3 Simple Ways Retailers Can Increase In-Store Sales


3 Simple Ways Retailers Can Increase In-Store Sales

The face of retail has changed greatly lately, but the recent events are not the only reason for this seismic shift. Retail was already entering a transformation stage and many stores were able to capitalise on this by making the proper adjustments. Others may have been slower to adapt and are finding themselves struggling to keep up. However, there are some things that every retailer can do starting today to increase the number of in-store sales and average purchases. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Work with Experts

The very first thing you have to do is make sure that your store is optimised for sales. Unfortunately, many store managers don't have the expertise in-house to know how to do this.

If you're in that situation, we suggest you work with a service like CJ Retail Solutions. They can come in and audit your store to spot any inefficiencies. They can also help design and install store displays, or work on POS solutions. This could be valuable if you were intimidated by the idea of adding automated checkout stations, for instance. Working with a team like this will ensure that you maximise your floor's potential and quickly identify hindrances to sales.

Make Customers Feel Safe

Another thing you have to make sure is that you make your customers feel safe in and out of the store. You might see this as something minor, but many people will refuse to shop in places where they don't feel safe at certain times of the day. This means making sure that your parking lot is properly lit at all times, making sure that there is security present if possible, and that you're compliant with health and safety guidelines.

Enable Customer Pick-Up

You have to find a way for your customers to pick up things in-store fast. While this is especially important now, it has always been a big winner with customers. Busy customers love the idea of being able to come in and out fast without having to deal with crowds, but the benefits don't stop there. One survey found that around 45% of all shoppers who came in to pick up items also made additional purchases. So, this is a great way to get in-store sales as well.

Have Price Check Stations

You'd be surprised at how many people will prefer to not pick up something they don't know the price of instead of having to decline it once they get to the checkout. You may also not have the number of staff needed to answer everyone's questions. Having price check stations will prevent abandonment and will make the overall experience more pleasant for your customers while allowing your employees to use their time on more pressing tasks.

Hire the Right People

You also want to make sure that you pick employees who are genuinely interested in working with you and love serving customers. Attitude is often a much better indicator than experience, so don't be afraid to give people their first chance.

Just applying these few simple tips in your shop could be enough to make a significant difference in your sales. They won't require that you overhaul your whole operation, either.

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