Facebook and Instagram influencers are in pivotal need of apps


Facebook and Instagram influencers are in pivotal need of apps

Applications are really crucial for retail influencer campaigns. How is it possible to capture e-commerce revenue? Well, it becomes tough.

Mobile applications help retailers reach customers in an effective manner. Without a comprehensive app that provides a clean experience for engaged consumers, retailers are opening the door for competitors to swipe their sales.

A recent report by Criteo highlights the connection of retail success between apps and mobile websites. More important, the study found that mobile apps deliver 54 percent of mobile transactions per retailer—a 7 percent increase year over year.

According to Branch.io, the study concludes that apps have higher conversation rate than any other channel of online shopping, converting three times more than mobile websites.

Mobile applications provides much cleaner display than retailers website in mobile versions. Getting used to desktop sites for mobile usage will be less advantageous.

Better yet, keeping track of rewards, tracking a package or making returns is just a click away in an app. Removing this hurdle from the shopping’s journey simplifies the experience and makes it more desirable to the consumer.




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