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Buy on Google Going Commission-free Soon


Buy on Google Going Commission-free Soon

Google seems to be making a good ingress into the e-commerce segment. Earlier, Google took everyone by surprise when it introduced the ‘Shopping’ option. But no one expected the search engine giant to make the latest move. It might even make the e-commerce king, Amazon, sit up and take notice.

In its latest, Google has announced that it will be waiving off commission fees for the sellers who participate in Buy on Google checkout experience. Additionally, Google is also giving retailers an option to bring their own third-party providers. 

Zero Commission Fee

Retailers already have the option to list their products for free on Google. Many are now also using Buy on Google to purchase an item right upon discovery. But now, Google is removing the commission fee which will make it easier for retailers to sell directly on Google without taking the commission costs into consideration. This will begin as a pilot which will then be expanded to all eligible sellers in the U.S. over the coming months.

Bring Third-Party Providers

Introducing a bit of flexibility for retailers, Google is now allowing them to get their own third-party providers for inventory, payment processing, and order management. They can go for Shopify for inventory and order management. PayPal and Shopify will be available for payment processing. These will help retailers to sell directly on Google with ease.

These will first roll out in the U.S. Google has plans to take these international by 2021.

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