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Why Retail Shop Owners Should Invest in Digital Indoor Mapping


Why Retail Shop Owners Should Invest in Digital Indoor Mapping

Creating unique customer experiences has become a priority for most businesses in an ever-changing consumer landscape. From same-day deliveries to a streamlined supply chain, retailers are progressively investing in advanced technology to distinguish from the crowd.

Digitalized indoor mapping is one such advancement that has overtaken the retail industry. As an online solution that makes the entire grocery shopping experience far more effective, interactive digital mapping can significantly influence customer loyalty and retail revenue. This article briefly outlines the different ways indoor mapping can benefit retailers.  

Influence customer shopping patterns:

Believe it or not, your store layout plays a significant role in determining customer shopping behaviors. The placement of specific products can expose customers to alternate brands and products. Similarly, retailers can maximize their promotional returns by strategically placing offers and discounts in high-traffic areas.

Numerous indoor mapping platforms, like MappedIn, offer retail mapping solutions, such as grocery store aisle maps, which operate as digital signage and store relevant shopper data that can be analyzed to create a better store layout. For instance, data on optimized wayfinding can be utilized for promotions of the latest deals and giveaways. Similarly, inventory management data can provide insight into what products sell less. This can help retailers place them in the customer’s eye-view to increase sales.

Most interactive mapping software also have a dedicated dashboard with customer analytics and metrics. Data on most searched products, frequently bought items, and average store visits can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns. 

Build customer loyalty:

Building a loyal customer base can streamline a grocery store’s revenue and sales. Digital mapping can help store owners significantly increase brand awareness and retain loyal customers. Features like 3D wayfinding, optimized routing, and shopping list creation can enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Retail mapping solutions also provide parking lot navigation and smart search, allowing customers to know exactly where they are and find their way back without additional hassle. Since grocery shopping can be a tiring experience for some, retailers can retain customers and create a distinct market space by eliminating general customer pain points.

Increased employee efficiency:

Although most indoor mapping software are targeted toward customers, these can be utilized by retail staff to improve their work efficiency. First, retail employees can use indoor maps to check and maintain inventory, allowing store owners to create a more organized store and accurate product inventory.

Digital indoor mapping also comes with real-time product update features. This means employees can stay updated on what aisle needs re-stocking and ensure customers enjoy an interruption-free shopping experience. These applications can also come in handy for online order picking and packing. Staff can take the quickest route and save time looking for requested items.

Improved brand development:

Creating a distinct brand identity among your customers can be quite challenging for small retail store owners. Investing in an interactive grocery store indoor mapping solution provides retailers to improve their brand visibility via targeted ads and marketing campaigns. Retailers can get a deeper insight into their primary customer base through store data and customer details.

This information can be used to send push notifications on specific deals and holidays for best returns. In addition, having a dedicated map featuring your brand logo or name can help build brand awareness and further develop your store identity. Targeted ads can also help boost sales and gradually build your store’s reach.

Final thoughts:

There is no denying technological advancements can greatly benefit retail stores. With several benefits to enjoy, investing in an indoor grocery store map can help owners improve operations and drive sales. Not to forget, a better customer experience can eventually generate a better return on investment.

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