Alibaba launches Alink machine learning algorithm to GitHub


Alibaba launches Alink machine learning algorithm to GitHub

Alibaba Cloud has made an announcement regarding the ‘core codes’ which can be used for machine learning algorithm Alink, the firm also said that this new version will now be available for the users on GitHub worldwide.

The company which is one of the top 10 contributors in the field of the GitHub ecosystem, with over 20,000 contributors is all excited to launch Alink. It was built as a self-developed platform in order to aid batch and streamline processing, with applications for machine learning tasks such as online product recommendation as well as intelligent customer services.

Not surprisingly, Alibaba is now targeting data analysts and software developers to build their own software using Alink, as well as focus on statistical analysis, real-time prediction, and personalized recommendation.

“As a platform that consists of various algorithms combining learning in various data processing patterns, Alink can be a valuable option for developers looking for robust big data and advanced machine learning tools,” said Jia Yangqing, Alibaba Cloud president and senior fellow of its data platform. As one of the top 10 contributors to GitHub, Alibaba aims at connecting with the open-source community as early as possible in software development cycles. It also helps in promoting the machine learning via new connection source.

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