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AI cameras at Walmart to upgrade checkout lanes' security


AI cameras at Walmart to upgrade checkout lanes' security

Walmart has got a new computer vision technology called ‘Missed Scan Detection’. The AI technology helps to identify the items that move past the scanner, but haven’t actually been scanned. It has been installed in both human-cashier systems and self-checkout systems. The retail giant has rolled out the scanning tech to more than a thousand stores across the country.

Retailers have incurred a loss of up to $47 billion due to theft and unscanned goods; Walmart has since then decided to take action. The AI scan detector is installed on cameras that are angled to watch the items at checkout. Suppose an unchecked item is dropped into the bag, a notification reaches the checkout attendant to take action. Over the course of the last two years, Missed Scan Detection technology has helped Walmart reduce rates of theft, inventory loss, fraud, and scanning errors.

This isn’t the first time Walmart is implementing AI technology across its stores. Computer vision technology has helped Walmart to aid employees to increase their productivity. The company even launched its AI-powered store to check on the inventory - helping employees to track and refill the empty racks. There are also robots to help with cleaning and mopping floors now.

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