

Andy Warhol Museum

Located in the North Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh, the Andy Warhol museum is a museum solely dedicated to the famous pop-art artist, Andy Warhol. The museum is the largest museum in North America to be dedicated solely to one artist. Andy Warhol was an extremely famous artist, and his life was closely tied to the city of Pittsburgh. At the Andy Warhol Museum, you’ll find all the different kidneys of Andy Warhol pieces, making it especially worth the visit if you’re a fan. Even if you’re not a hardcore art enthusiast, just seeing Warhol’s impressive collection of pieces is well worth the visit.

Cathedral of Learning

One of the best things about museums is their educational value, as they have the chance to teach visitors a wide variety of new information. A fantastic example of this is the Cathedral of Learning, a location on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus. The museum stands 535 feet tall and is the largest educational building in North America. Although primarily a location used by UPitt students, there are also plenty of amazing sights to see inside. Aditonnaly, the Cathedral is an iconic part of the campus and the city of Pittsburgh, meaning you absolutely have to see and tour it.

Carnegie Science Center

The Carnegie Science Center is one of the most visited museums in Pittsburgh, showcasing many different aspects of science. The museum has a variety of exhibits aimed at educating and entertaining children and adults alike. Exhibits are designed to teach many different types of science including engineering, architecture, and physiology. The museum also has a number of exhibits designed to be fun, such as the nature-inspired Little Learner Clubhouse or the Bricksburgh building section. These exhibits make learning fun for children, allowing them to not only learn something new but also have a great time.

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