Orange juice sales shoot up during the widespread coronavirus pandemic

orange juice is highly in demand

The coronavirus outbreak is boosting the sales of orange juice. Around 38% US retail sales of orange juice has risen in four weeks as compared to the previous year. Shannon Shepp, executive director of the department, called the jump "unforeseen and significant," in an emailed statement to CNN Business. "Current projections suggest there will be a considerable increase in the short-run demand for orange juice," she added.

Variety of staples is in demand but orange juice’s requirement has skyrocketed as US shoppers are directed to stay at home and they are piling up their fridges and pantries. People are stocking up orange juice as they fear that they might get sick because people see orange juice as a way to hydrate and load up on vitamin C.

Natalie Sexton, vice president of marketing for the company said that there was 25% increase in the sales in mid-March. Orange juices consumption had declined before the coronavirus outbreak for two reasons: One being, it is highly processed which comes with high calories. Secondly, United States is falling short of oranges supply because of widespread citrus plant disease. But the demand has risen at the right time.