Rebecca gets into first retail partnership with Nordstrom


Rebecca gets into first retail partnership with Nordstrom

Nordstrom, Inc., an American luxury department store chain is now bringing footwear shoppers to their home and one of them being Rebecca Allen, a footwear brand offering nude heels and flats for all skin types.

Nordstrom has been quite busy inking deals from Glossier to Harper Wilde. Partnership with Rebecca can actually boost Nordstrom grow its DTC partner roster while investing in deprived consumers.

Rebecca Allen told Fortune that, in preliminary research to start her brand, she learned that Black and Brown women only owned one “nude” shoe on average—“and it wasn’t even the appropriate tone for them,” she said. Some footwear brands have tiptoed into expanding their “nude” offerings, including fresh footwear shades at Louboutin. But varied options at Rebecca Allen’s price point—$150/pair—are still scarce.

Beth Goldstein said that in spite of the return to Real Life™ activities, formal shoe sales have dropped up to 40%. Goldstein said nude shades for diverse skin tones could lift retailers’ heel sales higher: brands like Rebecca Allen “serve a need that nobody was addressing before.”

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