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Samsung showcases its robotics skills at CES


Samsung showcases its robotics skills at CES

Samsung announces a robotics division at CES, which included three new variations of its AI-based robot called Bots and a wearable exoskeleton. The AI robots are named Samsung Bot Care, Air, and Retail

Samsung Bot Care is a healthcare robot which is capable of providing health information, giving out medication, and checking a user’s vitals. Designed to assist the elderly and sick, the robot can monitor sleep cycles, provide music therapy to help manage stress levels, and also call emergency services or contact family members in case of a life-threatening medical condition such as heart attack.

Samsung’s Bot Air monitors in-home air quality and flashes a green light when the air is considered clean. The trash can-style robot utilizes sensors and if the quality is identified to be low, the robot instantly gets to work and starts purifying the air.

Bot Retail is Samsung’s enterprise-focused robot designed to help stores offer their customers a more personalized and convenient retail experience. The robot can guide customers to the area or items they’re looking for. Additionally, the screen on the robot’s front displays menus or store details, and allows customers to purchase items comfortably and easily.

The electronics giant also introduced its wearable robot, dubbed GEMS (Gait Enhancing & Motivating System) to assist people with walking difficulties. The robot is a trio of wearable exoskeletons – the A (ankle), H (hip) and K (knee) – to serve a different set of needs and muscles. The robot helps improve the wearer’s strength and balance.

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