HALO is retailers' friend in need


HALO is retailers' friend in need

Checkpoint Systems, an American provider for loss prevention and merchandise visibility came up with a retail solution HALO. The new retail software keeps up with the brand popularity and consumer demand for fast-paced SKU’s. HALO provides your desired results in the limited time period.

Checkpoint’s customers are benefitted from 50 years of retail experience. Now let’s dwell on how it works.

Well, HALO basically gathers data events from all connected sensors covering a retailer’s supply chain. Later this data is stored, processed and analyzed which then will provide actionable insights viewed through HALO portal and the actions will be delivered to associates’ mobile devices directly.

Phil Fisher, product manager, HALO said: “HALO auto-generates associate alerts throughout the supply chain and in-store, driving improved productivity in receiving, back stocking and restocking high-demand products to capture maximum sales conversions and highest profit margins.”

How is Checkpoint unique?

Checkpoint provides the best retail solutions. The company’s HALO platform safeguards and tracks different kinds of consumer goods.

Checkpoint saves retail customers from uneasy situations. The company is a supplier of loss prevention, electronic article surveillance, IoT hardware and software products. Checkpoint is supported by Microsoft Azure. Their solutions are easy to use, safe and cost-saving.

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