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Introducing Cobots To Your Workplace: Benefits To Consider


Introducing Cobots To Your Workplace: Benefits To Consider

Cobots, or collaborative robots, are advanced robots that can work alongside people in the workplace. They are more reliable and safer than industrial robots. Because of this, their rise has been imminent in industries such as agriculture, e-commerce, and food services. Today we will cover five key benefits of introducing cobots to a work environment.


Due to their small size, cobots are easy to assemble, install and relocate. Their software is user-friendly and accessible to anyone and not just engineers. They can perform their first task within an hour providing the opportunity to be used as temporary employees. By following a process called hand guiding, human operators can teach cobots to move different objects without causing a damage. As a result, there is greater flexibility for cobots to work in various departments and help with different tasks.


Cobots can work in areas where employee safety is at risk. The reason why cobots are safe is because they comply with safety standards. Because of these standards, they are unable to harm or injure a person. FANUC features a line of cobots which have been designed to avoid collision when working side to side with people. This is what makes them different from traditional industrial robots which would not detect a human’s presence and use full force instead. This is why safety is the main concern for the development of cobots.


Collaborative robots are more affordable than industrial robots. Their installation requires minimal investment as they do not need any major infrastructural changes. Moreover, there is no need for employees to undergo a special training and a robotics expert does not need to be present to oversee operations. Also, unlike traditional robots, they can be used around-the-clock. As they allow for a faster return on investment (ROI), the use of cobots is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized manufacturers of all kinds.


Cobots will never deviate from their tasks and always perform their duties with the same power. For instance, if they are given a task such as tightening screws, they will use the same tension and pressure for quality and consistency. Cobots will ensure that tasks are fulfilled using the exact precision that your business requires. Applications in operations such as material handling, food processing and automotive manufacturing could not be achieved the same way without the high levels of accuracy offered by cobots.

Increased Productivity

Including collaborative robots in the workplace can support employees in their work. Monotonous and repetitive work can be outsourced to cobots allowing workers to focus on jobs which require creativity and initiative. In the long run, this means increased involvement of employees, optimized work environment and a higher level of job satisfaction. For more ideas on how to increase the productivity of your team further, take a look at these techniques. You can maximize results using minimal costs. Although cobots require an investment, ultimately they will save your business money.

Cobots are becoming invaluable in many industries due to their flexibility and improved safety. They can help your business boost productivity and increase the quality of your work.

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