Walmart signs patent for Drone Shopping Assistants


Walmart signs patent for Drone Shopping Assistants

Walmart has filed a couple of patents that are related to keeping track of inventory and the technology could dynamically change the way customers shop.

Among these patents, one is clearly for an in-store shopping experience. The patent proposes a sensing device to make shopping carts smart and communicate with a mobile device. The mobile device here is presumably to help the shoppers navigate to the aisles where the items are placed. Additionally, Walmart has also filed a patent that tracks users through wearables. There are other patents for managing and sensing the inventory levels.

The In-store Drones

Apart from these patents, Walmart has also filed a patent for drones. According to the patent, the drones would assist customers shopping in-store. The patent states that by using a mobile device, a drone can be summoned to provide assistance to the user in the form of price verification or navigation assistance. The drones can be either personal or a temporary one.

Walmart has also filed two patents for autonomous tech. Here, one patent outlines a method for detecting items placed in a container. And the second one includes a system of sensors, a processor, and a communication interface for automatically gathering information about vehicles. These could be trucks transporting goods and include pre and post delivery weight, size, and temperature.

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