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AEON's retail business is now extended to Malaysia


AEON's retail business is now extended to Malaysia

Aeon, a Japanese retail group expands its retail business in Malaysia. The company already has 34 stores and five supermarket in Malaysia, very recently AEON added a supermarket under the name “MaxValu Prime”.

 "We have operated supermarkets under the name "MaxValu". Last year, we made a new brand called MaxValu Prime. The difference is that in the Prime service, we not only sell groceries, beverages and assorted delights, but offer customers the option to eat in,” said Hiroyuki Kotera, an official from AEON.

This store is situated in an area where 15,000 employees work and it is amazing that the store already attracted 3,000 customers a day.

AEON Malaysia agreed to tie-up with Honest Bee, Malaysia. On Honest Bee you can order and the staff in the stores will receive the online orders later they pick up the products and deliver to your doorstep in one hour. 

AEON’s MaxValu Prime name was given with a concept of 'maximum value' to all customers in terms of quality of goods, "value-for-money" prices, product freshness, assortment, and customer service. This expansion is of great help to people in Malaysia and it is also a good sign to retail industry.


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