Ford and Alibaba open a Car Vending Machine


Ford and Alibaba open a Car Vending Machine

Here comes an innovative launch for car shoppers in Guangzhou, China. In a partnership between Alibaba and Ford, the companies have brought out a car vending machine that can be accessed using a smartphone app. So, people who wish to buy a car or test drive, you can now use the vending machine.

The facility came out of a partnership signed two years ago between Ford and Alibaba. The vending machines are called the Super Test-Drive Center and houses dozens of Ford vehicles in the multi-story building. If you wish to buy a car or try one out, just select the car you want through the Tmail app. You even have the option of taking a car for a three-day test ride.

Drive Away

The vending machine taps into Alibaba’s services and providers to give potential buyers with discounts and incentives based on their usage in Alibaba’s ecosystem.

The vending machines are large mechanical facilities where the cars are stored. And this mode of storing cars isn’t a new concept. The big advantage for both these companies is that it reduces the chances of threat and damage. Moreover, mechanical units also provide the advantage of storing more cars in less space.

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