Alexa We could be eating CRISPR food in the coming years!

We could be eating CRISPR food in the coming years!

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We could be eating CRISPR food in the coming years!

Just visualize yourself walking into a grocery store and seeing colorful and fresh fruits and vegetables everywhere. And the flavor looks as if these veggies and fruits directly came from farmers market but, that is not the truth buddies…

These mouth-watering veggies and fruits are from large-scale farming operation reaching stores across country. CRISPR technology edits the genes of crops to make it more nutritious and tasty and the dream of succeeding is not too far. This is one of the best innovations made in retail industry.

Currently editing, deleting a genetic sequence inside an organism is presently tested in agricultural products across countries like US, UK and Spain. Recently in Spain, CRISPR edited wheat for people with celiac disease.

Increasing the quantity and quality is not only the reason CRISPR is used. “I think this technology can help produce better food that’s safer for people by preventing allergies,” said Francisco Barro Losado, one of the researchers.

Scientists developing CRISPR for agriculture are hoping to give better food to people. Theisen says that due to climate changes, drought and disease; plants are continuously under stress along with over population and changing diets.

Rachel Haurwitz, CEO of Caribou Biosciences feels that in coming five to ten years people can go to the grocery store and buy fruits or vegetables which are developed by CRISPR.

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