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Prime users can review products on Amazon Spark


Prime users can review products on Amazon Spark

Amazon has launched a new feature called ‘Amazon Spark’ where users can share photos and stories about products they bought on Amazon. And instead of the like button on other social networking sites, Amazon Spark has a smile button. And Amazon is trying to make all its users smile! For now, Spark is available on the Amazon mobile app on iOS.

The idea is get users to interact and voice their opinions. Amazon wants users to share ideas and images along with stories about products they love or hate. The ultimate goal of the program is to get a shift in offline social activity around products taking place to online. Whatever gets uploaded gets back to Amazon, where any product inspiration transforms into purchase with just a click.

Spark can be accessed on the Programs & Features on the Amazon’s app. To start using it, Spark prompts you to select five of your top interests to determine what you see in the feed. You can always go back and add more. There’s a wide selection from books to fashion, beauty to photography, gifts to toys and everything in between.

However, Spark is targeting only for Prime members. For those who haven’t signed up for Prime membership, the Spark feature is hidden from the list of Programs & Features. Basically, non-Prime members cannot post on Amazon Spark. But they only browse through the Spark Feed, but cannot exactly access it.

Right now, Spark has hardly any stories to share. But Spark feels like an extended version of Amazon review system. Some retailers are seeing Spark as another platform for product reviews. In the coming future, Spark is expected to have more content as more users will post their stories and reviews.    

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