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Get cash back for purchases on Samsung Pay


Get cash back for purchases on Samsung Pay

There’s a new Cash Back program that Samsung just announced. There’s a newly added Cash Back section on the Samsung Pay app’s home screen. Next time you go about shopping and purchase things with Samsung Pay, you may be certain to get a Cash Back offer.

Once the user taps on the Cash Back section on the app, it’ll take you to a whole list of offers from different retail stores. Once you select the offer you wish to buy and make the purchase with that merchant, you can see a percentage of that purchase back into your account.

Cash Back time!

Now you can use the Cash Back you got for another purchase and the cycle goes on as long as you use Samsung Pay for the purchases. Samsung said in a statement, “Our mobile wallet strategy is all about offering more choices for consumers and more opportunities for merchants.”

Samsung believes that Cash Back is a new channel for merchants and customers to reach out with great deals. Very recently, Samsung launched support for PayPal. Now with today’s announcement, users can soon purchase through Samsung Rewards points. This option will soon be available by end of this month, the company announced.

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