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What Can You Get For Junking Cars?


What Can You Get For Junking Cars?

Junking a car is kind of like killing a phoenix. Although it may appear you are killing it, you actually create new life from its remains. This new life takes the form of potential income for automotive salvage yard workers, and the living scrappers make off of its parts.

When Native Americans kill an animal, it is often said they use every part of the animal’s body to show respect and not let anything go to waste. In a similar way, experienced recyclers know how to make use of nearly every part of a junk vehicle, to reduce the amount of waste that actually needs to go to a landfill.

But can you make money off it? The answer is of course yes, or else there would be no incentive for such an industry to receive its junk. But is it worth it for you, and what is the maximum you can get out of junking your car?

Things To Consider

Before you decide to give your car to a junkyard consider the other possibilities you can do with it. You can try to find a private buyer which takes some work. You can take apart the car yourself and sell the parts independently, this will take the most time and work but makes the most income if your car isn't running. You can always sell your car online, no matter if it’s damaged or totaled.

Another thing to note is the condition of your car. There are different, preferable options if your car is completely totaled then in need of a few repairs. Make sure you do research on the value of your car fixed up.

So, If you’ve decided to junk your car then here is how you can make the most money you can. Of course, everything can vary so adapt the best you can. Get paid in cash for clunkers instantly.

The Car Junking Process

Start off by calling every junkyard around. Look online and even use the yellow pages to find scrap yards that would be interested in your vehicle. When talking on the phone, give them the specifics of what kind of car you are selling. The make, the model, and where and how damaged it is. Answer all questions they ask honestly and respectfully to get an accurate quote from them.

Calling all these junk yards will take a while and if you don’t like talking on the phone with strangers, might be a little trouble but remember you are trying to get the maximum you can for your vehicle.

After calling every junkyard around, figure out which one is best. Compare all the offers you’ve received and the costs it might take to get a tow truck. Note a scrapyard might only give you an offer if you bring the vehicle to them. It is best to avoid this scenario as it would cost money to tow the vehicle and they might try to shortchange since you have already committed to getting the vehicle towed to them.

When you have decided which junkyard is going to take your vehicle, clean out the inside of your car. Remove your belongings and anything you would like to keep. If you replaced the stereo and sound system on the car you would want to take them out and reinstall the factory one because you probably won't make any money off this upgrade.

Get the vehicle towed to the junkyard and once it’s there they are going to want to inspect it. Allow them to inspect your car and if the vehicle is exactly how you described it on the phone, then you should be able to get what they offered earlier.

If you forgot to mention anything about the car, they will notice and give you less than the original offer. This is why honesty is important. However sometimes if you did not mention a good thing about the car or you forgot about it, you could also negotiate for a higher price.

Now just hand over the title and make money. Check to see if the title transferred within a week because you could be liable for anything that happens before the transfer.

So that’s how you can make the most money from junking cars. You will probably make around $100 to $1000 depending on many different factors but you should mostly do this if your vehicle is totaled. If your vehicle is operable and just needs a few fixes then you are better off selling it to make a few extra bucks.

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