Reasons to go online with your business


Reasons to go online with your business

We believe that businesses will surely make the switch from offline to online. However, there are still some entrepreneurs that are not sure about the benefits of migrating their business online. That’s why we want to bring you a few reasons why transferring your offline business into an online one increases your efficiency and customer experience. So if you’re an entrepreneur make sure you read the whole article and give us a mail if you agree.

Remote working

We all heard about this, but only a few businesses use it. But if you think though it has a lot of benefits to allow your employees to work from home, or anywhere else in the world. If someone works remotely and has the courage he can even travel the whole world as soon as you work your 8-hour shift. But maybe your employee just wants a nice atmosphere around him, so he or she can bring the laptop to a cafe, a park to a friend and his attitude will be better in a second. This attribute in workplaces is starting to become one of the main focuses of the business market nowadays, as studies have shown that people working from home or partly from home tend to be more productive. Also, workplaces that offer more flexibility like allowing the employees to work remotely are way more charming, and this way they can hire more people, without worrying about space management in the office. So, after all, this is an advantageous situation for both parts.

It’s true that social skills won’t be increased, because they don’t have colleagues just a few feet away. But they’ll find themselves developing the skill of looking for their own answers, their research skills will increase and they will be able to distinguish the useful information from the useless ones. Besides this, they will still have the opportunity to ask questions from a colleague and get help if needed.

Extended market

If you have something good you wish to show it to everyone right? Luckily the internet is a worldwide network that can bring us all together. If you go from offline to online with your business people all around the world will be able to see your product.  You are no longer limited by physical interactions you’re so used to doing in your physical shop. Sure, your approach might need more attention from your part and maybe an expert in tech but in the long term, it’s worth it because you will find a lot more customers.

You might think that this will affect your relationship with your clients. That’s not entirely true, there are a lot of ways to do great customer support even online. For example, you can set up a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) where you can show the common problems or questions, this way your customers can find the answer to their problem easier and faster than ever. And besides this, you can still show up your contact information to answer the more difficult questions.

Increased Access

The way people can access your physical business through the door, they can access your virtual business through the internet. This means that your customers or future customers can find out about your offers at any time from anywhere, maybe even from the comfort of their bed. You can also make your ordering process automated, so you don’t have to worry about not being there to confirm and hand over to the next stage your products (in case if you offer tangible products). Just make sure your site is mobile-friendly because a big part of orders is done through mobile devices.

In the entertainment industry, things are even easier. Because you have infinite resources and they can use your service simultaneously at the same time. Just think about the casino industry, after they started to move in online the number of persons that accessed online casinos has increased. So even if you would be the first person in your industry to upgrade your business online, take a shot, it might be worth it.

Digitizing the process

Another benefit of Digitizing your company is the fact that you need less paper waste which is a huge factor in today’s society. We can all agree that paper is an important material used on a daily basis. But if we look at the numbers we can see that worldwide, the global production of paper and cardboard stood at approximately 419.7 million metric tons in 2017, with a forecast of 495 million metric tons in 2030. But with online documents this won’t be needed. Also, this way all the useful documents are easier to find, to sort, or to edit.

But that's not everything, besides the ecological benefits, your workflow will be way easier. If you have recently hired a member of your business it’s easier to collaborate with him. No matter where you are you can watch the same document and discuss the details. Also, it has some benefits even for supervising purposes.



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