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Home industry retail amazon steps into shoes and purses with ‘The Fix'

Amazon steps into shoes and purses with ‘The Fix'


Amazon steps into shoes and purses with ‘The Fix'

Amazon does it again! And this time, Amazon steps into the world of shoes and purses. The retail giant has launched its very own labeled shoes, handbags and accessories firm called The Fix. For all those who thought that Amazon wouldn’t be interested in fashion, bam! You’re wrong.

Right now, this new label of fashion is available only for Amazon Prime members, especially for women! But The Fix isn’t all designer. And Amazon proves it. First off, unlike designer brands, Amazon will be rolling out new collection every month and not seasonally, like designers. Secondly, even though the goods may be inspired by designers, it is available at a discount price.

What we’re so focused on is bringing the joy back to shopping… We just want our customers to have that great moment where a great shoe can totally change their look,” said Kate Dimmock, fashion director at Amazon Fashion in an interview with Footwear News. “We want to give her more and more options to choose from. It’s about hitting all the notes in what the customer is looking for.”

A new collection every month ensures that Amazon stays up-to-date with the latest fashion and trends that people are interested to buy and flaunt. At the time of the launch, a handbag from The Fix will cost about $49 and shoes will start from $69, forming its debut collection.

Not to forget, Amazon will also release Prime Wardrobe with a wide range of branded goods. Now add The Fix to that list! Amazon time and again keeps telling us that it plans to take over everything. It keeps proving to us that it is indeed a world with everything Amazon!     


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