Big-box to roll out a digital platform to comfort customers


Big-box to roll out a digital platform to comfort customers

This week stores like Walmart, Target and Kohl’s came up with mobile checkout capabilities. This facility will help the store employees settle up customers using cellular devices, an experience that is equivalent to Apple’s stores.

Similarly, Big-box retail brands are introducing a digital platform to aid customers find items faster or ship them to customer’s residence. Today’s retail industry is evading the old industry mindset: the amount  of time customers spend in stores, the more money (stores) they money.

Retailers are now focusing on providing efficient services to their customers. The idea is to build loyalty, ease transactions and repeat visits.

“The legacy model of retail is all about having the inventory and having customers come pick it up,” said eMarketer e-commerce and retail analyst Andrew Lipsman. “If you’re engaging in inventory retail, the only way to win is when a customer needs it right at that time today; as Amazon does more same-day delivery, you’re going to lose.”

Digital marketing is helping customers by providing their choice. In case of stores, the customers are forced to buy whatever is available. But digital platform is more convenient in terms of choice and availability.

Walmart’s rep, Regan Dickens said that it’s about giving customers options for a particular trip.

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