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Apple steps into Taiwan


Apple steps into Taiwan

Apple opened its first retail store in Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei, and they’ve called Apple Taipei 101. The launch of the retail store was announced on Apple’s Taiwan website. The exact date of when the store will be thrown open to public is still not announced, though speculations say it will be opened by end of this month. The Apple Taipei 101 is Apple’s first store in Taiwan and is located in Xinyi District.

Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, tweeted ‘Here comes Apple Taipei 101, our first store in Taiwan!’ The store spreads over a large area of 1,322 square meters and occupies two floors. It marks the first time where customers can purchase products directly through Apple’s retails in Taiwan. Earlier, Apple’s products were purchased through their online website.

Paper Art for Apple

To add a tinge of Apple’s fame of design, the interiors of the store will be designed Taiwan’s popular paper-art designer, Yang Shiyi. “To celebrate the opening, we invite Taiwanese paper-cut artist Yang Shiyi, the same tree as the main body of the visual, creating a huge paper-cut works, showing the joy of this together, welcome everyone can have leisure to sit”, added Apple on its website.

With Apple’s need to stay popular amongst its customers, it sure needs wider markets to allure people. And by the looks of it, it’s doing a pretty good job by stepping into Taiwan with its retail store.

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