Shyft earned $6.5M to build an efficient tool to swap shifts


Shyft earned $6.5M to build an efficient tool to swap shifts

Swapping shifts can be a logistical nightmare for employees working in the service or retail industry. A Seattle-based startup, Shyft, comes in as a savior to help shift workers communicate and swap shifts easily. The startup accumulated $6.5 million in a Series A funding co-led by Ignition Partners and Madrona Venture Group. 

Shyft’s app helps workers communicate with each other, swap shifts, and earn more money by picking up available slots that might have otherwise gone unstaffed.  Also, Shyft’s additional suite of workforce management tools helps enhance employee scheduling and other related tasks. Shyft’s solution provides its enterprise customers flexibility, all while ensuring appropriate staffing levels.  

“Shyft’s mobile platform is in high demand from global brands and associates to solve their scheduling challenges,” Shyft co-founder and CEO Brett Patrontasch said in a statement. “Antiquated methods such as social media groups, text messages, and phone lists aren’t keeping up with today’s hyper-connected workforce.”

Put the other way, Shyft helps companies solve labor inefficiencies by letting them react to fluctuating business needs, almost instantly. With Shyft, productivity goes up and scheduling headaches decrease as more and more employees collaborate using the app. Shyft users also report a reduction in employee turnover and an increase in workplace morale.

So far, Shyft has partnered with Gap Inc. to provide the service to workers at its fleet of retail stores, which include Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta. Patrontasch says Shyft works with a “handful” of other national retailers, too.

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