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New Opportunities IoT Will Bring to the Retail Industry in 2022


New Opportunities IoT Will Bring to the Retail Industry in 2022

The Internet of Things is changing the conventional way people do business. This innovation is opening new opportunities, especially in the retail industry. And you can see this in several fields and sectors.

Before COVID-19, most retailers operated jam-packed cash decks. They wasted the shoppers’ valuable time and left them feeling upset. The invention of IoT and its rapid growth is transforming the retail industry. Additionally, it enhances the relationship between retailers and shoppers.

The Role of IoT in the Retail Industry

IoT refers to the internet connection of spaces, objects, and physical devices. You can use it to get data from the environments and products in the retail industry. Additionally, it processes the data and analyzes it into useful information. This helps to enhance your retail experience.

You can personalize how you communicate with your customers with the data collected. This helps you to build a formidable relationship with your customers. You can also use this data to enhance product designs, features, and maintenance.

7 Changes IoT Will Bring to the Retail Industry

2022 promises to be an explosive year, with a massive growth recorded in the retail industry. This is because of IoT's application across all business sectors, including the retail world. Some ‌changes that IoT will bring to the retail industry include:

1. Cashier Checkouts

Machines that make use of IoT usually function as cashiers. They offer customers a fast checkout with an excellent retail experience. With cameras and apps, you can complete transfers immediately. The application of IoT will make checkout lanes a forgotten history.

Apart from helping you filter real shoppers, you can also use IoT in alerting systems. It enables you to recognize a customer shopping on restricted items. It does this by creating repeated distress signals. In the retail industry, items like test pieces and plastic containers are not usually available for sale. If a shopper persists, the IoT system makes it impossible for the shopper to go beyond the checkout point.

2. Digital Signage

Innovative technologies like digital signage make customer service more effective. You can interact with customers using iPad displays, digital in-store, and adaptive touch screens. Some Al algorithm systems can predict new shoppers' needs and preferences. This allows it to choose the most suitable ads to display for them.

One of the transformative changes IoT will bring to the retail industry entails how it will reshape and position target marketing for better results. Hence, there will be a geometrical increase in the conversion rate. This will be a win-win for you and your shoppers because of the mouthwatering discounts they will enjoy.

3. Smart Store

One of the innovative solutions that IoT will bring to the retail industry is the ability to analyze your shoppers and customers. You need to understand the gap between current retail IoT and those of smart stores of the future.

These analytics are essential to building and developing marketing strategies. It makes retailers more profitable and gives shoppers a wholesome shopping experience. These data analytics will allow you to carry out easy supervision. This way, you can ‌enhance your store layout and position your merchandise to attract shoppers.

4. Equipment Readiness

Before now, the retail industry experienced significant product loss. This was due to sudden equipment breakdown and unanticipated machine collapse. This has caused failures and has negatively affected the sales and profitability of many retailers and store owners.

Incorporating IoT into your retail store system will ensure equipment readiness every time. With IoT, you can predict issues relating to store machine breakdown. And you can take the necessary preventive measures to avert it.

5. Theft Prevention

One of IoT's changes in 2022 is to reduce retail theft and fraud. The retail industry has suffered from reported theft and fraud cases. There was a reported case where Amazon accused Reliance, Future Retail, of ‘fraud’ in a newspaper ad.

It will not be possible for employees to sell items during the distribution process. This is because IoT can carry out accurate inventory recording. With IoT, profit will increase, and you can get real value for your effort and investment.

6. Employee Management

IoT will bring a brand new perspective to Human Resource Management, particularly employee management. The impact of IoT in the retail industry will help offer the required supervision and coordination of the tools needed to stay updated and productive.

IoT will make it easier for you to communicate with your employees and share ideas seamlessly. It goes a long way to enhance the overall employee experience. It will also reduce costs drastically and save valuable time. 

To ensure more productivity, you can use a  Retail Scheduling Software that gives you a convenient way to track your employees’ shifts and time off. 

Whenever a staff member calls in sick, you can easily find a substitute with a few taps. It also makes it easy for staff to verify when and where they worked so that you can pay everyone correctly for their time. 

7. Online Orders

Lastly, IoT will allow you to order the ‌goods essential to shoppers. That is, users will be able to use their smartphones and other internet-enabled devices to repurchase single items. IoT will ensure you can make online orders whenever stocks are not in sufficient quantity.

Subsequently, this connection between smart homes and store owners will improve the quality of life, thereby creating a loyal relationship between shoppers and retailers.


Innovation of the Internet of Things is transforming the retail industry, from the management of sales to employee management and much more. The relationship between shoppers and retailers is changing and unlocking new opportunities for both parties. Apart from connecting devices to give customers a great shopping experience, IoT is massively driving the retail market, and this trend is not likely to stop. You can’t wait any longer; the earlier you embrace this innovation, the better for your business.


Brandon Hulme

Product Lead

Brandon is a Product Management Lead at Deputy. Outside of solving businesses’ jobs-to-be-done, he loves heading out for a run or hike, travelling to explore new places and people, and sipping on an espresso.

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