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Red Hat and ABB partner to deliver further scalable solutions

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Red Hat and ABB partner to deliver further scalable solutions

Red Hat and ABB have announced a global partnership to enable industries using ABB’s process automation and industrial software to scale rapidly and flexibly, leveraging Red Hat’s industry-leading enterprise platforms and application services built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The collection, management, and analysis of industrial plant data are critical to improving operations’ efficiency while addressing safety, security, and productivity needs. This is consistent with ABB’s strategy for the evolution of process automation.

The partnership enables virtualization and containerization of automation software with Red Hat’s OpenShift to provide advanced flexibility in hardware deployment, optimized according to application needs. It also offers efficient system orchestration, enabling real-time, data-based decision-making at the edge and further processing in the cloud.

OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, with Red Hat Enterprise Linux as its foundation, provides ABB with a single consistent application platform, from small single node systems to scaled-out hyper-converged clusters at the industrial edge, which simplifies development and management efforts for ABB’s customers.

OpenShift increases the deployment flexibility and scalability of ABB Ability Edgenius, a comprehensive edge platform for industrial software applications, together with ABB Ability Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite, an enterprise-grade platform and applications suite that leverages industrial AI to drive Industry 4.0 digital business outcomes for customers. ABB’s Edgenius and Genix can be scaled seamlessly and securely across multiple deployments.

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