Video Email Marketing Set to Soar in 2020


Video Email Marketing Set to Soar in 2020

Since the introduction of the internet, email marketing has been a prime form of B2B and B2C communication. Now offering an average ROI of 30%, email marketing remains the number one choice for businesses who want to increase their sales and profits.

In fact, email marketing has consistently performed so well that it outshines those of other digital marketing options. Arguably the most effective method of digital advertising, it’s not surprising that so many businesses are incorporating email marketing into their digital campaigns.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Delivering content directly to targets, email marketing can be used to increase engagement, grow sales, or boost brand awareness. Indeed, it’s the multi-purpose nature of email marketing which is one of the reasons why it’s so successful.

Companies and non-profits can ensure their content is received by targets without their message being diluted, which enhances the effectiveness of their content. Furthermore, businesses can combine email marketing with other tools and trends to enhance campaign results.

When a target opens a marketing email and clicks on a link, for example, they are typically transported straight to a related landing page. This combination of marketing tools facilitates the customer’s journey and takes them through a streamlined sales funnel.

This combined approach allows senders to maximize the impact of their content and enhances the overall results of each campaign. In a bid to keep maximizing the ROI offered by email marketing, organizations are, of course, keen to incorporate the latest trends and developments into their email content.

Combining Video and Email Marketing

Video marketing has grown in recent years, perhaps fueled by the rise in loading speeds and the reduced cost of data. In addition, the current widespread use of mobile devices ensures video can be viewed quickly, easily and conveniently.

While video content has been shared on dedicated platforms and on social media for some time, it’s becoming increasingly popular in email marketing too. Indeed, the best email campaigns of 2020 are likely to contain some form of video content. As video is already a popular medium among consumers, businesses are eager to benefit from the trend and are using email marketing to do so.

When viewed in isolation, videos receive 1,200% more shares on social media than images and text posts combined, while 90% of viewers report that videos are helpful when deciding whether or not to buy a product. While these stats are impressive alone, the potential to boost them further by combining video with email marketing could lead to even better results.

It’s estimated that featuring a video in an email can increase the click-through rate by 200-300%. With brands already achieving enviable results with email marketing, this combination of mediums could see campaign results skyrocket throughout 2020.

Improving Email Marketing

Video content can enhance the campaigns; businesses can maximize their email marketing results by increasing personalization. Segmenting email lists allows brands to split their target email base into smaller lists, based on a variety of data. If you’re hosting a local campaign, for example, you can segment your user list so that people situated close to the area receive locally based content.

However, personalization can be taken one step further. In addition to using segmented email lists to send targeted content to users, businesses can rely on automated tools to deliver unique personalized information to each user.

Images of products shoppers have left in their baskets or videos of products related to their search history can easily be embedded into marketing emails, for example. Furthermore, businesses can offer tailormade offers and deals to specific users, based on their previous engagements with the brand.

With the potential to include custom typography, imagery, logos, text and video content, email marketing not only gives users the content they most want to see; it delivers it right to their fingertips.

Monitoring Email Campaigns

Like all digital marketing campaigns, brands must monitor their email interactions carefully. With consistent monitoring, businesses can use the data generated to hone future campaigns and increase results.

Fortunately, email marketing is one of the easiest types of online marketing to monitor accurately. As well as capturing the number of recipients who open their emails, brands can easily track what percentage of users clickthrough to content and what engagement or action follows.

By making it so easy to access analytics and monitor bounce rates, email marketing ensures businesses of all sizes have access to reliable, quantifiable and tailored marketing data. In conjunction with the low-cost nature of email marketing campaigns, this offers organizations the opportunity to run exceptionally successful campaigns with minimal resources.

As 2020 welcomes a whole new series of marketing and consumer trends, the brands that will profit most are those that use email marketing as a vessel for their content.

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