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AWS RoboMaker help accelerate the time-consuming robotics development


AWS RoboMaker help accelerate the time-consuming robotics development

Amazon Web Services launched a new cloud-based service, called AWS RoboMaker, to help developers build, test, and deploy robotics applications, as well as design intelligent robotics functions using cloud services. The service is currently available to developers in Northern Virginia and Oregon in the U.S., and Ireland in Europe.

The new service uses the widely deployed open source Robot Operating System (ROS) software framework. AWS RoboMaker offers Amazon’s machine learning technologies and analytics that help create a simulation for real-world robotics development. Also, the new platform arm developers with ROS packages that connect to AWS services, to build advanced functions into their robotics applications.

AWS RoboMaker’s robotics simulation makes it easy to set up large-scale and parallel simulations with pre-built worlds, such as indoor rooms, retail stores, and racing tracks, so developers can test their applications on-demand and run multiple simulations in parallel.

"AWS RoboMaker provides an AWS Cloud9-based robotics integrated development environment for application development, robotics simulation to accelerate application testing, and fleet management for remote application deployment, update, and management," AWS said in a statement.

Amazon sure seems interested in being involved in the continued development of robots. The company has long deployed warehouse robotics, and it’s also reportedly been looking at pick and place robots to help speed up fulfillment. It is also said to be working on ‘home robots’ – which is rumored to be unveiled in 2020.

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