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Google's Gemini AI Takes Center Stage at 2024 Paris Olympics Broadcast

NBCUniversal's partnership with Google brings AI innovations to Olympic coverage, showcasing Google Maps, Search AI, and more. Google has secured a noticeable role as the "official AI sponsor for Tea... Read more

Google Accidentally Deletes $125 Billion Pension Fund's Cloud Account, Locking Out Half a Million Users

UniSuper customers faced a week-long account blackout due to a Google Cloud error; this incident sparks cloud service reliability concerns. In a recent incident reported by the Guardian, Google accid... Read more

Google Nearing $23 Billion Deal to Acquire Cybersecurity Firm Wiz

In light of growing international dangers, the proposed acquisition would be Google's biggest acquisition to date and indicate a strong cybersecurity policy. Google is in the advanced stages of negot... Read more

Safety Features Typical for Google Pay Casinos in Canada

Canadians use the internet in different ways to make their free time more entertaining. Despite watching movies, listening to music and chatting with other people, a certain group of people decides to... Read more

Google Expands Gaming Reach with Playables on YouTube, Available to All Users

Revolutionary Playable Games Integrated into YouTube Platform for Enhanced User Experience In a groundbreaking move, Google has announced the expansion of its gaming service, Playables, to all users ... Read more

Google Cloud’s New Web3 Portal Brings in a New Wave in Crypto World

Google Cloud introduces Web3 portal, igniting discussions across the crypto sphere. In a bid to cater to the growing needs of blockchain developers, Google Cloud has unveiled its latest venture - a W... Read more

Google-Backed Glance Eyes U.S. Expansion with Innovative Android Lockscreen Platform

Glance, backed by tech giants Google and Jio Platforms, bringing its unique lockscreen experience to American Android users. In a bid to expand its reach globally, Glance, the Bengaluru-based startup... Read more

Google reduces staff and assigns some positions to overseas centers

Google, owned by Alphabet, is reportedly laying off a few employees as part of cost-cutting measures, with internal positions open to affected employees and not a company-wide layoff. A corporate rep... Read more

Google Photos users will have free access to AI photo-editing tools

Google is introducing AI-powered photo editing tools, including Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur, to all Google Photos users starting May 15, accessible on Android, iOS, and Chromebook. Coming soon to a... Read more

Google to Purge Billions of 'Incognito' Data Records

Tech Giant Google Agrees to Tighten Privacy Controls Amid Major Lawsuit Resolution. In a landmark privacy settlement that will reshape online data collection practices, Google has agreed to delete bi... Read more

Google will delete its browsing history, to resolve privacy lawsuit

Google has agreed to delete billions of data records in a lawsuit over privacy monitoring, submitted to federal court for approval by U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers. Google agreed to eras... Read more

Founded by former Google researchers, Sakana AI has released open-source AI models

Using a unique evolutionary-inspired approach, Sakana AI, an AI startup in Tokyo founded by former Google researchers, has introduced open-source AI models. By combining pre-existing AI models with a... Read more

Outcry from India over Google AI 'bias' clouds tech's future

Amidst accusations of bias by Google's AI tool Gemini, India is intensifying its crackdown on foreign tech companies mere months before the country's elections. The government issued an order last we... Read more

Indian firms reluctantly adhere to Google Play's draconian regulations

In order to get their apps back on the Play Store, Indian companies whose apps were delisted by Google last week have reluctantly begun to adhere to the store's billing policies. Apps that had been t... Read more

Reddit and Google agree upon an AI content licensing agreement

According to three people with knowledge of the situation, social media site Reddit and Google have reached an agreement for Reddit's content to be used as training data for Google's AI models. One o... Read more

Speed improvement causes Google to terminate “cache” feature

Google is retiring the "cached" web page feature, which was initially designed to assist consumers with inconsistent page loading. Google declared that the 'cached' web page feature is now redundant ... Read more

The CEO of Google warns of more layoffs in 2024 amid push for AI

As the company reallocates resources to artificial intelligence, Google CEO Sundar Pichai is warning employees to expect more layoffs this year. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, is advising staff me... Read more

To resolve claims of stifling competition, Google pays millions

Google has agreed to pay $700 million and make a number of other concessions in order to ease accusations that it had been stifling competition against its Android app store. In order to resolve clai... Read more

Fortnite maker Epic Games wins lawsuit unanimously against Google

The well-known video game developer Epic Games won the lawsuit it filed against Google in 2020. The jury rendered a unanimous verdict in the favor of Epic Games. In 2020, Epic Games filed a lawsuit ... Read more

The app antitrust trial between Google and Epic Games is almost over

Alphabet's Google will attempt to convince a federal jury in San Francisco to dismiss Epic Games antitrust lawsuit. This relates to a lawsuit that puts Google's app store and the transaction fees cha... Read more

Google has agreed to pay $100 million annually for news in Canada

Google has pledged to allocate $100 million annually to a fund to aid Canadian news organizations, resolving a disagreement that threatened to remove news links from its services. In an agreement wit... Read more

Google's geothermal electricity is a milestone in clean energy

Google announced on Tuesday that a sophisticated geothermal electricity project has begun to supply carbon-free electricity to power Google's data centers in Nevada. Google said on Tuesday that an a... Read more

CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai testifies in federal court again

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, was summoned to testify before a federal court for the second time in two weeks regarding an antitrust case of an internet company he helped found. For the second ti... Read more

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite takes Google to court

Epic Games, the popular video game creator has taken Google to court and starts its legal battle in San Francisco. Epic Games claims that Google abandoned their ethos. Epic Games beings its legal bat... Read more

Google invests up to $2 billion in OpenAI competitor Anthropic

A spokesman for Alphabet's Google said on Friday that the company Anthropic, which specializes in artificial intelligence, would receive up to $2 billion in funding. Anthropic is an artificial intell... Read more

Google introduces passkeys as a default option instead of passwords

On Tuesday, Google announced that it would remove the need to enter a password by promoting the use of a passkey instead. The passkey function debuted last year. Google stated on Tuesday that it want... Read more

In the Asia-Pacific region, Google looks into the generative AI market

According to Scott Beaumont, president of Google's Asia Pacific division, the company will investigate new markets in the Asia-Pacific area while concentrating on generative AI technologies. Beaumont... Read more

Microsoft CEO testifies against Google’s search engine dominance

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella claimed on Monday that Google's dominance as a search engine was a result of unfair practices by the company, preventing Bing, from succeeding. On Monday, in a crowded cou... Read more

Clients, in addition to Google, received confidential tax info from PwC Australia

On Wednesday, PwC Australia announced that the company had provided multiple clients other than Google with confidential information leaked from an Australian government tax briefing. On Wednesday, P... Read more

In a challenge to Google, India's PhonePe launches free app store

PhonePe launched the Indus AppStore Developer Platform on Saturday, promising no platform fee and no commission on in-app purchases. Developers can begin registering and uploading their apps to the "... Read more

Google goes head-to-head with the U.S. government in trial

The most serious antitrust action in 25 years is going to take place between the U.S. government and Google, which might weaken the internet giant's grip on the search market. The U.S. government an... Read more

Advocacy group Noyb files accusations against Google's Fitbit

Advocacy group Noyb filed complaints against Fitbit, accusing the fitness tracking company of violating the European Union's GDPR privacy regime. The digital rights organization Noyb (None Of Your Bu... Read more

Google Cloud is the official cloud service provider for Canoo

Canoo has officially announced that Google Cloud will be their selected cloud provider in order to maximize their data. One of the leading, high-tech mobility company called Canoo has officially anno... Read more

Ex-Google employees take inspiration from the animal kingdom

Two tech researchers draw inspiration from the animal kingdom, in order to solve some of the most pressing issues in the industry. By taking cues from the animal realm, such as the coordination of a ... Read more

How to use Google Flights hacks to secure the lowest price for your next trip?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the time to book flights is now. Especially since flights are particularly subject to changing suddenly with weather conditions and otherwise. Additionally... Read more

Google’s Web Environment Integrity API is drawing criticism

Google is facing criticism over its new Web Environment Integrity API due to claims that user freedom is being restricted. The Web Environment Integrity (WEI) API on Chrome has drawn criticism from I... Read more

Google claims AI is made to help journalists not replace them

On Thursday, Google announced that it was delving into making new AI tools meant to help journalists and news publishers. Google announced on Thursday that it is looking into tools for news publishe... Read more

How do you rank your content on Google's first page?

Google is the beginning and the end for anyone attempting to increase organic traffic on the internet. The incredibly powerful search engine Google scans the internet to identify the webpages that are... Read more

Google violated its principles in Ad contracts, research finds

About 80% of Google’s video ad placements on third-party sites violated promised standards, new research shows; Google disputes claims. According to recent research, Google broke its own pledge... Read more

Google files FTC complaint against Microsoft’s cloud business practices

Google filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) claiming that Microsoft followed anti-competitive practices in the cloud computing market. Tech giant Google is no stranger to allegat... Read more

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau calls out Google and Meta on their tactics

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stands firm on Canada’s new bill, calling out Meta and Google for their intimidating tactics.  The Online News Act, as it is known, contains measure... Read more

Google Cloud brings AI into healthcare by partnering with Mayo Clinic

Google Cloud makes a prominent partnership with Mayo Clinic, introducing generative AI within the healthcare industry.  Google Cloud is all set to partner with Mayo Clinic, a prominent global he... Read more

Google advice on avoiding money-stealing scams and taking action

Google recently alerted users to a scam involving gift cards for the Play Store. Google has identified some warning signs, or "red flags," that can be used by users to determine whether they are the ... Read more

Google launched its next-gen large language model, PaLM 2

Google today launched PaLM 2, its newest large language model (LLM), at its I/O developer conference. PaLM 2 will be the foundation model for most of the new AI features that Google is announcing tod... Read more

A peek inside the long-awaited updates on Google Photos

Google Photos has reportedly come up with a brand new feature, to add unto the already popular app, making it all the more engaging and exciting. The long awaited Google Photos updates are finally c... Read more

The New York Times will receive nearly $100M from Google over three years

According to people familiar with the matter, the New York Times is receiving nearly $100 million from tech behemoth Google over three years as a part of an extensive deal allowing the Alphabet subsid... Read more

Google has just unveiled the Pixel Fold

Using Star Wars Day as an excuse to fire up the good ol’ hype train, Google tweeted a short video of the company’s upcoming Pixel Fold unfolding mesmerizingly from every possible angle. A... Read more

Google brings Sec-PaLM, a generative AI, to improve cloud-based cybersecurity

Sec-PaLM will provide "human-readable" explanations of attack exposure to users of Google's Security Command Centre AI. Google is among companies aiming to get in on the ground floor of a new trend i... Read more

Google’s search engine to battle out Microsoft’s Bing

According to reports, Google is set to get a new AI update added to their search engine with their project ‘Magi’ underway. Google is all set to adapt to the ever evolving space of techno... Read more

Microsoft Bing now has 100 million active users in an effort to overtake Google

Just a few weeks after the software giant unveiled its AI-powered Bing Talk feature, Microsoft's Bing search engine has surpassed the 100 million daily active user milestone. Although usage of Bing ... Read more

An error by Google's Bard AI bot costs shares of $100 billion

In the competition for the greatest artificial intelligence technology, Google is looking for ways to persuade the public that it remains in the lead. And the internet behemoth appears to be providin... Read more

Google introduces competition of its ChatGPT

On Monday, Google announced a brand-new chatbot tool called "Bard" in an apparent effort to counteract ChatGPT's success in going viral. Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced in a blog pos... Read more

Google, YouTube must face US children's privacy lawsuit

A U.S. appeals court brought back a lawsuit that said Google and a few other companies broke the privacy of children under 13 by tracking what they did on YouTube without their parents' permission so ... Read more

In a restructuring move, Google combines Waze and Maps team

Alphabet Inc.’s Google plans to combine the team working on Waze, the mapping service, with the group overseeing the company’s Maps product, as the tech giant faces pressure to streamline ... Read more

Google to invest $690M in Japan, says CEO Sundar Pichai

Tech giant Google to invest 100 billion yen ($690 million) in Japan through 2024, CEO Sundar Pichai said. The firm seeks to capitalize on the Asia-Pacific region’s growth despite macroeconomic u... Read more

Google to force Fitbit users to migrate accounts by 2025

With Google moving to tightly integrate its services with Fitbit’s own, a Google account will be required for certain uses of Fitbit devices and features from 2023, with plans to have all curren... Read more

Google cancels next Pixelbook and shuts down building team

Google cancels the next version of the Pixelbook laptop and dissolved the development team responsible. According to sources, the device was far along in development and expected to debut next year, ... Read more

Google Maps expands eco-friendly navigation feature to 40 additional countries

Google announced it is expanding its options for eco-friendly routing on Google Maps to 40 additional European countries. Eco-friendly routes, first introduced to U.S-based users last year, offer to... Read more

Google Cloud IoT Core to be discontinued from August 2023

Google dropped a bombshell on its Google Cloud Platform IoT Core Service users. The service will be discontinued exactly a year from now. Its only public statement so far has been a notice on the IoT... Read more

Google to pay Australian lawmaker $515K over defamatory videos on YouTube

An Australian court ordered Google to pay a former politician, John Barilaro, A$715,000 ($515,000), saying its refusal to remove a YouTube content creator’s defamatory videos drove him out of po... Read more

Google makes a surprise announcement of launching career certificates for digital marketing and ecommerce

Google will shortly launch certificates for Digital Marketing and Ecommerce endorsed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (the 4A’s) and the American Advertising Federation (AAF).... Read more

Cloudflare takes on Azure, Google, AWS with D1 distributed database

Building above its recently launched R2 object storage service and serverless application program Workers, Cloudflare is releasing a new serverless database, dubbed D1, to take on Microsoft Azure, GCP... Read more

Google, Apple, and Microsoft to implement password-less sign-in on all major platforms

In a joint effort, tech moguls Google, Apple, and Microsoft announced that they have committed to building support for password-less sign-in across all mobile, desktop, and browser platforms they cont... Read more

Nest Hub receives Google Fit and Fitbit integration

Google expands its health integration from Fitbit and Google Fit on the Nest Hub. With this update, the Nest Hub can display the calories burned, the number of steps taken, and other user health metri... Read more

Google announces Chrome OS Flex for Macs and PCs

Google has announced early access to a new version of its Chrome OS named Chrome OS Flex. The latest version of Chrome OS, designed for schools and businesses, is run on old Macs and PCs. According to... Read more

Google Launches First-Ever Beta Version of Android 12L

Google releases most anticipated Android 12L, explicitly designed for large screen devices Tech giant Google in a recent announcement has stated that it has released its first-ever beta version of An... Read more

Google will invest $1 billion in CME Group as a part of long-term cloud computing deal

Google invests $1 billion in the Chicago Mercantile Group (CME) as the company agrees to a 10-year deal of onboarding to the Google Cloud Platform. Alphabet Inc’s Google Cloud announced a signi... Read more

Google announces Android 12L, optimized for tablets, and foldables

According to Google, over a quarter billion tablets, foldables, and ChromeOS devices are running Android in total. Today, at the Android Dev Summit, Google has announced Android 12L — specifica... Read more

Google Stadia starts offering free 30-minute trials starting with new exclusive game title

Google’s cloud gaming service, Google Stadia, begins offering game-specific 30-minute free trials starting with its new exclusive title, Hello Engineer. Cloud gaming service Google Stadia is co... Read more

Google unveils the Pixel 6 series with new Tensor chipset

The Tensor chipset powering the new Pixel series unlocks a slew of AI and Machine learning capabilities exclusive to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The latest Pixel 6 series from Google has been annou... Read more

Google warns users about the increasing government-backed hackings

Many agencies like APT35 have been targeting high-value accounts like NGOs, foreign and national security groups, governments, etc. Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) is warning high-risk gro... Read more

Now Google Chrome will let you edit PDFs directly in browser

Adobe announced the feature on a blog, what it calls "the most comprehensive set of PDF tools right in the browser." Google Chrome now lets you edit PDFs directly in browser, as Adobe has releas... Read more

Google likely to launch 'Pixel Pass' along with Pixel phones

Pixel Pass might offer a new upgrade program similar to Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program as per the leaked images. Google is working on a new subscription bundle called the "Pixel Pass," which may be ... Read more

Google announces stable Android 12, OEMs to soon start pushing updates

Android 12 brings a refreshed notification centre to make it more modern and useful, with custom and consistent notifications. Google has officially started rolling out the stable version of its late... Read more

Google Pixel 6, 6 Pro details revealed ahead of scheduled launch this month

The Tensor chip will have a 2+2+4 core design, featuring two Cortex-X1 chips, strangely two older Cortex-A76, and four power-efficient Cortex-A55 chips. When it comes to Pixel devices, Google has a h... Read more

Google's Waymo and GM's Cruise win permits to offer rides in self-driving cars in California

Google's Waymo and GM's Cruise have won permits to offer passengers rides in their self-driving cars in California. General Motors Cruise and Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo self-driving car subsidiaries becam... Read more

Google Lens gets a redesign with new MUM Algorithm

With the MUM update, Google Lens will now allow you to perform visual searches and ask questions about the image. Google has been innovating a lot in its search algorithm, and now, the company has an... Read more

Google to collaborate with Honda for in-vehicle connected services

Google will be collaborating with Honda for better-integrated software for totally connected cars launching in Q2, 2022. Google has been popular for its maps service and Android Auto, which most of ... Read more

Google unveils a new 5TB cloud storage plan

Google quietly unveils a new 5TB Google One plan to fill the gap between the offerings of 2TB and 10TB.   Google one is Google’s all-inclusive, integrated cloud data storage service throu... Read more

Lendlease to shift its crucial workload to Google Cloud

Lendlease and Google Cloud associate to quicken digital transformation strategy  Lendlease has partnered with Google Cloud to strengthen its digital transformation strategy. Both have come to a... Read more

Google Cloud partners with C3 AI

Google cloud and C3 AI are now working together Google Cloud has now got into association with C3 AI, artificial intelligence software developer. The global partnership is to boost the adoption of A... Read more

Google plans to use custom chip for its Chrome OS Laptops

A Nikkei Asia report claims that Google is working on its own chipset for notebooks and tablets running Chrome OS. Google, after announcing its custom chip for its Pixel phone lineup, ... Read more

Google comes up with an online digital marketing certification course

Google offers digital marketing course that can help many build their careers Google is now providing a free online digital marketing course that is accessible to anyone interested to understand the ... Read more

MatchCraft unveiled its support to the Google Smart Bidding

MatchCraft will aid support to Google Smart Bidding to be more accessible MatchCraft, a MarTech company will now aid Google Smart Bidding along with proprietary bidding and budget-friendly technolog... Read more

Google makes privacy-centric changes to Maps, adds new features

Google is now making it evident to the end-users and requires them to "agree to crowdsource" for using detailed navigation features. Google Maps users are seeing a new prompt that asks permission to... Read more

Google pulls down Android Auto for phone screens, adds Assistant Driving Mode

Android Auto is no longer supported on phone displays and now requires a dedicated car screen to use. After a design overhaul to Android Auto a couple of years ago, Google has now decided to shut dow... Read more

Broxel will now be in the vicinity of Google Cloud

For companies across the globe particularly in Latin America, the potential to adapt to the evolution of transaction and payments will decide their destiny in the market for the coming few years. Fina... Read more

Google offering three months of Stadia Pro to new YouTube Premium subscribers

The offer is only available to new Stadia players. Eligible users will see the offer during account creation if they’ve never used Stadia at all. Google is offering a new promotional ... Read more

Google releases a new accessibility feature for Android

The newly released ‘Accessibility Suite’  allows facial expressions to access a number of controls, ranging from scrolling, going home, or viewing quick settings or notifications. Ac... Read more

Google announces its custom chip Tensor for its new Pixel lineup

Google teased a colorful assortment of its first-ever Google-made processor specifically designed for the upcoming Pixel series. Google has announced its custom chip officially on Twitter, called Goo... Read more

Google announces new bug bounty platform, launches a new site

"Google is also celebrating the tenth anniversary of the bug bounty program, under which 2,022 researchers have found more than 11,000 bugs in companies' various platforms." Google unveiled a new sit... Read more

Telegram CEO says Apple, Google should also be blamed for Pegasus Hack

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, has said that both Google and Apple have left backdoors open in their systems for such attacks to occur. The Pegasus hacking row has become one of the most alarm... Read more

Google announces Game Development Kit for Android 12

Google will implement Android Game Development Kit via the Play Asset Delivery system. Android 12 will allow you to play games as they are being downloaded. Android phones have been very popular for... Read more

Google charged with new antitrust lawsuit over Play Store fees

“It’s strange that a group of state attorneys general chose to file a lawsuit attacking a system that provides more openness and choice than others,” said Google in response. In a f... Read more

Google introduces COVID vaccination cards to Android devices

Google has introduced a new feature for Android users to save their vaccination certificate information digitally. Initially, it has been limited to select providers in the United States but will soon... Read more

Google will allow developers to evade its 30 percent cut for media apps

The tech industry has been divided over the percent cut taken by Apple and Google from the in-app purchases from the apps listed on their stores. In a refreshing move, Google is welcoming developers o... Read more

Google plans its own version of Apple's "Find My" to locate devices nearby

Google is working on a crowdsourced network similar to Apple's Find My network to locate lost devices. Apple's Find My network is one of its most efficient services as it is crowdsourced by Apple devi... Read more

Following Apple, Google will let Android 12 users opt-out of ad tracking

After Apple launching its controversial privacy feature, disallowing third-party apps to track users, Google is soon following the suit. The Google Play services will be updated later this year, the c... Read more

Bisees Information Systems partners with Google Cloud to provide a revolutionary business data insights platform

Sunnyvale, California, and Dublin, Ireland, March 2021 Bisees, an information software technology company with its own performance management system, Exepno, today announced an exciting, strategic par... Read more

Google is now in the skin game, you can breathe easy!

Google every year witnesses around 10 billion searches concerning skin, nail and hair problems. There are many people puzzled to get solution for dermatological issues. It’s a sigh a relief to m... Read more

Google officially releasing its Fuchsia OS for the original Nest Hub

Google's long-in-development operating system Fuchsia OS has been made official for the original Nest Hub. This means, the OS, which was announced by Google back in 2016, is now available for the gene... Read more

Google unveils Quantum AI campus, building error-corrected quantum computer

At its I/O event, Google announced that it is working on its error-corrected quantum computer by 2029. It also revealed its new Santa Barbara Quantum AI campus, which acts as the facility for quantum ... Read more

Google makes it easier to bring Android apps to your car

Google I/O event saw a series of announcements for their extended range of products and services. Google has now made it easier for third-party developers to bring their navigation, media apps, and ot... Read more

Google I/O online event starts today, Android 12, Pixel Watch, and more expected

Google I/O 2021, the tech giant’s annual developer conference is all set to start today. There has been a lot of buzz about the next iteration of the Android version. The Android 12 screenshots ... Read more

France relies on Google and Microsoft to protect sensitive data

Cloud computing technology developed by Alphabet’s Google and Microsoft helps in storing France’s sensitive state and corporate data. The comment is part of strategic plan introduced by F... Read more

Google Photos unlimited storage coming to an end

Google Photos had brought a revolution in 2015 when it announced its free photo and videos unlimited storage service. This allowed users to upload their favorite moments to the cloud without thinking ... Read more

Google is making two-step verification mandatory for all users

Google is planning to soon make two-factor authentication default for all its users. The feature is currently optional for users, due to which most users don't activate it and get the account compromi... Read more

Google Play App Listings will have Apple's App Store-like Privacy labels

Last Year, Apple introduced a requirement for apps to include "Privacy labels" to essentially provide a quick glance over the data that it might collect from them. This was sort of controversial but h... Read more

Google Assistant gets an upgrade to better understandthe context

Google Assistant has got an important update that makes it better equipped to understand the context and better recognize speech and pronounce names. Google has employed a new technology called the Bi... Read more

Google adds new functionality to show COVID info on travel searches

Google has launched a new functionality to help travelers keep track of Covid-19-related travel advisories and restrictions in their intended destination. When searching for travel-related inform... Read more

Google Chrome eliminating third-party cookies will affect Digital Marketing

Google has decided to eliminate third-party cookies worldwide from its Chrome Web Browser. The third-party cookies are the information collected by websites about users, such as their behavior on the ... Read more

Google to stop using Oracle's financial software and adopt SAP

Google's parent company, Alphabet, is planning to stop using Oracle financial software and instead adopt SAP. Alphabet and Google's core financial systems will move to SAP in May t... Read more

Google Pixel 6 will have a custom chipset from Google

Google is developing its new SoC, which will be co-developed by Samsung. The project is named ‘Whitechapel’ and is expected to debut on Pixel. According to a report from 9to... Read more

Supreme Court rules in Google's favor over Android software dispute

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in Alphabet's (parent company of Google) over the dispute with Oracle over Android Software. The Supreme Court ruled 6 to 2 in Google's favor in the long-running case.... Read more

Google's top security teams shut down a counterterrorism operation

As we know, Google runs one of the most diverse cybersecurity operations on the planet. For example, its Project Zero team is responsible for finding any undiscovered security flaws. Another grou... Read more

Google Cloud and Commerzbank Are Expanding Their Collaboration

Google Cloud and Commerzbank are expanding their collaboration which will help the latter move a huge number of its banking applications to the cloud. The move is part of Commerzbank’s strategy,... Read more

iPhones and Pixel phones share a lot of personal data with Apple and Google

Ideally, we trust Apple for its privacy features, but a recent report has found out that iPhones, as well as Pixel phones, share a lot of data with Apple and Google, respectively, even when idle. Acco... Read more

Amagi’s Cloud Solutions Are Now Available on Google Cloud

Amagi has announced that its cloud solutions are now available on Google Cloud’s platform. The move is being welcomed by media and entertainment companies across the globe. This will help them l... Read more

Google Pixel could read your heart and respiratory rate via cameras

Google is adding some interesting features for their pixel smartphones. The new pixel phones along with the Google Fit app, could measure your heart and respiratory rate starting this month. The new f... Read more

Google allowing more gambling and betting games in Play Stores

In a new move, Google Play has announced an upcoming policy change that will allow gambling and betting Android apps in even more countries.Presently, real money gambling apps are only restr... Read more

Google threatens to disable its search engine in Australia

In a dramatic escalation of a months-long standoff with the government, Google has threatened to disable its search engine in Australia if it's forced to pay local publishers for news.The proposed law... Read more can transcribe Google Meet calls in real-time has released a new Chrome extension that can be used to transcribe Google Meet calls in real-time. Google, which is known for its advanced machine learning and AI, decided to collaborate with... Read more

Google Successfully Completes the Acquisition of Fitbit

Google had announced its intent to acquire the smart wearable company Fitbit a year ago. Now, the search giant has completed the $2.1 billion acquisition even as the US Department of Justice continues... Read more

Google Maps Is Rolling Out Its 2020 Timeline Update

Google is sending its users a timeline update via email to give a basic overview of the places visited in the year. The update is also available on a monthly basis. Even in the pandemic dominant 2020,... Read more

Google And Alphabet Employees Form Workers Union

A group of around 200 workers from Google and its parent company Alphabet have joined to form Workers Union. The union will be open to both employees and contractors and will run with the help of the ... Read more

New Google Data Centers Support Europe's Green Economic Recovery

A lot of the present humanity has moved online this year as the pandemic left us with no choice. As internet users grow in numbers, more data centers are the need of the hour. Google understood this n... Read more

Google Blamed For SMS Issue On Android Phones

Many users with LG, OnePlus, Samsung, Motorola, and other Android phones have reported problems while sending or receiving text messages for weeks now. Some are encountering unexpected delays in sendi... Read more

Fuchsia OS in works as Google opens it for public contributors

When Google announced its ambitious project "Fuchsia OS" four years back, there was a lot of buzz around the same. Now Google has made the project open to public contributors, meaning it is soon going... Read more

Apple Music is now available on Google Assistant devices

Google is finally rolling out its Apple Music support on Google Assistant-enabled devices. This includes all the Google Home/Nest branded smart speakers from Google as well as other manufacturers. App... Read more

Google is updating Maps with New Features

Google has brought several new features to the Maps app to facilitate easier communication between businesses and customers.Businesses will also get a verified profile on the Maps. Once verified, cust... Read more

Windows 10 To Run Android Apps Without Google Play Store

Microsoft is looking to bring Android app support to Windows in 2021. The project has been named “Latte” and will use Windows Subsystem for Linux as a compatibility layer. Using the Window... Read more

Google Chrome 87 Brings Innovative Type-In Commands

In the latest update to Chrome, Google has brought in various features and improvements like tab throttling, occlusion tracking, and more. One of the most popular features is the all-new “Chrome... Read more

Google To Delete User Data If Inactive For Two Years

Google has been riding on the policy updates and changes bandwagon during the pandemic. After a significant overhaul to its apps and cloud storage policies, Google has now announced a new update. It c... Read more

Google RCS – Android Version of iMessage Announced Globally

Apple users have long been using the iMessage for a long time now. It is one of the most attractive features which has been exclusive to Apple users. Now, Google is making its similar messaging featur... Read more

Google Pay Gets Major Updates

Google Pay helps over 150 million people all around the globe make online payments. But the Google payments app felt that there was something more to be done to help these people stay on top of their ... Read more

Google Photos Will Stop Offering Unlimited Storage From June 2021

Google Photos has been offering free Photos and Videos storage through its Google Photos app. But shockingly, it has announced that the service will no longer be free from June 2021. Any photo or vide... Read more

Google Photos Charging Users For Certain Editing Features

The Google Photos app is a free service with unlimited storage and some built-in editing features. But Google has decided to charge a premium for some of its editing tools. One of the most popular edi... Read more

Google One Comes With VPN Now

Google’s premium storage subscription service provides free backups on Android. Now, Google has unveiled its VPN by Google One on its 2TB and higher plans. The new service on the Google One app ... Read more

Apple to cut ties with Google and launch its own Search engine

Apple is working on its own search engine and soon looking to replace Google as its default search engine. Google has been paying Apple between $10b and $12b a year to be the main search provider on A... Read more

Lending DocAI, The First Dedicated Mortgage Industry Tool From Google

Google today announced the launch of its first dedicated service for the mortgage industry. Dubbed as “Lending DocAI,” the service aims to help mortgage companies speed up the process of e... Read more

Google Chat free version to replace Hangouts in 2021

In 2018, Google had confirmed that it is looking forward to replacing Hangouts with Chat and Meet. Now it has officially announced that Hangouts will be shutting down by 2021. Google Chat, a slack and... Read more

Google shuts down Play Music Store to transition to YouTube Music

Google Play Music, which was launched in 2011 by Google as a subscription-based music streaming service, has been discontinued worldwide. Google made this announcement after completely shutting down t... Read more

Google Meet Rolls Out "Breakout Group" Feature

Google is adding a new feature to Google Meet, which will make large group calls even simpler. Educators using the Enterprise for Education tier of Google Workspace (earlier known as G Suite) can crea... Read more

Google Assistant is now capable of controlling Android apps

Google has announced new functionality for its voice assistant. As we know, the “Hey Google” keyword has been just used to perform basic tasks in the past few years. But Google is working ... Read more

G Suite rebranded to Google Workspace with redesigned icons

Google has been known to keep experimenting with the names and design of their products. We have seen Google shutting down its products to bring a similar product with a different name. But this time,... Read more

Google Making Using Third-Party App Stores Easier In Android 12

Google is changing its developer policies and has promised to allow third-party app stores like Samsung’s Galaxy Store to flourish alongside the official Google Play Store. This issue has been c... Read more

iOS 14 Brings Better Access To Google Apps

iOS 14 has launched with great improvements. With these improvements comes better access to some Google apps. Some of these features include improvements to accessing the Google Search Widget, Chrome ... Read more

Google Marketing Platform Gets New Tools

In these times of pandemic, your brand needs to be strong to get through the tough times. To help businesses improve their marketing, Google has released new tools to improve reach and forecasting cap... Read more

Google Launches Verified Calls to Stop Spam and Scam Calls

According to a FTC report, phone calls were the number one medium through which people reported being contacted by scammers. Those who lost money had a median loss of $1,000 due to these scam calls. T... Read more

Italy Antitrust to Probe Google, Apple, Dropbox

The French telecom giant Orange has launched its first commercial 5G network in Romania in November 2019. Now, the company is launching its 5G network in five large cities of Spain. The move by Orange... Read more

Google Campaign to Help With Business Recovery and Growth

The pandemic has brought through lot of changes. People are now using online tools to stay connected and work remotely more than ever before. But all this has happened in a short space of time. Google... Read more

Google Maps gets a major design overhaul

After making Google Maps available on Apple Watch, Google is back again with a new update to its maps. The update makes the maps much more colorful and accurate, depicting the geographical conditions ... Read more

Epic Games sues Apple, Google over anti-competitive behavior

Epic Games have sued Apple and Google for removing, Fortnite for their app stores. Earlier, both Apple and Google had removed the game citing, violating the companies' in-app payment guidelines. Follo... Read more

Google One Experience About to Get Better

Google One is about to get a whole lot better. Google has made a few changes to its premium storage service by availing phone backup and a new storage tool for users. The company has made the new feat... Read more

Google's Internal Data Collection raises concern including antitrust questions

Google has been accused of using an internal program that leverages the sensitive data collected by Android to monitor how people are using non-Google apps. It has also been alleged that Google uses t... Read more

Wipro Chooses Google Cloud for its SAP workload

The Indian IT Services giant Wipro has chosen Google Cloud as its partner to upgrade its core SAP ERP system to S/4HANA. It will also look to migrate the workloads to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in a ... Read more

Buy on Google Going Commission-free Soon

Google seems to be making a good ingress into the e-commerce segment. Earlier, Google took everyone by surprise when it introduced the ‘Shopping’ option. But no one expected the search eng... Read more

Google starts integrating Meet with Gmail for users on Android

Google has started rolling out an update for the Gmail app for android users which integrates Google Meet within the Gmail app. Earlier Google had announced that it is planning to integrate Meet with ... Read more

Ex-Google Camera developer joins Adobe for its Camera App

Google Camera has been known to be one of the best in computational photography. The Pixel Phones has been the king in Photography with likes of HDR enhanced photos, Portrait shots, Night Sight, and A... Read more

Google Nearby Sharing tool coming to Android Devices in August

We have already seen Google is working with the beta builds of Android 11. One of the most prominent features is the “Nearby Sharing” which is a file-sharing system for Android, just like ... Read more

Google accused of favouring YouTube in search results

Google has been accused of its biased search results again. This time for favouring its product YouTube in video search results. The latest allegation says google is suppressing results from competito... Read more

Microsoft and Google team up to create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Microsoft and Google are coming up together to help web developers get their Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) into the Google Play Store. Progressive web apps use emergi... Read more

After TikTok; LinkedIn, Reddit, Google caught spying on iOS 14

After TikTok was first caught on iOS 14 beta build, few other renowned apps have been found to spy on users clipboard data over Apple’s latest release for iPhones, the iOS14. Apps that started c... Read more

Google Photos is disabling auto backups from apps like Whatsapp

In a mission to save internet bandwidth, Google has temporarily disabled automated backups to Google Photos from third-party apps like Whatsapp, KIK, Snapchat, and several others. “People a... Read more

Google Meet giving tough competition to zoom

Google is giving a tough competition to its video conferencing rival zoom, which has lost credibility due to privacy concerns. The ongoing pandemic has raised the demand for a professional conference ... Read more

Google Photos gets a major redesign and in-app changes

Google Photos has been a go-to option for the majority of users across all the platforms available. Since its inception in 2015, it has become the number one choice especially for storing a large numb... Read more

Google employees’ want the company to stop selling software to police

More than 1,600 Google employees have signed an internal petition to stop their employer from selling Google’s software to police. The employees are protesting hard for racial justice in the US ... Read more

All you need to know about Google and Apple launching a software for COVID-19

Google and Apple have launched a software amidst dreadful coronavirus. This will aid public health agencies make apps based on COVID-19 while safeguarding user privacy. “Starting today, our Exp... Read more

Google Cloud brings in digital transformation to the retailers

Google Cloud is helping retailers go digital and increase ability by making a bid using its cloud computing potentiality and an erstwhile Neiman Marcus Group executive will play the leading role. Goo... Read more

Cognite becomes Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year 2019

A global industrial DataOps and AI software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, Cognite was lately honored as Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Manufacturing. Presently, Cognite supports the fu... Read more

Turn your photos into artwork using Google app's new feature

Google’s Art and Culture app allows people to choose artwork for their pictures. With the help of artificial intelligence, the new feature namely, Art Transfer gives a twist to your photos with ... Read more

Google 3D animals feature is the new tool to keep your kids occupied during isolation

Due to the virus outbreak, kids are utterly disappointed as not a single place is open to go and have fun. This situation took parenting to a whole new level of difficulty. But to make it simple, one ... Read more

Google Translate now supports live transcription functionality

Google always comes up with new technologies to ease the lives of people all over the world. It has now come up with a new feature called Live Transcription in Google Translate. The feature is already... Read more

Google Cloud Next conference postponed indefinitely

Traditionally, the tech giant, Google, observes its largest conference of the year around the month of April. The conference is an in-person event. But this year’s conference was announced to be... Read more

Google Camera 7.4 finally brings support for 4k 60fps recording

The Google Pixel devices have been popular for its camera but it is strange to see that none of these devices support video recording at 4k 60fps. The devices with Snapdragon 855 and 865 technically h... Read more

Google announces beta launch of Cloud AI Platform Pipelines

Google Cloud has announced Cloud AI Platform Pipelines to make the process of deploying robust repeatable machine learning pipelines, easy. The AI PlatformPipelines will also provide a way to monitor,... Read more

Pixel 4a price revealed, thanks to public billboard by Google

Google hasn’t been very strict about the leaks in conjuction to its products. While the specifics regarding Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 were fully known to the masses before theirofficial launch, the Pi... Read more

Google Play Store dark mode finally available now

While Android 10 brings in support for system-wide dark mode by default, Google still is trying hard to implement a dark mode toggle into its standalone apps. The last one being the Google Play Store.... Read more

Google establishes a COVID-19 fund

As of Monday, the number of coronavirus cases in the US was at 647. Of these, 25 cases have resulted in deaths. The COVID-19 is spreading all over the world at a rapid pace. Businesses across the glob... Read more

Mobile-first indexing to soon become default behavior of Google Search

Time and again, we have seen Google rolling out new features and updates, all to enhance the user experience and make it user-friendly. The latest change introduced by the tech giant is concerning th... Read more

Google Pixel 4a leaked image appears online

Although Google cancelled its physical I/O event yesterday, the event is going to take place online. The Google Pixel 4a which was scheduled to be launched at the event might launch online as well. Bu... Read more

Google's physical event of I/O 2020 cancelled

Google I/O 2020 was announced in January, with the ticket application and drawing process taking place late last month. It was scheduled to be held from 12 May 2020 to 14 May 2020. However, Google dec... Read more

Google's Pixel phones will soon receive new ‘feature drop'

Google has plans to introduce some major changes and updates in its Pixel devices with ‘feature drops’. The latest ‘feature drop’ has a host of big additions and will be rolled... Read more

Google cancels Cloud Next citing coronavirus

The spread of the deadly coronavirus has affected tech circles throughout the world and now Google has announced that it will be canceling its cloud-focused event, Cloud Next. According to the compan... Read more

Google survey hints at major update in Wear OS coming soon

Wear OS from Google has been lagging behind Apple’s “watchOS” and Samsung’s “Tizen OS”. While the competitors have implemented a lot of health focused features, Goo... Read more

Google AI tool can now block malicious Gmail attachments

Google has become the most used email service in the world (more than 1.5 billion users). Since its inception in 2004, Google has been aiming to keep the platform safe and easy to use for consumers. I... Read more

Google Authenticator at risk from Android malware

There’s an Android malware strain that can now steal one-time passcodes (OTP) that are generated through Google Authenticator- a mobile app by Google that is used for two-factor authentication (... Read more

Google Translate received new languages in a latest update

For quite a long time, Google Translate hasn’t witnessed any new language addition. In the recent update, the tool, popular for its seamless language translation services, has received five new ... Read more

Google: Don't download sideload apps on Huawei phones

It has almost been a year now since the US government has imposed a ban on Huawei, the Chinese smartphone maker, and prohibited US companies from doing any business or making any new acquisitions with... Read more

Google Search now reveals WhatsApp group chat links

Google Search is now indexing WhatsApp group chat links on the web making it discoverable and accessible to everyone. According to the Journalist Jordan Wildon, the WhatsApp “Invite to group Lin... Read more

Google Cloud is partnering with Pure Storage

Data solution company Pure Storage is collaborating with Google Cloud’s Anthos Ready Storage Initiative after confirming that its solutions for data storage can be deployed on the Anthos platfor... Read more

Google removed hundreds of apps from its Play Store

Google has removed nearly 600 Android apps from its Play Store for its disruptive advertisements. It has also banned the developers of such apps from continuing further with their idea of such obnoxio... Read more

Google Stadia made available to non-Pixel devices

Google extended its support to more smartphones for its newly launched cloud gaming service, Google Stadia, which was launched on November 19, 2019. Google Stadia now supports the Razer Phone and the... Read more

Google expands Titan Security Key availability

For many years, Google had used physical keys for two-factor authentication methods and the company has released its Titan Security Key bundle in 2018 to streamline the process. The original kit had t... Read more

Google app dark mode is now available to all beta users

Google has recently announced that the dark mode feature of its app is out now available for all Android users who are part of the beta testing program. Previously, the feature was available to only a... Read more

New email scam is targeting websites using Google AdSense

A new scam is in circulation in the webspace that threatens the websites using AdSense, asking them to pay $5,000 bitcoin to prevent their website from being attacked. The scam is highlighted by Krebs... Read more

Alleged spying tool ToTok removed from Google Play Store

A popular messaging app called ToTok was recently pulled out of the Google Play Store for the second time. Back in December, the app was first discovered as a spying tool. And as a result of it, the a... Read more

Google ends free Station Wi-Fi program

Google is in the process of winding up its ‘Station’ program that offered free Wi-Fi to more than 5000 locations across the world since 2016. According to Google, the service is now live ... Read more

Google testing Android 11, launch imminent

Google put the Android 11 preview page live on developer site for a few hours by accident. Although it was taken down subsequently, Google’s next Android iteration is around the corner and ... Read more

Google rolls out Emoji kitchen in Gboard

Google brings out the latest iteration of the Gboard Beta app for Android with a new concept in the emoji section. At first glance, they look like emoji images but they’re stickers. Interesting... Read more

OnePlus phones get Google Assistant Ambient mode

Google rolled out its Ambient mode last November to select android devices at the IFA 2019 and now the list gets updated with OnePlus. The tech giant pushing its Nest suite of products hit a wall whe... Read more

Google Chrome will soon stop downloading all insecure file types

Time and again, we have seen Google bringing various software updates and enhancements, all intending to ensure increased security and better user experience. And this time too, Google proves the same... Read more

Google is testing Play music's features on YouTube music

Earlier in 2018, Google had made plans to migrate Google Play Music subscriber catalogs and playlists to YouTube Music and now Google is putting those plans into action by developing an internal beta ... Read more

Google Maps receives few new updates

Google Maps has completed its remarkable journey of 15 years as a widely popular mapping service app this week. And on this occasion, Google has come up with a few new updates that render a new makeov... Read more

Google's automatic call screening feature is out now

The software giant, Google, has recently rolled out a new ‘call screening feature’ for all its Pixel phones. The feature cannot be called ‘new’ as it has already been introduce... Read more

Google provides easy access to Oscar nominated movies

Google is now making it easier for users to search for Oscar-related content on its search platform. The company announced this news yesterday and said that Google Search will now have a ‘dedica... Read more

Google's parent Alphabet built a tool to detect deepfake videos

Google’s parent company Alphabet has built a new free tool called Assembler to help understand if a photo is real or fake. The new security tool can be used by journalists and fact-checkers to f... Read more

Google sent private videos to strangers via Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most useful apps from Google offering unlimited backup of photos and videos. But not many users know about an app called Google Takeout that helps users to download all the... Read more

Google Fiber ceases offering TV services to new customers

Google Fiber, a service under Alphabet’s Access subsidiary, has recently announced that it is terminating offering TV services to new subscribers. However, the current subscribers have nothing t... Read more

Google Assistant can reveal your Tile's last location

Google Assistant can now help you find your misplaced items like keys, purse, wallet and more with the help of Tile’s Bluetooth tracker. With the new integration, Google Assistant users can now... Read more

Google Photos tests monthly subscription service to print photos

Google Photos can be regarded as one of the stellar free service apps on Android with unlimited photo backups, Google Assistant integration and a plethora of AI-enabled features. But Google is continu... Read more

Google introduces OpenSK to make 2FA security keys

Google has been making tides in the mobile security arena for a while and they’ve been experimenting with security keys. Security keys like “Titan” are fully capable of integrating w... Read more

Google Searches for Coronavirus will reveal SOS Alert info

Coronavirus is making headlines as the World Health Organization (WHO) just declared it a global health emergency. And Google Search just switched on an SOS Alert for searches to calm some of the anxi... Read more

Google's Area 120 launches Tangi for DIY videos

The world is increasingly moving towards short videos and the success of TikTok is the best example to point out how much these 60-second videos are affecting millions. Now, Google’s Area 120 Sk... Read more

Google Phone app to get call recording feature

Google’s own Phone app has several essential features but they did miss out on a basic feature like ‘call recording’ and they are already in the process of rectifying that mistake. T... Read more

Google introduces Android flash tool for developers

Android is considered to be the favorite destination for developers. But the truth is that it’s quite hard, even for seasoned developers to just ‘flash’ the phone, which is installin... Read more

Google plans to unify workplace apps into one service

Google is planning for a new unified app that will be custom-made for workplace use. The new app is described as a ‘communications app’ that will bring in various functions found in the co... Read more

Google Translate will soon transcribe spoken words in real time

Google Translate is a free tool and it is gaining popularity with its seamless translation services. The tool will soon witness the addition of another feature of transcribing and translating spoken w... Read more

Microsoft helps Google to make Chrome's tab management better

The tech giant, Microsoft is offering help to Google, another prominent name in the tech world, in improving its tab management. Google Chrome is looking to adopt Microsoft Edge’s handy tab mana... Read more

Google Drive is back after widespread disruption

Several Google services like Google Drive and Google Docs went through an outage yesterday and many users reported that they weren’t able to access Google Sheets and Slides either. Also, there a... Read more

Google brings a redesigned Media View for Nest Hub displays

Google has rolled out a new Media View for Nest Hub that makes controlling all the devices connected to the Nest Hub displays a lot easier. With this update, the users can easily manage all the connec... Read more

Google's Dataset search just got upgraded

Google’s search engine for datasets named ‘Dataset Search’ just got out of the beta phase with a upgraded tool set that lets users search around 25 million different publicly availab... Read more

Google launches revamped ‘Collections' tab on Android

Last year Google had introduced activity cards and now the company is building upon that feature and has brought out the revamped ‘Collections’ feature that helps users find and share cont... Read more

Google Cloud announces a Secret Manager

Google Cloud introduces a new tool called Secret Manager that helps to securely store the API Keys, passwords, certificates and other data. There are a lot of sensitive data belonging to the users tha... Read more

Google introduces digital wellbeing apps

Google is experimenting with new apps for Android designed solely to improve users’ life. Out of the three apps that are releasing two of them come under the company’s Digital Wellbeing in... Read more

Google launches Envelope for phones

The tech giant Google recently introduced three new apps as part of Digital Wellbeing initiative. The main idea behind these apps is to help people disconnect from their phones as much as possible. A... Read more

iOS gets a new timeline with the latest Google Maps update

Google provides both its Android and iOS mobile users with a feature called ‘Timeline’. Through the feature the users can access their activity in Google Maps if their Location services an... Read more

Huawei plans to replace Google Maps with TomTom

The US-China trade war has almost settled but Huawei is still banned from using many US products that are critical to its functioning. Therefore, the company is striving hard to come out of Google&rsq... Read more

Google search on desktop design adds new website Icons

Google is beautifying its search results on desktop design with a couple of icons. These icons were first found in Google Search on mobile devices. According to Google, these new developments are aim... Read more

Google Duo on web can be accessed without a phone number

Google has made it possible for users to make Duo calls on the web without having to link their phone numbers. According to ‘Android Police’ who reported this, Google’s video callin... Read more

Google is ending support for chrome apps soon

Chrome apps were launched way back in 2013 which brought so much ease to accessing web that over the years they gradually turned into locally running apps and have become part of every system. These C... Read more

Google's parent company Alphabet crosses $1 trillion market cap

Google’s parent company Alphabet now stands as the fourth US company to reach the market cap of $1 trillion. This notable financial milestone was achieved on Thursday. The news came as a follow... Read more

Media controls is the latest feature added to Google Chrome

Here comes a small and yet a new and useful feature that will appear in Google Chrome from now on. It is the newly introduced feature that is sure to blow your mind. Well, introduction of new features... Read more

iPhones can now be used as security key for Google accounts

Google accounts are branching out into other services and now third parties can utilize its single sign-on feature. The new feature rolls out with Google’s Advanced Protection Program that aims ... Read more

Google Cloud now comes with Premium Support plan

Google has launched Premium Support finally. The customers will now be able to avail a new set of services and systems which will help Google Cloud serve some mission-critical needs. Google Cloud on i... Read more

Google introduces a new feature to shop from search results

Google Shopping had quite a revamp last year and now Google is updating its shopping experiences on Google Search, on mobile. With the latest update, users can simply search for clothing, shoes or acc... Read more

Google cloud introduces new solutions for retailers

Google is getting serious about its cloud game and its management team is focusing its efforts on certain enterprise verticals like healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and energy. Also, ret... Read more

Google brings IBM power systems into its cloud

Google Cloud is encouraging more enterprises to move onto its platform. This is because the company needs to be able to give businesses an onramp for their existing legacy infrastructures and workload... Read more

Google Stadia starts testing on non-pixel devices

Stadia, the cloud gaming service operated by Google which is said to be the future of game streaming is out with another experiment. Although Google had made several promises over the last year, none ... Read more

Another major Android feature roll out for Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts app gets a new update with a major feature, something which the users have been wanting for a long time. There have been several recent additions and most of these updates were related... Read more

Google's new policy is a boon for developers

Google’s Project Zero disclosure program was brought out so that security fixes can be released promptly. But things had gone sideways with premature disclosures, incomplete fixes and more. But ... Read more

No more digital magazines in Google News

Google News ends paid magazine subscriptions for its users. The news was confirmed by Android police who said that the News team sent an email to all customers stating the company is discontinuing pri... Read more

Google breaks tie with Xiaomi after the security breach

Google Nest Hub had once shown images direct from a stranger’s home when he accessed his own Xiaomi security camera, now the company has incapacitated any integration between its smart home syst... Read more

Google's AI screens breast cancer better

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women. In the UK, over 55,000 people are diagnosed with the disease each year and about 1 in 8 women in the US tend to develop breast cancer i... Read more

Google Recorder is here for all android users except Xiaomi

Google has been leading in a variety of fields, right from computational photography to making suggestions while writing emails, the IT giant has been flaunting its AI and ML skills in almost every pr... Read more

Google Photos comes up with video zooming

Google Photos is primarily considered as a cloud-centric service by the users than as a photo app. Most of the features provided in the app are basic compared to other photo apps. The latest effort fr... Read more

France says Google abused its position, slaps a massive fine

Google has been fined a massive 150 million euros ($167 million) by the French competition watchdog. The fine has come as the watchdog believes that Google abused its position in the online search and... Read more

Finally Google Tasks lands in Google Calendar

Users have long been asking for the integration of Google Tasks in the Google Calendar and the IT services giant has finally rolled out a new update to address the request. XDA developers looked into... Read more

Typhoon Studios now part of Google's Stadia library

Google has acquired Typhoon Studios, an independent studio from Montreal who created games like Batman: Arkham City and Far Cry 4. The acquisition happened when the studio was on the verge of releasin... Read more

No more ‘WWW' subdomain in Google Chrome

Google is going to erase the “www” sub-domain from its browser’s address bar with the release of Chrome 79. Google decided that it’ll no longer show the trivial subdomain in th... Read more

Google pauses Chrome update due to app data loss

Chrome 79 updates started rolling out to Android last week but were stopped abruptly due to complaints from users after the release. Supposedly the latest update was found ‘wiping data’ fr... Read more

Google Assistant now has interpreter mode

Google brings live voice translation to its Google Assistant through Interpreter mode. Although this was first revealed at the beginning of the year in Google Home speakers and Smart Displays, this is... Read more

Google and YouTube doing their bit to secure 2020 Census

The U.S. has been carrying out its duty of counting the number of people in the country since 1790. Next year, the 2020 Census will be the first time people will have the option of participating in it... Read more

Google Maps gets Incognito mode for iOS

Google had announced that Incognito mode will be coming to Google Maps at the I/O developer conference that was held in May. Now, the feature is finally here for the iOS devices. The Incognito mode f... Read more

Huawei can survive without Google

The US-China Trade war is still on and it’s affecting the tech market widely. Huawei is the most targeted mobile company that is living on a temporary extension by the US authorities. There&rsqu... Read more

Google Photos introduce manual face tagging

Google revealed its plans to introduce manual face tagging a while back and it is now rolling out the feature to Google Photos. The latest feature enables Google to build upon its existing face detect... Read more

Google Assistant ambient mode is here

Google is taking its digital assistant to the next level. From a reactive assistant that only replies when asked it’s now a proactive assistant who lets you know about your appointments and sche... Read more

Google Photos get markup tool in its editor

Google is continuing to add new tools to its Photo app that will help users edit right from within their mobile app. A few users have reported the arrival of a new markup tool in Google Photos editor ... Read more

Google intends to shut down its Cloud print feature in 2020

Google just announced the shutdown of its cloud-based printing service that was offered through its various products like Gmail, Chrome browser, and GDrive. According to Google, it will discontinue it... Read more

Google brings out Dynamic Gmail for Android and iOS

Google is trying to bring out the best version of its Gmail using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and is now introducing the “dynamic email” which is more interactive and intuitive in both ... Read more

Google's political ad rules are here

The political ads controversy is still on for the social media giants; Twitter and Facebook. Now, Google is making its stance clear by announcing that the company will limit the abilities of political... Read more

The much anticipated Google Stadia goes live!

Google’s long-awaited cloud gaming service Stadia is finally here. Gone are the days when you had to wait and install the games. The service is now live with 22 games and 4K videos at 60 frames ... Read more

Google Assistant gets algorithmic news feed

Google introduced a new feature in its voice assistant called “Your News Update” that allows the user to listen to short bytes of news that is algorithmically determined just like the ones... Read more

Google Assistant found with vulnerability

Digital assistants like Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby were found with potential vulnerabilities on Android mobiles. Researchers from a cybersecurity company revealed that the security flaws could... Read more

Discovering cities about to get better with Google Maps

Till now, Google Maps was just about navigation but now Google has begun testing a new feature that allows mobile users to follow local guides in Google Maps to find facts and reviews about places. Go... Read more

Google buys CloudSimple to help run VMware workloads in the cloud

Google has announced that it has bought Santa Clara based-CloudSimple. The acquisition is a natural extension of the partnership the two companies struck earlier this year. This move by Google will he... Read more

Google's unannounced experiment with Chrome causes problems

Google’s experiment has caused massive problems across the globe for businesses as Chrome browsers suddenly went blank last week. The problem did not impact all the Chrome users. But many Chrome... Read more

Texting on Android just got better with Google's RCS

Google just took one of the biggest steps in Android by bringing an update to its Messages app. The update is rolled out in the US and is said to have several features that iMessage had for a long tim... Read more

Google will help you develop your pronunciations now

People nowadays rely on Google for everything and it seems like that is exactly what the company wants as it keeps on adding ways for people to depend on it. Google now lets its users practice their p... Read more

Google Chrome to label slow loading websites

Whenever people open a webpage and it loads slowly, they’re in a dilemma, wondering if their network went down or if there’s something wrong with their phone. But truth is that often happe... Read more

Google's Project Nightingale is collecting healthcare records

Despite all the privacy talk, the tech giants can’t stop intruding into people’s privacy over and over. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google is secretly gathering data of... Read more

Google Assistant found ignoring Android Auto voice commands

Google had promised a few updates for its infotainment segment earlier this year in its I/O conference and not only did Google fail to deliver it, now the Google Assistant on Android Auto is malfuncti... Read more

Google's Teachable Machine Tool has been upgraded

AI is today being applied to discover solutions for many issues. But truth is that AI is hard to access. Google has upgraded its Teachable Machine web-based tool so that its users can apply AI in bett... Read more

Google is open sourcing cardboard

In the previous month, Google had officially put an end to its Daydream View VR headset and now it’s stepping down from its leadership position in phone-based VR by open-sourcing the software of... Read more

Google forms the App Defense Alliance

Mobile security is very relevant in today’s technology scenario where security compromises are becoming increasingly common. To curb mobile security compromises, Google has formed App Defense Al... Read more

Google unveils OpenTitan: Open source, highly secure chips

Ransomware attacks are everyday news; the need for upgrading the system security is of paramount importance. At the core, cybersecurity is all about better firmware and chip level. Google is taking st... Read more

Huawei phones may get Google apps again

The trade war between the US and China had left many companies devastated, especially, the Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei. But for now, the situation has cooled off and the US government is likely... Read more

Google to make it easier for doctors to search patient records

David Feinberg, the head of Google Health made his first major public appearance at the HLTH health conference in Las Vegas. He talked positively about how the healthcare-focused division of Google is... Read more

Google's parent company Alphabet likely to acquire Fitbit

There seems to be a possibility that Google’s parent company Alphabet could procure wearable firm Fitbit. Reuters said that this procurement will bolster Google’s place in the wearable mar... Read more

Google improves search results with BERT

Google has introduced a core change in its search algorithm which can improve the rankings of results for more than one in ten queries. Google makes use of an advanced technology known as natural lang... Read more

Millions downloaded apps from Google Playstore filled with adware

Security researches from ESET found apps in Google Playstore that contain adware and according to reports around 42 apps were discovered which altogether had more than 8 million downloads. Surprising... Read more

Google wants to mirror the iOS update method

Google launched Project Treble in 2017 and the company believed it would bring in an overall change to the Android ecosystem. Project Treble was started to “help manufacturers update devices to ... Read more

Google Playstore exhibits double standards with Fleksy App

Mobile keyboard app Fleksy is being labeled appropriate only for ages 12 and up because of a certain emoji (a finger emoji). The irony is that Google’s own Gboard app has the same emoji but the ... Read more

Google Duplex to call New Zealand stores to confirm opening hours

Google’s AI system for natural conversations, Duplex, is going to be tested outside the U.S. for the first time this week. Google Duplex will be calling small businesses in New Zealand to confir... Read more

Faster Network is here: Google Fi gets dual connect

Google has officially launched its new “Dual Connect” technology in Google Fi. The new technology can connect to two networks at once. Google is operating as a Mobile Virtual Network Oper... Read more

Researchers Expose Flaws of Alexa and Google Home

Another wave of security flaws has hit Alexa and Google Home as researchers found out that these smart devices can be tricked and exploited. They could even be used to eavesdrop on users. A team of B... Read more

Google got wireless charging right finally

When Pixel 3 was launched Google first introduced wireless charging but users found it hard to use because only those customers who bought the pixel stand along with it were able to quickly charge the... Read more

Google Maps catches up with Waze in incident reporting

Google Maps is finally catching up with Google’s own navigation app, Waze, which has several features like the ability to see speed limits, speed cameras and other features that were absent in t... Read more

No Google Assistant without Gestures in the latest Pixel 4

Android 10 came out with a lot of powerful tools and the most notable one is the all-mighty Google Assistant that is really fast. But the catch is that the digital assistant won’t work if gestur... Read more

Google Introduces Nest Wi-Fi Mesh router

Google has walked into the networking arena with its latest Wi-Fi mesh router known as Nest Wi-Fi. The device can be regarded as a successor to the previous Google Wi-Fi that was introduced in 2016. ... Read more

Google Pixel 4 Officially Marks the End of Mobile VR Era

It was cool to try out the virtual reality headsets using mobile phones but now almost all the major companies have backed down on mobile VR technology. Oculus CTO ended it with a “eulogy&rdquo... Read more

Google Pixel 4 has arrived

Google Pixel 4 is finally here and it has one of the best cameras in the mobile segment. The smartphone is being said to be one of the best phones in the market. Camera The Pixel 4 comes with a big ... Read more

No more predatory loan apps in Google Playstore

Predatory loan services are now banned in Google Playstore. The latest changes were first revealed on the company’s restricted policy page which currently lists high-interest loan services in it... Read more

Google Home Mini giveaway for selected users

Google is taking a major stance by giving away its Google Home Mini for free to fight the domination of Alexa. Google does this by selecting a number of Android users and gifts them with the Google H... Read more

Google to increase its Latin American Workforce

Google has said that its customer workforce will be boosted significantly in Latin America. The upscaling of the workforce is aimed at supporting the company’s cloud computing services on the co... Read more

Google's Stream transfer can now move multimedia across rooms

Google Assistant and smart home devices recently got a new feature that allows it to take your music and videos with you as you walk into different rooms at your home. Google refers to this as &ldquo... Read more

New Look for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides on Android

Google has redesigned its Docs, Slides, and Sheets app on Android that gives them a close resemblance to the company’s G Suite app. There’s no change in the functionality of these apps but... Read more

Google Chrome about to block insecure content in HTTPS pages

For the past decade, Google was a huge HTTPS proponent and has successfully pushed it to the next level. But now Chrome is enhancing its security operations by blocking the mixed content. According to... Read more

Google announces that it is going to help in IT training

At a roundtable event, Google announced that it will sign the Pledge to American Workers. The pledge is the White House’s initiative to expand awareness and education to create 250,000 training ... Read more

Chrome has Google Duplex That Now Lets You Buy Movie Tickets

Google first revealed about Duplex in I/O conference at the beginning of this year and had demonstrated its capability to book restaurants or services. Now the company is further expanding its service... Read more

Google Faces Anti-Trust Scrutiny For DNS-over-HTTPS Protocol

Google’s latest plan to introduce a new internet protocol is being investigated by the congressional antitrust investigators. This move by the congressional committee was motivated because it i... Read more

Quantum Supremacy Achieved: Google

Google comes first in the quantum race by achieving the quantum supremacy, or at least Google thinks they have come farther than most. According to reports, the news was first published in NASA&rsquo... Read more

Google announces $3 billion in investments for Europe

Google has announced 3 billion euros ($3.3 billion) in investments for Europe over the next 2 years. This investment will see Google work with European countries to augment the continent’s digit... Read more

Google calendars found leaking data

An Indian cybersecurity expert, Avinash Jain, recently discovered that Google’s calendar service may be exposing sensitive data of users online. According to his findings, thousands of Google C... Read more

Google absorbs DeepMind's health team

DeepMind’s AI research and mobile tools has worked on a few of the most important problems in healthcare. But now, DeepMind’s health division is joining Google. This means that the company... Read more

Google search now reveals key moments in video

Google continues to be the source where information is readily available and the company has strived to optimize information as much as possible. From now on, Google will highlight the key moments in... Read more

Not Up-to The Mark: Google Pixel 4's Leaks Disappointing

Google is about to release its latest set of Pixel phones and there have been a few leaks regarding it in the past few weeks. The latest reveals don’t show much promise in comparison to the othe... Read more

Google Stepping Up the AR Platform

Google is expanding the use of shared AR experiences with the help of persistent cloud anchors that lasts for an indefinite time on any surface. This process is done with the help of Mark AR, a social... Read more

Original News First, Google Alters Search Algorithm

Another wave of change in Google search algorithm will now prioritize original news. This means that articles which deliver major news will now get a prime spot in the search results page for a longer... Read more

Google Chrome Tries a New Feature to Keep Screens Awake

Have you ever felt disturbed when a screen shuts down while you’re reading an e-book or navigating? Google developers are looking forward to include a new feature that will enable a web applicat... Read more

Google Announces DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) Trials In Chrome

With the onset of Chrome v78, there are lots of changes coming up and the latest news that Google has come up with is about DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) protocol in the browser which is expected to release by... Read more

Google under Scrutiny: Antitrust Probe from 50 States

The word ‘monopoly’ has been circulating in the Silicon Valley for a while and the company that’s been called out lately for it is Google. Anew antitrust investigation into Google is... Read more

Tile updates Google Assistant integration to be on par with Apple

Tile focuses on devices that are used to locate personal belongings through a mobile app. Recently,they made a minor update in Google Assistant. The latest update will allow the Google Assistant to ri... Read more

Authorities to Slam Alexa and Google Assistant over Privacy Issue

The US Federal Trade Commission has slammed a record fine of $170million on YouTube for violating privacy laws for children below the age of 13. Authorities are tightening their grip on these giants a... Read more

Google's Project Zero found a Major Vulnerability in iOS

Google’s Project Zero security researchers recently discovered a number of hacked websites that inserted malware onto people’s iPhone for years, if they visited one of these sites. Once us... Read more

Google and Dell to take out Microsoft with Chromebook laptops

Microsoft has enjoyed unparalleled victories in the field of enterprise computing for many years now, but with the trend of modernization rising in every field, businesses now are always looking for s... Read more

No More Sweets Says Google: Android 10 to Be the Official Name

Google’s long standing tradition of naming mobile OS versions after sweets, which started with cupcake now ends with Android Pie. The latest version will just be named as Android 10, after brea... Read more

Google Photos now enables you to search for text in pictures

Google rolls out yet another AI feature for its Lens platform, which lets you search for text in your entire Google Photos library that you’ve either shot or uploaded. It also lets you copy and ... Read more

Google to set up new standards with its Privacy Sandbox

Google has finally decided to redefine its privacy policies, with its brand new Privacy Sandbox, which benefits the publisher by targeting our interests, while also securing user privacy by not reveal... Read more

Google Go now available worldwide

The lightweight search app from Google, Google Go, was available in a limited number of countries until now. But Google has launched the search app for wider usage. Primarily designed to be used in c... Read more

Huawei to battle with Google maps with its own mapping tech

Huawei has yet again made it to the headlines by building its own mapping technology named Map Kit. But this move isn’t exactly aimed towards helping customers navigate; rather it is to give the... Read more

Is Alexa catching up with Google assistant?

The fight between the three mobile based assistants has been continuing for a long time and the Google assistant has taken the cup home by acing in four out of the five tests. In a recent test conduct... Read more

Google declared of procuring Socratic, a homework helper app

Google announced of procuring Socratic, a homework helper app and the company also detailed about added support for the firm’s AI technology and its reactivation on iOS. Google did not talk any... Read more

Google lets you use fingerprint to unlock some its services

Google has rolled out a new feature that lets Android users unlock some of its services through Chrome by using their fingerprints. The feature is now available from some Android phones. The new feat... Read more

DXC announces partnership with Google Cloud

DXC had recently announced its quarterly results which were not very positive. The company had reported of a yet another losing quarter as its revenue came in at $4.89 billion which was over 7% lower ... Read more

Google rolls out a new feature for Google Maps- ‘Live View'

Google is introducing walking directions feature to its Google Maps. It is available to Android devices that support system-level for AR and to iOS devices that are compatible with ARKit. Previously,... Read more

Google to pause listening to EU voice recordings

According to the reports, Google will temporarily pause listening to voice recordings in the EU during the investigating period. From the past few months, Google’s voice assistant service is fac... Read more

Apple joins Facebook and Google in data-sharing project

According to the reports, Apple has joined Facebook, Google and Twitter in the data-sharing project. The data transfer project is an initiative launched in 2018 and aims to make it easier for the peop... Read more

Google announces a cloud partnership with VMware

Google and VMware are teaming up to make it easier for enterprises to run their VMware workloads on the Google Cloud. The formal announcement of the partnership is expected later today. The partnersh... Read more

The new FCC filing is likely to be Google's Pixelbook 2

The US Federal Communications Commission’s new filing is expected to be the Google’s next laptop Pixelbook 2. Google, the search engine giant has already confirmed that a Pixelbook 2 is on... Read more

Google to monitor the battery life of wireless earbuds

Google, a giant search engine is now aiming at easy monitoring of the battery life of wireless earbuds in Android, with the next big update to its Bluetooth Fast Pair feature. Google will now add a n... Read more

Google Pixel 4's leaked images show large forehead bezel

Recently, Google’s forthcoming Pixel 4 smartphone is much in news due to a new set of leaked images which shows off its amazing large forehead bezel display. Ice universe on Twitter leaked the ... Read more

Tinder is bypassing the Play Store payments to avoid Google's Tax

Tinder, a dating app, which was owned by Match Group, has now launched a new payment process that bypasses the Play Store payments on Android devices to avoid the Google’s 30 percent tax cut. Ti... Read more

Google Maps to show bike sharing stations and availability of bikes

Google Maps will now show you the location of bike sharing stations and the availability of their bikes. The new bikesharing software is available on both Android and iOS. This new integration was ma... Read more

Google Bans Chinese App Developer CooTek from its Ad Platforms

Google, a giant search engine company has banned a major Chinese app developer CooTek from the Play Store and its Ad platforms for violating its advertising policies. CooTek is Shanghai-based and is ... Read more

Google to update its Privacy Policy regarding Voice Data leaks

Earlier a report from the Belgian public broadcaster VRT NWS revealed that more than 1,000 sound recordings of customer conversations with the Google Assistant were leaked by some of the Google contra... Read more

Google Home device is listening to your conversations: report

A report from Belgian broadcaster VRT News has highlighted the ongoing privacy/security debate about what the voice assistants, smart speakers and other devices with microphones are doing in the backg... Read more

Google pumping in $600 million into its infrastructure in Nevada

Google has announced that it will invest as much as $600 million to expand its footprint in the southwestern U.S. The investment announced concentrates on the state of Nevada where the search giant wi... Read more

Alphabet's Chronicle has been absorbed by Google Cloud

Google Cloud has announced that Alphabet’s enterprise security company, Chronicle, is joining Google Cloud. With Chronicle joining Google Cloud, the latter will have a great security portfolio w... Read more

Get Google Drive's offline storage mode on Chrome

Have you experienced that moment when you’re on the road and you need to access a file from cloud storage, but with slow internet connections, you simply can’t? Cloud computing offers you ... Read more

Google to bring more data centers to Netherlands

Google has announced that it is going to invest $1.1 billion more in the Netherlands to bring up more data centers. It is believed that a new facility will be coming to Agriport and an existing site w... Read more

Google invests $1 billion for homes in San Francisco

The housing and rent rates in and around the bay area have been inflating in a big way for the past few years. This has irked the local activists in the bay area for at least as long. Their voices aga... Read more

Google pulls a stunt by 'leaking' Pixel 4 pictures on Twitter

You know how generally things work. There’s always a leak about a new gadget on social media platforms and later, the manufacturers confirm the device. This time, Google pulls a twist to this by... Read more

Google says banning Huawei may put national security at risk

Google has warned the Trump administration of the downsides of banning the Chinese tech giant Huawei in the country according to reports by Financial Times. By raising concern, Google now joins Qualco... Read more

Google's Stadia is coming this November

Google has announced that its cloud gaming platform, Stadia, will drop this November. The gaming platform promises to revolutionise the gaming industry and has created a great deal of excitement all o... Read more

Data Analytics company Looker is being acquired by Google

Every company today is trying to transform itself digitally. Bigger companies are at it on a routine basis. To extend its business analytics offering, Google has announced that it will be acquiring th... Read more

Google outage dampens many web services, including YouTube

Many web services including Snapchat, Gmail, YouTube, Nest, and others underwent a severe outage in the US. It all started with Google’s Cloud service which was the root cause of the outage. Goo... Read more

Google is reforming privacy limit on Chrome extensions

As a consideration for user’s privacy, Google is adding certain restrictions on Chrome extensions. This means that all the browser extensions will require the consent and permission of the user,... Read more

Google to invest $670 million for a data center in Finland

Google has announced that it plans to invest as much as $670 million for a new data center in Hamina, Finland. Hamina already hosts a data center by the industry giant. The company had previously inve... Read more

Food comes home on Google “without” a delivery app

Google’s new initiative allows you to say goodbye to delivery apps. You can now order your food directly from Google Maps or Search or even from Google Assistant. Although you order directly fro... Read more

Citrix Workspace is coming to Google Cloud

Citrix has announced its plans of extending Citrix Workspace to Google Cloud. This will help the company efficiently deliver apps to Google devices and operating systems. The move is aimed at creatin... Read more

Unencrypted passwords for 14 years land Google in soup

Here’s a difficult day for Google. It disclosed that there were passwords stored in plain text for nearly fourteen years. Google says that the flaw was caused by a bug that has been around since... Read more

Google using AI to predict lung cancer

Google has been exploring the application of artificial intelligence to solve several issues in healthcare. Recently, the company disclosed its new research that showed how AI can help predict lung ca... Read more

Huawei forced to open source after Google curbs Android license

The US crackdown on Huawei has taken a major turn of events as Google canceled the Android license for the company. This is one of the biggest blows for the company so far. Google was acting on the or... Read more

Google's Translatotron is AI infused to detect your tone

Google’s Translatotron is the latest system for the communication platform that’s infused with AI technology. The key giveaway with Translatotron is that the AI tech in the system is capab... Read more

Google issues free replacement for Bluetooth Titan Security Keys

Microsoft has found a vulnerability in Google’s Bluetooth Titan Security Keys. The issue seems to be very serious as Google announced it would replace the keys for free. A misconfiguration was f... Read more

Google wants to redefine reading with Rivet app

Google’s workshop for experimental projects, Area 120, has released a new app aimed at raising the practice of reading among kids. Google believes that the app can help bridge the gap between po... Read more

Expect more advertisements to hit Google

New types of advertisements are coming to Google, the company announced. So, be prepared to be interrupted while searching or using any other mobile products from Google. Also, when you open the Disco... Read more

Google Cloud announces a new region for Japan

Japan is one of the best markets for Google Cloud. The growing customer base in the Asian country has now prompted Google Cloud to launch a new region at Osaka. The new region will help augment the gr... Read more

Say Hey Google on Sonos smart speakers soon

It here, it’s finally here! It feels like it’s been ages since Google Assistant was rolled out as beta testing on Sonos speakers. And now, Sonos is launching the voice assistant on all its... Read more

Ecobee contact sensor rivals Amazon Ring and Google Nest

In the current market, Ecobee makes some of the best smart thermostats. But just like every other company today, Ecobee is looking to mark a bigger presence in the home IoT market. It’s been dis... Read more

Google Pixel 3a-series specifics divulged

Technology giant and search engine Google has announced of releasing Pixel 3a-series at its annual developer conference- Google I/O 2019. Google 3a has a 5.6-inch screen and Google 3a XL has a 6... Read more

Google TPU pods now come with over 1,000 TPUs

Google Cloud has debuted its new public beta for Cloud TPU v2 Pods and Cloud TPU v3 Pods. The new TPU Pods are equipped with more than 1,000 custom TPUs. Google’s brainchild Tensor Processing U... Read more

Google's new tool can track your whereabouts and web activity

Google introduces a new tool that can track the locations you have been to and your web activity. Not to worry! The information will not be stored for long; it will be deleted after a period of time. ... Read more

Google unveils CallJoy, a virtual customer agent for SMBs

Until now, only large organizations have been able to use customer service to cater to customer queries. In an effort to help small businesses with this, Google has launched a new virtual customer pho... Read more

Google Cloud welcomes Robert Enslin onboard

Google Cloud has announced Robert Enslin as the new President of Google Cloud Customer Operations. The cloud veteran had earlier this month announced his exit from SAP where he worked for more than tw... Read more

Google+ gets a replacement with the Currents app

Yes, Google+ is gone now. If you are missing the platform, worry not- Google has released a new app called Currents for G Suite users. When compared with Google+, Currents certainly has a fresh look a... Read more

Google Cloud Code will make developing cloud-native apps simpler

Google Cloud Next conference is in the full swing in the city of San Francisco and the cloud arm of Google has made some promising announcements. Amongst many of these was the Cloud Code, which aims t... Read more

Pixel 3a coming soon; Google confirms

Google itself has confirmed- twice in two weeks, about a new product: the rumored lite version of the Pixel 3. Officially called as Pixel 3a, Google showcased it in its Store page. Now, although Googl... Read more

A week after creating the AI ethics board, Google dissolves it

It’s been just a week since Google launched the Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC), an external advisory board designed to monitor AI applications. But it was a week of contro... Read more

The final bye-bye for Google+ begins

The final stage of Google+ is here. Unable to compete with Facebook, Twitter, etc., the final stage of Google+ is here as Google begins deleting all consumer data. “90 percent of Google+ user se... Read more

Walmart and Google Assistant partner to rival Amazon and Alexa

The rivalry between the two retail giants- Walmart and Amazon- has been viral over the past years. Both of them keep coming up with new ways to take on the competitor. Today, it’s Walmart who&rs... Read more

Google releases its annual security report

Google has released its fifth annual security and privacy report. The report shows that the potential harmful apps (PHA) from Google Play have increased from 0.02 percent to 0.04 percent in 2018. Des... Read more

Google launches an external panel to monitor unethical AI use

Google launched a global advisory council to monitor and regulate Google and other companies using AI so that they may not violate the ethical principles the tech giant had laid out last summer. Goog... Read more

Google assures its ‘commitment to work with the US government'

The US President and the CEO of Google met up to discuss contracts and partnerships with the government. And the meeting ended very well, President Trump tweeted. “He [Pichai] stated strongly th... Read more

Google announces more engaging and actionable email experiences

Google is bringing dynamic, web-page like experiences for emails. The company announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Email “so that emails can be formatted and sent as AMP documents”... Read more

Google is fined again by EU for violations in online-ads market

Google is getting slammed again by the European Union over antitrust violations in the online advertising market. The tech giant was fined with 1.5 billion Euros, and it is the third time since its co... Read more

Check out the Google Game Controller for Stadia streaming service

Earlier, Google had filed a patent for its upcoming game controller and revealed the possibilities of launching a game streaming service. And now, at the Game Developer’s Conference, Google has ... Read more

Google officially announces its Stadia Cloud gaming service

The highly anticipated launch of Google’s cloud game streaming service has finally happened. At the Game Developers Conference (GDC), it was Sundar Pichai himself helming the launch. He introduc... Read more

As Google+ shuts down, the Internet Archive tries to preserve it

Google is already on works to delete the data from Google+ and at the same time, the Internet Archive and the ArchiveTeam are also working to preserve public posts on the social networking platform be... Read more

Folding screen craze hits Google too

The folding phone is certainly going to be the next big thing in the tech world. And Google certainly doesn’t want to be left behind in the race. Google recently filed a patent that shows its in... Read more

Google releases Android Q developer beta for ‘all' Pixel users

Google releases Android Q developer beta – which basically includes “a preview SDK for developers with system images for all Pixel phones and the official Android Emulator.” This is ... Read more

Google Lookout- a special app for visually impaired

Google had announced that it was working on a new app for visually impaired people last year. Named as Lookout, it infuses AI to identify objects through the phone’s camera. The app is finally h... Read more

Google quietly adds privacy-focused DuckDuckGo to Chrome

The most recent version of Chrome will grant users the ability to switch between search engines, and the updated list includes the more privacy-friendly DuckDuckGo search engine. The latest Chrome 73 ... Read more

Google introduces faster voice typing for Pixel phones

Google announces an “end-to-end, all-neural, on-device speech recognizer” for all Pixel phones. Gboard, Google’s cross-platform virtual keyboard app, end-to-end recognizer to power A... Read more

Possible new game controller from Google

Powered with Chromecast, it was rumored that Google is diving into the world of game streaming. Now, researchers have discovered a new patent filed by Google that pictures a new game controller on whi... Read more

There's a zero-day exploit in Windows 7- Google reports

Google has reported a zero-day vulnerability that’s primarily found in Microsoft’s Windows 7 version. Revealed in a blog post yesterday, Google said that the Windows 7 vulnerability was fo... Read more

New Google Glass – wearable with mid-tier smartphone capabilities

Google Glass is getting ready for a fresh release, an upgraded model for enterprise users, reports reveal. Leaked photos of the second-gen model of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition are starting to ... Read more

Google Cloud will come with a fixed monthly pricing now

Google Cloud is finally launching a storage plan that has fixed monthly pricing for a year. The pricing plan will give enterprises a heads up for budgeting purposes. The Storage Growth Plan needs you... Read more

Bug on Google Photos expose user accounts on Android TV

You won’t be able to share Google Photos on Android TV for a while now, as a bug was discovered and hundreds of user accounts were exposed to other users. So till the bug issue is cleaned up, us... Read more

Google Project Zero team reveals macOS bug

The Google Project Zero team has uncovered a crucial bug in the macOS kernel which could grant hackers access to users’ computer without their knowledge. Google has called the bug a “high ... Read more

Samsung may be offering its foldable tech to Apple and Google

According to some media reports, Samsung has sent samples of its foldable tech to Apple and Google. These reports say that these samples measure 7.2 inches, “just 0.1 inches smaller than the mai... Read more

Google Maps show Lime scooters and bikes in more cities

Google had previously launched a feature in an alliance with Lime- the bike and scooter rental startup, with an agenda to push electric bikes. The new feature from Google allowed users to use Google M... Read more

Google Assistant can be accessed via buttons in the near future

New phones from manufacturers like LG, Nokia, Xiaomi, TCL and Vivo will have dedicated buttons for the Google Assistant, Google confirmed at the Mobile World Congress 2019. Google Assistant, which tra... Read more

Google Cloud's Speech APIs get cheaper and also smarter

Google has some good news for all Google Cloud Platform (GCP) users using the suite’s artificially intelligent (AI) text-to-speech or speech-to-text services. Google’s new updates to Cloud... Read more

Bad AI can harm our brands say Google and Microsoft

Artificial Intelligence is not just about the future, but an important part of the present. Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are taking giant strides when it comes to AI by enhancing their existi... Read more

Google intent on buying Alooma

The cloud migration company Alooma seems to be on Google’s radar. The industry giant has announced that it is keen on acquiring Alooma because of its leading position as a data migration company... Read more

Google to invest $13 billion in the US this year

Google’s investment across the U.S is increasing by roughly $4 billion this year. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO has announced in a blog that the IT services giant is ready to recruit more pe... Read more

Google takes on AWS and Azure with more salespeople

As Google races in the competition against Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, it’s planning to hire more people for its cloud computing. Google’s new head of computing business, Thom... Read more

Google tests AR-feature to help people better navigate using Maps

A new AR feature for Google Maps, which Google showed off at the I/O Developer’s Conference last year, will soon be available to “a few Local Guides” for testing. The new functionali... Read more

Google grants less-powerful Android devices with security that encryption offers

Adiantum is Google’s new mode of storage encryption for low-power devices like Android Go phones, smartwatches, and so on. Because budget devices like these use less expensive SoCs that lack the... Read more

Google rolled out Chrome extension to protect passwords

We are always worried about our passwords being misused and widely spread across different websites. Google will now alert people if their passwords are stolen, it created a new Password Checkup tool ... Read more

Micro workers will train Google's Project Maven AI

New reports note that Google has been up and hiring for its controversial AI program: Project Maven, built for the defense forces in partnership with Pentagon. Economic workers are reportedly hired th... Read more

Google's two new accessibility features help those hard of hearing

Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier are the two new accessibility software features announced by Google. These have been specifically made for the Android users who are hard of hearing or deaf. The fe... Read more

Nest Guard security systems to get a Google Assistant makeover

Google’s $400 Nest Secure home security system had a hidden potential that is finally put to use by the company via an update. The company plans to roll out an over-the-air update for your Nest ... Read more

Google removes malicious apps from the Play Store

Google has been cracking down on malicious apps since 2017, culling these apps in heaps. The company has now pulled down as many as 29 camera and photo apps from the Play Store. Three of the apps amon... Read more

Apple blocks Google from distributing its internal iOS apps

Apple has taken a stern decision to block Google from distributing its internal iOS apps. Google had earlier disabled the Screenwise Meter app, which was developed to monitor how people use their iPho... Read more

Google's Cloud Firestore takes full advantage of its powerful Cloud infrastructure

Google announces a fast, fully managed, serverless, cloud-native NoSQL document database, called Cloud Firestore, to simplify storing, syncing, and querying data for your mobile, web, and IoT apps at ... Read more

Google withdraws its iOS app following Facebook's recent stunt with Apple

Google just blocked one of its iOS apps, after it was revealed that the app collected extensive data on users to study their digital habits. The iOS version of the Screenwise Meter app violated Apple&... Read more

Google asks the Court to intervene in its battle with Oracle

In its infamous dispute with Oracle, Google is inviting the Supreme Court to determine the boundaries of copyright law in software code. Google-Oracle fight dates back to 2010 when the latter accused ... Read more

Search and Maps are added to Google's My Business App

My Business app started by Google in 2014 is a free tool that helps in businesses visibility across Google. It will provide a tool that can update your organization profile, create a website and conne... Read more

Google fined by France for ‘interpreting the GDPR laws differently'

Google happens to be the first tech giant to fall foul of the strict GDPR regulations. As a result of which it was fined a whopping €50 million fine (around $56.8 million USD) by France’s d... Read more

Fossil to give away some of its intellectual property to Google

Google and Fossil announced a $40 million deal in which the tech giant will be given access to some of Fossil’s smartwatch technology and also the brains behind it. As per the contract, Fossil i... Read more

Google Maps is exploited by third-party service providers!

An antivirus maker ESET and a security researcher collaboratively found that approximately 19 Android applications who are GPS providers do nothing but display advertisements above Google Maps page. L... Read more

Nvidia T4 GPU comes to Google Cloud

Google Cloud had made the announcement late last year that the Google Cloud Platform is the first major cloud vendor to offer Nvidia’s T4. Now, the T4 GPU instances have been announced for Brazi... Read more

Google's mobile OS – Android Q, is getting darker and flexible

XDA Developers revealed what an early version of Android’s next big update – Android Q – looks like. In the upcoming software, we’ll see a system-wide “Dark Mode” a... Read more

Project Alias: The parasite-like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant hack

Alias is an always-listening speaker that shuts down Amazon Alexa and Google Home during your private conversations. The open-source ‘teachable’ parasite can be trained to take control of ... Read more

Google Fi is the next platform ready for RCS Chat

After Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, the Google Fi networking platform is all set to welcome RCS Chat, Google announced. Being a primary player for boosting the change to SMS, Google has finally joine... Read more

Google Translate aides Wikipedia to access more languages

Making knowledge accessible to everyone in the world is the main ambition behind Wikipedia. But with so many languages, reaching out to the people has been quite a difficult task. That’s why the Wik... Read more

Google's new feature makes your search history more accessible and useful

For those of you who are hoping to retrace your steps or discover new or related ideas to your previous “search” topics, Google is launching ‘activity cards’. These activity c... Read more

Google Chrome is going to filter ads

Google has been taking concrete steps towards removing certain aspects of browsing that puts users at risk of diminishing good experience online. Last year, Chrome introduced ad filtering feature on s... Read more

Samsung TVs in 2019 will have Google Assistant and Alexa

Samsung’s QLED TV screens have become quite popular. The popularity charts are going to be in favor of Samsung in 2019 as well, as it opens up its TV lineup to other voice assistants, like Googl... Read more

Android apps to run in Google's Fuchsia

Google’s Fuchsia is one of the most awaited OS of recent times. Although we can be sure that Fuchsia is not replacing Android in the next two years. We have had doubts about what would become of... Read more

Artificial Intelligence can be ‘everywhere' in 2019; Example – Google

Artificial Intelligence (AI) features prominently in predictions for 2019 according to many recent surveys by technologists. Expect to see more, not less, of AI in the coming year – more than ju... Read more

Google's Project Soli gets the nod from US regulators

In a waiver, the FCC has agreed to let Google operate Soli sensors at higher power levels than currently allowed. The approval from the regulators is huge as it will now help Google explore its Projec... Read more

Google wins dismissal of a 2016 lawsuit over facial recognition technology

The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act has long been a huge obstacle for many tech companies – especially for Google, Snapchat and Facebook – working on facial recognition initiati... Read more

Make doodles with Google Chrome Canvas

Here comes a web app from Google called Chrome Canvas where you can make doodles. The doodles you make will be saved to your Google account through Chrome Unboxed. Accessing the web app is easy and do... Read more

Google to develop a security feature for Chrome OS

Chrome OS, an operating system designed by Google, recently got Dev Channel Update to fix bugs and provide security updates. Google now made an announcement of rolling out a new security feature to Ch... Read more

Nearly a billion things can be recognized by Google Lens

The powerful AI camera tool from Google: Lens can recognize a lot of things now, nearly a billion things, Google announced in a new blog post. Launched last year, the Google Lens is a powerful combina... Read more

Google halts Dragonfly following internal rifts over the controversial project

Google was forced to shut down a data collection system that was key to develop the search project code-named Dragonfly. After receiving complaints from the company’s privacy staff, teams worki... Read more

Google+ to shut down sooner

Google has revealed that it has discovered yet another bug in its Google+ API that may have impacted approximately 52.5 million users. The company said that the discovery of the new bug changes its op... Read more

Levi's smart jacket with Google has some new notifications features

A Google and Levi’s partnership had brought out the Jacquard smart jacket that was released a year ago. Now, there’s a new upgrade for the jacket that’s got to do with notifications.... Read more

A new cheaper Google Pixel phone will be out early next year? Possibly!

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL phones by Google this year were quite well received, despite the few glitches. But here comes the news that Google is already set to produce two more phones that could hit the pop... Read more

Google will offer a new platform for journalists

Google is known for making innovations, for which today’s news is the perfect example. Google, one of the top web browsers want to create a new platform to address the needs of news industry wit... Read more

Microsoft makes Google Chrome run better on Windows

Whenever you install Chrome on your Windows OS, Microsoft surely pops up notifications and warnings to steer you clear from installing the web browser. But things are certainly changing now as Microso... Read more

Google pulls the plug on Allo

It’s time to bid adieu to Google’s Allo as the company decides to pull the plug on its messaging app. Allo adds to another failed experiment on messaging software by Google. In fact, Googl... Read more

Google's cell phone service ‘Google Fi' finally supports iPhones

Google’s cheap and simple cell phone service, called Google Fi, will now work with a broader selection of devices, including iPhones. Google Fi (formerly known as Project Fi) is a mobile virtua... Read more

Will Apple counter Google Chromecast and Amazon with its low priced dongle?

It is in the rounds that Apple will be releasing a low-cost TV dongle which will be unlike Amazon, Google, and Roku. The idea of the release is apparently for the upcoming Apple’s video streamin... Read more

Google announces support to the EU during parliamentary elections

In an attempt to crack down on “dark adverts” and to help ensure political transparency, Google announced plans to launch a set of tools ahead of European Parliament Election next May. Goo... Read more

Walk an infinite distance in VR using Google's imagined “motorized footwear”

Google is trying to expand its VR range by patenting a design for special footwear, which it calls the “motorized footwear”. The VR footwear which looks like a pair of skates with treads i... Read more

Portrait Depth Editing comes to iOS from Google Photos

A month ago, a depth editing feature for portraits was added for Google Photos on Android. Now, the feature has been extended to iOS as well. So, if you’ve taken any portrait images, you can edi... Read more

Once upon a time Oracle's adept will head Google cloud

Thomas Kurian who previously worked as Oracle product chief will be heading cloud division at Google. He will be replacing Diane Greene as mentioned in a blog post. It has been three years since Green... Read more

Google Maps has just become yet another messaging app

Google Maps has seen a slew of updates since the company’s I/O 2018. This time it is adding a business messaging feature called Google My Business for both Android and iOS users. The feature wa... Read more

Google's Project Fi will now come with VPN

Google announced its enhanced network yesterday. Google’s Project Fi will now offer VPN to all its users in beta. The problem with Project Fi was that Google was using T-Mobile’s and Sprin... Read more

Google to help DeepMind develop an AI assistant' to monitor patients

Healthcare unit of the London-based AI lab DeepMind – DeepMind Health – is being handed over to Google. DeepMind Health will now sit under Google Health headed by David Feinberg who is tas... Read more

Twitter's latest Bitcoin scam takes a toll on Google G Suite account

The past few weeks have been a hot spot for bitcoin scams surging on the Twitter platform. The latest victim of this scam is Google’s official G Suite account on Twitter. The cybersecurity plagu... Read more

Google welcomes a new member to its family

Feinberg is stepping down from his role as CEO and president of Geisinger Health. Geisinger is an integrated healthcare system which comprises of 13 hospitals campuses, two research centers and school... Read more

There's more work to be done, says Google employees to Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded to some of the demands put forth by the organizers of the massive Google walkout. Pichai emailed employees a plan to get rid of forced arbitration in cases involving... Read more

NYT seek Google's help to digitize and sort historical photos

The New York Times is digitizing up to 7 million hard copies of historical photos that fortunately survived the flood in 2015 and are vulnerable to deterioration. The newspaper is collaborating with G... Read more

Google's Files Go gets a new name as its success soars

Google has witnessed immense success with its Files Go, an app with limited storage for keeping files on mobiles. Now, the company has decided to rename the app to Files by Google. It doesn’t ma... Read more

Google's Android Dev Summit is a treat to developers like always

Google’s 2018 Android Developers Summit – started a while back – was kicked off by announcing the mobile operating software’s successes in the past year. The company announced ... Read more

Google's new update to fix Pixel 3's RAM management

The memory management issue on Google’s Pixel 3 and 3 XL has come to the attention of the company. Unexpected app crashes and other problems with the RAM were prevailing. Finally, Google has com... Read more

Google employees' worldwide walkout; set an example in the tech industry

At least 20,000 Google employees and contractors participated in the mass global walkout last Thursday to protest the way the company handles sexual harassment. Meaning, employees poured from offices ... Read more

Google Discover launches in the U.S. replacing the iconic Google homepage

As Google announced last month, on its 20th anniversary, Google’s Discover has made its way to Google’s US homepage on mobile. Google Discover brings a card-based news feed onto the most t... Read more

Google launches its $25 million “Google AI Impact Challenge”

Google has been working on creating a positive impact in this world through its lesser-known AI for Social Good. Through this programme the tech giant has been applying its AI resources to help the so... Read more

New subscription service for apps from Google?

Do you pay for certain apps? Or maybe you aren’t that keen on spending on them. Whatever the case, Google has a new offer for you: subscription service. Tech researchers have discovered code ref... Read more

Pichai speaks about Google's super-controversial project in China

Google is not having second thoughts about launching a censored version of its search engine in China, says Google CEO Sundar Pichai, about the controversial and secret project that received serious b... Read more

Google's software makes Pixel 3's screen rounder

The new Google Pixel 3 has some changes in its screen design, where the company is planning to make rounded corners for the device. Material Theme is leading the redesign of the smartphone. Material T... Read more

Google updates its compatibility agreements to comply with EC's Android decision

In the wake of the European Union regulations and a record-breaking antitrust fine that was imposed, Google has announced changes to the licensing model of its Android OS in Europe, and a fee for lice... Read more

Google Translate adds 13 new languages for easier translation

A few days from now, you can access your Google Translate app to visually translate new languages. That’s right, Google is adding 13 new languages to visual translate anything. It was back in 20... Read more

Google announces Cloud NAT to help simplify enterprise networking

Google’s Cloud NAT helps enterprise applications privately running on the cloud be inaccessible to the outside world. Cloud NAT will be able to do this by provisioning application instances with... Read more

Flaws of Google+ draw investigation from German regulatory body

It’s hardly been a day since Google announced the shutdown of Google+ and German data regulators are already behind the company to scrutinize the cybersecurity flaw. The investigation is being d... Read more

Google ends its ‘smart replies' by shutting down Reply

Remember that experimental app called Reply that was backed by Google? Well, Google is pulling the plug on that one saying that the “experiment has now ended.” Reply was an app that would ... Read more

The latest offering from Google: Pixel Slate

Google announced a whole bunch of new goodies and has reintroduced its tablet with a different OS. The new tab: Pixel Slate will be running on Chrome OS and not on Android. With the Chrome OS, the Pix... Read more

Google won't compete for the Pentagon's $10 billion JEDI project

Alphabet Inc.’s Google backs out of the race for the Pentagon’s cloud-computing contract saying that the project may conflict with its corporate values, especially the principles it has la... Read more

Google's upcoming Chrome 70 to block websites with old certifications

Chrome 70 is expected to drop soon and the browser will be blocking sites with old Symantec certificates. The company had said that with the new browser update Chrome will be blocking sites with old H... Read more

Google has its Facebook moment with the Google+ fiasco

Google has revealed that it had a security bug that had been letting third-party developers access its social media- Google+ profile data, for quite some time now. Trying to make amends, Google+ is be... Read more

Intra is Google's latest security app against state-sponsored censorship

Jigsaw introduces Intra – a new app that aims to protect users from DNS manipulation attacks. Jigsaw’s is Google’s cybersecurity subsidiary owned by parent company Alphabet. The app ... Read more

Google releases Voice Access app for hands-free control

Google introduces Voice Access – the new Android app that lets you control your Android devices with just your voice. With Voice Access you can use other apps, navigate the screen, write and edi... Read more

Google's new update to its travel portfolio is gripping

Google adds new software tools and features to its travel portfolio. Google search results on travel destinations will include some ‘extra’ information from now on – like suggestions... Read more

Google's AI will help India detect ‘impending' natural disasters

The U.S. tech giant Google will use AI to warn users in India about impending floods. Google announced its partnership with the Central Water Commission with intent to make predictions with the help o... Read more

Google's “Future of Search” was all AI and learning

Google’s press conference in San Francisco exclusively talked about the “Future of Search”. Here’s everything Google search engine will do from now on. homepage is ... Read more

Google and Apple do some things together

Google releases the updated Play Books app on iOS just hours after Apple launched iOS 12 with a revamped Apple iBooks app. The Play Books app did not receive a major update, but the new design will be... Read more

Google surprises Indian bloggers with Blog Compass in Google Play

Google launches Blog Compass app exclusively for Indian bloggers. Google’s offerings like Tez for payments, Neighborly for communities, Areo for food ordering, and others, shows it to be heavily... Read more

Google introduces Dataset Search for the scientific community

Google launches a new search engine for datasets called the Dataset Search. Google extends its support to the scientific community via the new search engine that allows them to discover data from tens... Read more

Google very keen on blocking unwanted ads!

Google the biggest digital marketing platform in this world is now taking a stand on filtering out all the fraudulent ads that feature on its website. Google will now implement strict measures to prev... Read more

Google rebuilds Wear OS to accommodate ‘all' recent improvements

The newer Wear OS watch from Google, to be unveiled soon, is getting a software update that will change everything. Starting from the swipes to a new UI and a more sophisticated-view of your notificat... Read more

Google's new Fit design is more relaxed with metrics and rings

Google rolls out a revamped Google Fit app for Android and for the Wear OS app. The new major change is the closing rings, just like in any other design including Apple. The new app with more relaxed ... Read more

Google's Datally saves data in ‘every way' possible

Google’s data tracking app ‘Datally’ which was launched for Android app users last year, will now include two extra features: Emergency bank and a Bedtime mode. In June, Google added... Read more

Google Assistant will now give you Good News

Ever had one of those days when you felt there’s only bad news hogging your feed? Well, Google Assistant will be brightening your day by helping you find some good news. Google Assistant users w... Read more

Microsoft's GLAS smart thermostat responds to Alexa and Google Assistant

The first smart thermostat from Microsoft, GLAS, powered by Johnson Controls, is now available to order for $319. The very first thermostat to feature Cortana integration is a sleek design with a touc... Read more

Google may open a flagship retail outlet in Chicago

Google has already tried to enter the retail space previously. This time it is reportedly getting a new place in the Fulton Market that will be 14,000 square feet in area. The location that is being r... Read more

Google One is Google Drive with cheaper storage plans

Google upgrades Google Drive to Google One with more options and more storage at lower prices. The beta version of Google One which was announced back in May introduces the final release with sweetene... Read more

Google's battle with Epic Games costs it a $50 million

Epic Games decision to bypass Google Play in favor of offering the Fortnite Battle Royal game through its own website will cost Google around $50 million this year in platform fees. The built-in-distr... Read more

Google's Android 9 is a ‘Pie' baked with many surprise ingredients

Android Pie is coming first to its Google Pixel users and to other Android devices by the end of this fall. The new Android 9’s software has more advanced features than what was expected, and on... Read more

Baidu will “win again” if Google returned to China, says Li

Over the last few days, posts and reports revealed Google’s plans to return to China with its censored apps and cloud services. This unsurprisingly had the search giant’s biggest rival, Ba... Read more

Google and China, efforts to rewrite a tale, but with censorship

Google is reportedly working on a new search, and news app to be released in China. The new apps will be censored to comply with the stricter Chinese laws. While the news app of Google uses algorithms... Read more

See the Earth as a Globe on Google Maps

Google Maps has released a new update where the Earth will be displayed like a globe and not a flat surface anymore. The update surely benefits to view locations more accurately with the new 3D Globe ... Read more

Google's Daydream VR headset is getting Chrome browser with cinema mode

Google is letting everyone browse the web in the privacy of virtual reality. Google infuses Chrome browser in its Daydream VR headset. This is the epitome of ‘private’ mode where you will ... Read more

Google builds AI chips, Edge TPU, for IoT and industries

Google unveils Edge TPUs (Tensor Processing Units), AI in chips for devices and products to process data more quickly. The chip’s initial use is in industrial manufacturing, and LG is already te... Read more

KPMG reaches out to Google Cloud to improve its services

KPMG, one of the biggest auditors of the world is joining up with Google to bring about a transformation in its contact centers and its customer service experience. KPMG is planning to integrate its I... Read more

Google's Blockchain Partnerships Will Strengthen its Cloud Services

Google announces its partnership with the Digital Asset, a New York-based Startup who develops tools to build blockchain apps. Digital Asset is the second blockchain company that Google collaborates w... Read more

Google's Fuchsia may replace Android in the Far Future

A bunch of engineers from Google has been quietly working on an Operating System that might be capable enough to replace the dominating mobile operating system, the Android. The Project Fuchsia is bei... Read more

Google Fined again by EU for Android Antitrust Abuse

Google, last year, was fined with a record-breaking $2.7 billion for manipulating the search results, by European Union (EU). But this time EU has accused the tech giant of violating the Android Antit... Read more

Google Cloud comes to LA

Google celebrated its Google Cloud launch in Los Angeles with their customers. They announced launch of new services to help the creators of online content to take advantage of the cloud that provides... Read more

“It simply makes life livable,” Google-Finlayson's Morse code infused Gboard

Earlier this year, Google partnered with Tania Finlayson, the developer, and expert in Morse code assistive technology, to introduce Morse code (code of dot and dash used to spell out words by the inc... Read more

Sergey Brin thinks Google missed the Blockchain bus

Sergey Brin, Co-founder of Google and Alphabet president has conceded that Google missed out on adopting the technology of Blockchain. “We probably already failed to be on the bleeding edge, I'... Read more

Google releases Jib, a tool to improve java application in softwares

Google has released a new tool called Jib, which is an open source tool that will help developers create the Java containers with ease. On the Google blog, Jib is described as a container image builde... Read more

Google Android P will help you use your phone less

Google’s new Android update Android P will include features that will help you use your phone less. Android P, which will be out later this year will have a new dashboard which will reveal ... Read more

Google Inbox for iPhone X gets an update

Google’s Inbox in iPhone X finally got an update. The 144MB update is available for free download on the App Store. The update has come roughly nine months after iPhone X hit the market. Google ... Read more

Google's Duplex is “Artificial Voice” Assistant – Can Irrupt to Call Centers

Google’s voice-calling assistant “Duplex” is Artificial Intelligence that mimics the human voice. The new technology was introduced and demonstrated by CEO Sundar Pichai, back in May... Read more

Google releases Android P Beta 3

Google has released Android P Beta 3 a month after it came out with the Beta 2. Although still unnamed, Beta 3 is very close to the finished version. “With the developer APIs already finalized ... Read more

Google Admits that Third-Party Apps has Access to User Emails

Third-party app developers can read emails of millions of Gmail users, confirms a report. Gmail’s access settings allow these data companies to gain access to almost all information of every Gma... Read more

Google Will Not Support the Development of AI in Weaponry, Pichai

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, on Thursday revealed the company’s plan to set new ethical guidelines for how the tech-giant should work in an age of actively thriving AI. With the increase in... Read more

Gmail Re-painted: Google's Attempt to Include “Convenience”

Google officially announces to move its existing Gmail users to a redesigned email cloud-the New Gmail. The new version is expected to release in July, mainly aiming the G-suite accounts. The new fea... Read more

Google's ‘Reserve' Makes Search Simplified, Helps Businesses Grow

Google with its new appointment-booking-tool called the Reserve is bringing in change to the search activity. The service ‘Reserve with Google’ is drawing thousands of customers worldwide ... Read more

Look up the Google Lens on Sony Xperia!

Google Lens is expanding its way across more platforms and native camera apps. The latest platform to imbibe Lens is Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact. And all you need to do is update the Google app on... Read more

Changing an event on Google Calendar? Add a note about it

A new and useful feature to Google Calendar where users can add notes when they make changes. This means that if you either add a new event or change an existing one, a new dialog box pops up. Here, y... Read more

AT&T will conjoin Google to connect customers to cloud

AT&T Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate and number one telecommunications company. The firm is collaborating with Google to build a strong cloud services portfolio. This becomes a safe... Read more

Welcome to Google's Hangouts Meet

A new announcement from Google indicated that all the G Suite users who use Hangouts video chat will be moved to Hangouts Meet, which is the more enterprise-ready version of Hangouts. In about a month... Read more

Google ARCore is available in China

The Google ARCore is largely responsible for making augmented reality widely available to Android users across the globe. But of course, you’ll need the Play Store to get the updates for the ARC... Read more

Google and Microsoft join hands to unfold Speculative Store Bypass

Two tech giants Microsoft and Google are joining hands reveal a new CPU cybersecurity vulnerability where its characteristics are very similar to the Meltdown and Spectre flaws. It’s called the ... Read more

Google triumphs for HTTPS in Chrome 69

Google and other likeminded businesses like Mozilla have been using HTTPS to address security flaws in-built HTTP. Now if you are visiting the pages which contain HTTPS chrome will exhibit small tag b... Read more

Google pushes its big data analytics with Cask Data

In order to give its cloud business a big boost, Google has acquired Cask Data, a startup based in Palo Alto. Cask Data specializes in big data analytics solutions that are based on Hadoop. The financ... Read more

What are the directions to use Google Pay?

These days Google is quite busy updating the Google Pay app for desktops. Google Pay has been supportive to many major markets, department stores, and gas stations. Via Google Pay, you can make payme... Read more

Google resolves the biggest problem of U.S. Political websites

This month Tennessee voters went to the polls in the primary elections. The results were reported and there was a big shocker; a massive gush of traffic hit a Knox County website which was offline for... Read more

Cheaper storage plans from Google

Users can expect cheaper storage plans from Google. The tech giant is slashing the price by half, for its 2 TB storage feature. Also, Google is upgrading and converting all the paid storage plans... Read more

Whirlpool dishwasher gets enhancements from Google Assistant

Google Assistant came with another enhancement for Whirlpool dishwasher. Whirlpool already has features from Google Assistant but that is not enough. New features include more concise functional Googl... Read more

Google Maps overreached directions

Google made an announcement of rolling out a new version of Google Maps which is likely to launch later this summer. A new set of features is introduced to Google Maps; right now the app helps you rea... Read more

Marketo plans to use Google Cloud's AI

Marketo, the account-based marketing platform, is teaming up with Google Cloud yet again and is using artificial intelligence this time. Marketo has described the further details of its growing allian... Read more

Google updates Assistant on Wear OS

Google has announced an update to the Wear OS that was previously known as Android Wear. For one, the Assistant updates are coming to the device to enhance it and ease the workings around the small sc... Read more

Will Google's Arcade be the gaming future?

Google has played a significant role and has been an inspiration in the world of technology. It has proved to be innovative right from its search engine to its mobile operating system. The one place G... Read more

YouTube advertisements will be sold via ‘Google Preferred' Network

To enhance the quality of ad-supported content in Google Preferred program, Google wants to add inventory from YouTube TV which is a streaming service that will host the packages of top TV channels. A... Read more

Google adds a new feature to its Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast is a household name and its ecosystem surrounding the streaming dongles is elephantine. Google is shortly launching a new feature on Chromecast which provides tips in the bac... Read more

Google engineer designs a tool to discern fake video and images

We hear a lot about fake news stories and rely on videos for evidence. But you are wrong, Supasorn Suwajanakorn, Google engineer designed a tool which can create a realistic fake video which imitates ... Read more

Google improvises Wear OS smartwatches for more battery life

Google is making efforts to help users save from trouble of charging their smartwatches myriad times in a day. The Wear OS will limit the smartwatches to switch on WiFi connection instantly after swit... Read more

Google will shut out and shift to Firebase Dynamic Links

Google announced that; its URL shortening service will shut down paving the way for developers to deviate their focus to its Firebase Dynamic Links (FDS) API. As per Verge reports, after April ... Read more

Stream music on Bluetooth Speaker via Google Home

It’s the era of IoT and smart home devices! There are many smart home devices today and it’s a tough battle between Google, Amazon, and Apple. So here comes an announcement from Google abo... Read more

Google rolls back to version 29.2 to fix low volume issue

Google’s new application Google Duo apparently faces low volume issues post the update that Google introduced previous week. Google Duo’s creator/ lead Justin Uberti finally mentioned in T... Read more

Facebook Express WiFi app on Google Play

Facebook just rolled out its Express WiFi app on Google Play and the app is available for download in Indonesia and Kenya. With the Express WiFi app, users can purchase internet connection from partic... Read more

Google creates a platform to the musicians

Google is making an effort to gradually open up the capabilities of politicians, celebrities, museums, sports teams’ etcetera. Now you can directly post social media updates to its search result... Read more

Now it is simple to make calls on Google Home

Did you know how simple it is to make phone calls on Google Home or Google Home Mini? Well, you may be baffled what I am talking about? Call and on Google home? Yes you heard it right! This service w... Read more

New Activity Dashboard on Google's G Suite

The new Activity Dashboard on Google’s G Suite will show who read your files. This new activity dashboard is coming to all Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, where users have the ability to edit t... Read more

Google Lens is available on Google Photos on Android phones now

Google Lens can do a lot of things like recognizing a building in your images and scan business cards. But we already know this. The good news here is that Lens will be available to all Google Ph... Read more

Google competes Spotify in music streaming, but why does Spotify rely somuch on Google's cloud?

Spotify is heavily reliant on Google’s public cloud infrastructure and now the company disclosed of its plans to shift remaining computing and storage workloads in its data centers over Google. ... Read more

Machine Learning and AI Courses from Google with ‘Learn'

It’s quite evident that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are ruling the tech world right now. This is why Google is looking to make those fields more accessible to more people w... Read more

Ingenico integrates with Google Pay

Ingenico Group is a payments systems provider and it partnered with Google Pay for making it easy for consumers to make transactions using firm’s terminals across the UK. With the help of Googl... Read more

Google launches Voicemail Transcription for T-Mobile users

If you’re a T-Mobile user on Pixel or Nexus, here’s a news for you. There’s a new update from Google’s Phone app where there’s a Google-powered voicemail transcription fo... Read more

Apple uses Google Cloud for its iCloud Services

Google’s public Cloud is very popular. Apple had admitted that it uses Google Cloud to store date for its iCloud services. The latest version of the iOS Security Guide updated last month has App... Read more

Google pushes RCS for Businesses

Google has made a push for Rich Communication Services (RCS) in order to bring features like group chat and the ability to share high-resolution photos to Android users. Slowly, the network carriers h... Read more

Google uses Artificial Intelligence for placements of Advertisements

We’re already aware that Google is targeting ads based on the website’s content through its AdSense. Of course, AdSense itself is heavily automated. But now, Google is taking things a step... Read more

Google App tests Screenshot Editing

Users can now expect a screenshot editing tool from Google anytime now. In fact, eager users can try out this editing tool in a beta tester on Android. You simply need to join the app’s beta pro... Read more

Google removes the ‘View Image' option from Search results

Google is making an important and impactful change to its search results. The ‘View Image’ option in the search results that allowed users to open the image along will be removed hencefort... Read more

Google launches ‘Gmail Go' lite-version for Android

Here comes another notable addition to Google’s Go apps with the launch of Google Go. The ‘Go’ line of apps was particularly designed for emerging markets. And just like other apps o... Read more

Google is testing ‘Reply' app

Google is intending to release a new application which will permit users to reply for any message from any messaging app with a tap on the notification bar. The application is ‘Reply’ whic... Read more

Google sued for Microphone defect issues found in Pixel and Pixel XL!

There is a defective mic detected in the original Pixel and Pixel XL and Google is facing legal action. The Lawsuit was filed and the plaintiffs claimed that they had issues with microphone in the pho... Read more

Motion Stills app on Android now has AR Stickers from Google

Google’s Motion Stills app on Android where users could edit video or gifs is getting an AR upgrade. The app is launching some fun AR Stickers and it will be rolled out on the Pixel 2 and a numb... Read more

Alphabet hires former Cable executive to run Google Fiber Division

The Alphabet Chief of the Google Fiber Division had left nearly 5 months ago. Now, Alphabet has finally found a replacement. Alphabet has hired Dinesh Jain, who was most recently the Time Warner Cable... Read more

More than 700,000 malicious Android was removed by Google in 2017

There are numerous safeguards that Google has designed to prevent malicious apps from reaching Android users. This has led to the removal of over 700,000 apps from the Google Play Store in 2017. Compa... Read more

Google's AR Product Director has moved to Facebook

Google’s AR product director is now moving to Facebook. Nikhil Chandhok will be joining Facebook to lead product manager of the Camera team working on augmented reality. He had previously worked... Read more

Ford's SYNC infotainment system has Amazon's Alexa and Google's Waze

Ford made a big announcement that included Amazon Alexa and Google’s Waze in its SYNC 3 (the latest one) for iPhone users. Having Alexa in Ford automobiles isn’t something new. Howeve... Read more

Google Home can identify your Netflix profile

We’re at the time when voice assisted home devices are ruling the household technology. This is also the time when the trend of cable TV is severely competing with Netflix, Prime video, and othe... Read more

Google is boosting its AI Research Center in France

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai updated on the company’s expansion in France. The announcement mentioned the expansion of the AI research center in the country and will work on issues ranging f... Read more

Google Play Store to sell Audiobooks

The Google Play store will now start selling audiobooks and the company has already begun marketing and advertising for it. The campaign for the audiobooks is that the user’s first audiobook pur... Read more

Google and Salesforce bring out the first launch after Partnership

Google and Salesforce announced their partnership last year. The two companies are announcing the first pieces of the partnership.  As part of this, users of Google Analytics 360 are enabled to i... Read more

Google is expanding to Shenzhen in China

It’s been hardly a month since Google announced its plans to open its first artificial intelligence lab in China. In the latest announcement, Google plans to expand further in China through a mo... Read more

Battle of the Virtual Assistants: Where does Cortana, Alexa, and the Google Assistant stand?

It’s the era of virtual assistants with artificial intelligence. However, there’s competition here as well. From the looks of it, Amazon’s Alexa seems to be ranking high on the chart... Read more

No more Parental Control on Google Chrome; Replacement to come soon

You can expect a new set of parental controls features on your Chrome browser shortly. In an announcement made earlier this week, Google said parental controls and other restrictions called Chrom... Read more

Dish is teaming up with Google Home and Assistant

Dish has announced that it will be working with Google on integrating with Google Home and Assistant for its television services. This means that users now have the option to control their TVs with th... Read more

Google's Project Zero Discovers Vulnerability

In the latest news from the security team at Google, here comes an announcement regarding chip vulnerability and protection for Google Cloud customers. But that’s not all. The security team... Read more

You can now Mute Autoplay on Google Chrome

A couple of months back, Google had announced that it would allow users to mute videos from autoplaying. Well, that time is here now. Google announced that users can download the Chrome 64 beta and av... Read more

Photography ‘Appsperiments' by Google

There’s a new word that’s trending: ‘appsperiments’. Appsperiments are the latest thing that Google is offering. These are three new photography applications. As a part of the ... Read more

Alerts on Google Maps will tell you when to get off the bus/train

A small but useful update from Google is here. This update will tell you when to get off the bus or train. The idea is to guide the users to with update on their transit journey. There will be live gu... Read more

Google Go: A Data-friendly Search App from Google

In an attempt to make its services more accessible for users with slow internet and low-end mobile devices, Google is introducing Google Go. Google Go is a data-friendly search app that will occu... Read more

Google updates shopping search on cellular phones

Google unveiled the approaching Google Lens and Assistant integration. This development is followed by the redesigned shopping search on your cell phones. The company wrote in a blog post  ... Read more

Google Play Store being experimental?

Google seems to test a new design layout for the Google Play Store application on mobile and notification section will be added to the proceedings. At present, this change will not be witnessed b... Read more

Google Fuchsia OS to support Apple's Swift

Almost a year ago, Google’s operating system Fuchsia popped up and since then, Google has been working on it. It was already known that Fuchsia was capable of supporting apps written in Dart, C,... Read more

Price cut in Google Cloud Platform ahead of AWS Conference

Google announced that it’s cutting down the price of its cloud computing service. The price cut also includes those superfast processors from Nvidia. The price drop is up to nearly 36 percent, a... Read more

Google Maps gets a Makeover

A new update on Google Maps comes with the promise to make things easier and quicker for the users to find places they are looking for. The latest update will be incorporated into Assistant, Search, a... Read more

Google's Chatbase Analytics Platform is open to Public

Google had introduced Chatbase that is a chatbot analytics platform at Google I/O early this year. Today, Google is opening the platform to the public. After going through testing with early adop... Read more

Update on Google Cloud Spanner includes Multi-Region Support

Google has added multi-region support to Cloud Spanner. This means that the database can be replicated across regions for lower latency and better performance. Another pleasing feature of the upd... Read more

Mozilla and Google team up and leave Yahoo behind

When you open your Mozilla Firefox, you can notice that Google is the default search engine and not Yahoo. When Mozilla launched Firefox Quantum, it marked an important update to the browser in many y... Read more

Google launches Files Go; The Android version of AirDrop

Google is rolling out a new app called Files Go that is targeted for Android users to better manage their files. The app comes with file transferring even while offline. Files Go will basically allow ... Read more

Google and Cisco partner for hybrid cloud

Google and Cisco announced a new partnership that will help customers to build more efficient hybrid cloud solutions. Like many other partnerships in the enterprise area, the companies remained pretty... Read more

Google released developer preview of Android 8.1 with Neural Networks API

Google has released a developer preview of Android Oreo 8.1, ahead of the actual public release in December. The big highlight that Google is presenting is the new Neural Networks API. This brings har... Read more

Google Cloud introduces new features to safeguard sensitive data of organizations

Google is helping organizations protect their sensitive data on its cloud platform. Google releases de-identification features to its cloud Data Loss Prevention API. What are the uses of these featur... Read more

Apple and Google assures to find remedies to fix Krack Wi-Fi flaw

Apple and Google is planning to patch a critical flaw in Wi-Fi technology which is hazardous. Both the companies detected a flaw which help hackers to steal credit card numbers, passwords and private ... Read more

Google Duo feature awes users with its video calling quality

Google made an announcement that Duo video calling feature is now available in your phones, contacts and messaging applications. With the way tech giants like Facebook, Google, Instagram etc are focus... Read more

Google buys podcast app 60dB

A podcast app 60dB will soon be shutting down. What’s going to happen to all the employees here? Not to worry! Google’s here. The podcast app was first launched previous year. It came up ... Read more

Beware the Google Home Mini; it records Everything

Artem Russakovskii at Android Police had an alarming nightmare, when he found out that the Google Home Mini he was reviewing, was randomly and near-constantly recording sounds in his home and tra... Read more

Google to provide cell coverage to Puerto Rico, courtesy Project Loon

The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it has granted an experimental license to Google to provide an emergency cellular service throughout hurricane-devastated P... Read more

Google compute engine offers a monster with up to 96 CPU cores and 624 GB of memory

Google compute engine has a new monster to offer to feed your resource-hungry app. With up to 96 CPUs and other-worldly 624 GB of memory, it doesn’t matter how heavily loaded the app is, this mo... Read more

Google's Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is Wow!

Google rolled out the red carpet for its Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL. It can be said that the new phones are ready to go into battle against the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and LG V30. The screens of b... Read more

Right on AWS' heels, Google also introduces per-second billing

Google has announced that it has introduced per-second billing for its cloud services. The announcement came a week after AWS, the cloud game’s top dog, announced that it had introduced per-seco... Read more

Suit up! With Google and Levi's bring out smart Jacket

Google and Levi’s have come up with a new smart jacket. The project is part of the technology from Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP). This new fabric involves wea... Read more

Google eases setup of new devices for employees with zero-touch enrollment

Google has found a new way for businesses to handle new phones given to employees. With zero-touch enrollment, a seamless setup and deployment of corporate-owned devices are now enabled by Google. Cur... Read more

Google just released Google Cloud Dataprep public beta

Google made an important announcement on Thursday regarding its analytics ambition. It has just made Google Cloud Dataprep, a serverless data preparation tool, available in public beta. The Google cl... Read more

Google boosts its cloud game with support for more powerful Nvidia GPUs

Google’s cloud offerings are set to get more powerful as Google adds support for more powerful Nvidia GPUs. In a blog post by Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google’s cloud arm, it announced ... Read more

Google to buy HTC's smartphone team for $1.1 billion

Google is making moves to buy people responsible for making smart hardware. The search engine giant has confirmed that it plans to buy HTC’s mobile division team for $1.1 billion. From the looks... Read more

Nest Cam IQ is now enabled with Google Assistant

Nest has launched a new indoor security camera and it’s called the Nest Cam IQ. The new camera comes with a big software upgrade enabled with Google Assistant. This simply put, the Nest Cam... Read more

Google offers additional reading suggestions on iOS

The Google search app on iOS has a new feature to offer. The new feature has been updated to introduce ‘related content’ section to keep the users browsing, rather than exiting from the ap... Read more

Google debuts Tez, a mobile payment app in India

Google has officially announced its first big step into mobile payments in Asia, particularly in India. The search giant has launched Tez, a free mobile wallet that will let users link up their phones... Read more

3 women sue Google over pay discrimination

Google is in the spotlight for the wrong reason this time. Three women employees at Google have sued the company over unequal pay in salaries and have accused it over discriminating against femal... Read more

Google to unveil Pixel 2 on October 4

Its official! Google is launching the successor to its Pixel phone on the 4th of October. As confirmed by an Ad placed by Google itself, it suggests that anyone who is “thinking about changing p... Read more

Now you can upload a Video-Review on Google Maps

Google is introducing video in parts of its mapping service. Users who are part of the company’s Local Guides program can now shoot 10-second videos right from the Google Maps app... Read more

Google Dashboard gets new Security and Privacy Update

In the light of events regarding security and privacy, Google has announced a fresh upgrade of its privacy and security dashboard. Although there aren’t any drastic changes, the new upgrade is a... Read more

Google Street View gets updated with AI and HD cameras

After nearly eight long years, Google Street View has got a new upgrade which is better cameras that can take better pictures. This means the days of spot globe-like cameras mounted atop of Google Vie... Read more

Mobile Developers, get yourself certified from Google

One could already get a Google Partner badge if you’re good at AdWords and can show off your skills. Here comes another such certification from Google. It has announced that it will be certifyin... Read more

VMware forges container partnership with Google and Pivotal

Google, VMware and Pivotal have forged a partnership to work together on containerization. According to the companies involved, the project aims to simplify creating, deploying and managing container ... Read more

Google launches ARCore on Android

Google has been experimenting with the smartphone AR for a while now. It was first introduced by the Project Tango in 2014. And today, it will be launching a developer preview of ARCore which is a pla... Read more

Google introduces Firewall to App Engine ensuring protection

The App Engine, one of Google’s longest running public cloud computing platforms has a new update to announce. Google is finally launching a fully featured firewall for its App Engine. Now, deve... Read more

Google Chrome will soon allow users to mute annoying auto-plays on websites

Many web browsers would have come across auto-load videos with sound. That is many a time annoying and distracts users away from their purpose. For such users, Google Chrome has come up with a new upd... Read more

Google adds video preview to mobile search

Google has just announced a major update to its mobile search application. The search results page has not received a major update since some time now and this update follows the update rolled out to ... Read more

New update on Google Docs makes it easier to collaborate

A set of features are a part of the new feature that Google has updated on Docs, Sheets and Slides. Most of the updates focus on collaboration along with new editing tools, making it a smart improveme... Read more

Google Image Search gets a facelift

Another upgrade comes from Google and this time it is for Google Image Search. The usual list of photos and picture you see on Google Image Search is in for a change. The results will now show more th... Read more

Google Calendar's update syncs with Outlook Scheduling Assistant

Google has announced yet another update. And this time it is an update with Google Calendar. A new feature called Find a Time will be helping a lot of people to access their coworkers to find their re... Read more

Google studies Ransomware victims

A study conducted by Google tells us that over the last two years victims of ransomware have paid $25 million. The study was conducted by Google, Chainanalysis, UC San Diego and the NYU Tandon School ... Read more

Google Groups oversight leaves PII and private emails exposed

A small settings error in Google Groups has compromised confidential business emails and employee data of hundreds of companies. According to the researches at Redlock, hundreds of groups have publicl... Read more

Voice Navigation comes to Google Analytics

Google has announced that it is adding voice based navigation to Google Analytics. Remember when you had to check app data? You had one hell of a time trying to figure out the right dashboard and righ... Read more

Google's cloud platform receives speed boost thanks to new Networking Algorithm

Google has some good news for all enterprises using public cloud. In its bid to speed up the cloud infrastructure, Google has created an algorithm to speed up the internet. Google has announced a new ... Read more

Google home page to have Feed

When you hear someone say News Feed, your mind automatically goes to Facebook, doesn’t it? Google has set out to change it with the launch of Google feed. The Google home page is getting a radic... Read more

Google's Street View imagery gets facelift

Google has taken a whole new turn with its latest experiment on artificial intelligence. Google’s Street View imagery from Google Maps is getting a facelift with a transformation into profession... Read more

Google increases Security against unverified apps

With the increase in security breaches, Google is upping its security. It is adding warnings for users for any unverified apps and has also announced a change in handling plugins. It is also increasin... Read more

Google Hire for Business Recruitment

Google launched a new service called Hire that helps businesses to manage their internal hiring process more effectively. The service builds on G Suite that allows employers gain access to contact inf... Read more

Google Cloud is coming to London

Google is going British, literally. Google has announced its plans to expand the global GCP footprint with a new UK region. With Brexit looming large, Google is helping solve at least one cloud locali... Read more

Google's container engine receives security centric update

Google has announced the latest update to its Google Container Engine, the service that lets Kubernetes-based software containers run in its cloud. Following its regular trend, the update brings the e... Read more

Triangle: Another experiment from Google

Google has something new to offer its users. It comes in the form of an app called Triangle. Triangle is part of Google’s experiment, where it allows users to track their mobile data usage. It c... Read more

Advr: A new way to Advertise, from Google

Google has come up with a new way to advertise and it is simple called as Advr. It enables you with platforms to advertise in 3D or VR environment. This comes straight from Google’s Area 120, a ... Read more

Google taps Nutanix to simplify Hybrid Cloud

Nutanix and Google Cloud Platform have announced a strategic alliance that aims at “easing” the Hybrid Cloud environment. Nutanix, the world leader in Hyper Converged systems has already m... Read more

All Backup and Sync from Google Drive

You now have an ultimate backup tool from Google Drive. Anyone who has been looking for a bit more flexibility in backing up files or syncing their apps, Google has something in store for you. The upg... Read more

SAP expands Google partnership

At the Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, SAP had lots of important announcements to make and it was easy to lose track of an interesting announcement that many missed over the ruckus created by the ... Read more

Google launches Cloud IoT Care to help enterprises manage IoT data and devices

Microsoft and Amazon Web Services are already making inroads in the field of IoT providing tools and management solutions. With demand IoT management solutions surging, it seems Google has decided to ... Read more

Google's AI Eye Doctor helps detect vision loss

Diabetic retinopathy or vision loss due to diabetes is on the rise. The changing lifestyles of humans have resulted in increase of diseases, diabetes being one. Millions of dollars are poured into res... Read more

Google Sheets gets smarter with new AI powered features

Google’s new AI first motto is not just for show and it is doing everything to uphold it. It is incorporating machine learning and AI in all its products to enhance user experience and its sprea... Read more

Google's new Ad-blocker is more of an Ad-filter

Last month the Wall Street Journal reported that Google may be working on a built in Ad-blocker of its own much to the worry of the advertising business community. Now WSJ has come out with another re... Read more

Google expands AMP support for landing pages of Ads

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project has been a blessing for users and websites alike. The project which started 18 months ago was met with great enthusiasm. It cut down page loading time b... Read more

Google, IBM and Lyft team up to launch Istio, an open source platform to manage microservices

For more than decade Enterprises have set on a course to evangelise microservices to be the next step in creating a more agile developement environment after which companies are realizing that th... Read more

Google unveils its vision for the future of AR and VR and It's ambitious

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of how we see the world through our phones and there is very little doubt about it. Tech companies have been racing ahead to gain dominanc... Read more

Google's next gen TPU is here and it will leave you in awe

Google I/O, Google’s annual Developers conference always has a surprise in store. It is waited on with baited breaths by the whole Tech community and it does not disappoint them. Being one of th... Read more

You can take your car for a ride effortlessly, all because of Google's new Android in the Car innovation

Google has all your queries ready at hand answers through your smart devices, and now it has attempted to indulge its technology in automobiles. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? At I/O 2017, Googl... Read more

Android Instant Apps announced at Google I/O 2016 are finally available to all developers

Last year, Google had unveiled its idea of Android Instant Apps at its I/O 2016 developer conference in May. The Android Instant Apps are finally open to all Android developers. Users can now use an a... Read more

Move over Siri! Google is here

Google is reportedly planning to launch its Google Assistant iOS app this week, according to Android Police. The annual Google I/O conference takes place Wednesday throu... Read more

Google make changes in AdSense to increase more ad transparency for publishers

Google is planning to implement changes in AdSense network which will increase transparency about how it deals with violations and removes ads from websites. Scott Spencer, the company director of su... Read more

Google chrome is adding- up more features for offline reading

Google is adding more exciting features for download pages. When Google introduced the ability to download pages for reading offline in Android last December, now it is planning to add more features... Read more

Bracing up to tackle internet hackers, Google has planned to revise its security

While internet has given us opportunity to increase our number of friends, expand businesses, platform to share our opinion, it has also hampered private life in many ways. One such attack was when Gm... Read more

Is there a concert this week? Just ask Google!

Google is updating its app and mobile web experience in the US and all for the sake of Events! Google has announced that it is adding another feature to the Google app to show events like concerts, a... Read more

Owlchemy Labs and Google team up to deliver the future of VR Gaming

Google is sparing no effort in expanding its VR capabilities and has now acquired a VR game studio and one of the best ones at that. Google has acquired Owlchemy, a VR game studio which created games ... Read more

Google turns Raspberry Pi into your very own virtual assistant

Have you ever wondered what it would be if you could talk with your tiny homemade computer, Raspberry Pi? If you could have a real conversation, wouldn’t that be great? Google’s newly lau... Read more

Ok Google, it's time to plug in the headphones permanently

You no longer have to worry about the old phones which are already left out of use. There’s an interesting way to connect it to daily lives of us. The ‘Google Home’! The system works... Read more

Here comes good news for chrome users, Google is creating a new ad blocker for chrome

Google is heading to create a new ad blocker for chrome browser that will be out in few weeks. It seems like counter-intuitive for a company that makes most of its money through advertising. The new ... Read more

Want to be a Supermodel? Google's Style Ideas' has got the perfect solution!

Aren’t we all familiar with Google?  Pin interest isn’t either unfamiliar, is it? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the features of both in one? Here’s a solution to this! G... Read more

Now, you can find NBA and NHL updates directly through Google search

Google adds new feature for both Google search and Google play News stand. This provides update information to people on NBA and the NHL playoffs. Apart from this, it also provides knowledge on Panels... Read more

‘Google photos app' new version is all set with advanced features

Google continue its mission to make Google photos a better storage service. This is just sounding awesome. When it was introduced in 2015 by Google, since from then it has been improving in all forms ... Read more

Hold on amateur artists; Google's AI Algorithm can make you artistic

You might be an amateur artist. Wait, Google has got an exciting piece of information for you. It is launching AutoDraw, an app which makes use of the machine learning algorithms to match your doodles... Read more

Tech Biggie Google is Considering a Whopping Investment in LG's OLED Technology for its Pixel Phones

Google Inc is considering a major investment of at least 1 trillion won (approximately equal to $875 million) to help South Korean based Company LG boost output of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) ... Read more

Google is allegedly accused of paying enormously less when compared to men!

It is alleged that Google pays women employees less in comparison with men which was denied by the company. "We found systemic compensation disparities against women pretty much across the entire work... Read more

Google's new tech systems can differentiate between the online contents

After the effects of London attack on March 22nd, Google has also come under fire from major companies whose advertising appears alongside videos uploaded by Jihadis, as well as other distasteful cont... Read more

Google gives a surprising update for the tiny tribe of Android tablet

The launch of Pixel C wasn’t that huge success. But recent studies have shown that the new Pixel C tablet gets some love from Google in the form of new launcher and a multi tasking interface.&nb... Read more

Google adds a “Free App of the Week” section to its Play Store

Google Play is now adding a new feature named as “Free App of the Week”, which will mention the weekly offer on popular apps. The section will list out a new paid app ... Read more

Now Google has its own VR “Cardboard” to take on Facebook's “Oculus”

As Facebook and Microsoft have plowed ahead with virtual reality, Google has looked like it’s behind. But, in 2016, it may be serious about catching up. The search giant is forming&nbs... Read more

Google to make Los Angeles a High-Speed Fiber internet city

Los Angeles city officials have taken important first steps in bringing Alphabet Inc.’s Google Fiber high-speed Internet connectivity to area homes and businesses.“We’ve ha... Read more

Google is testing Ads that let users demo Mobile Apps before downloading

Ever wished you could try a mobile app before wasting time, money and precious data on actually downloading it? Google wants to let would-be users test drive them. Today, Google is debuting Trial Run ... Read more

Google's new Cloud API helps to better understand Images

Google made an important announcement recently. The company’s powerful image recognition software that won accolades in the IT world has been made available through the release of Google Cloud V... Read more

Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles and now introducing Google AMP

Google introduced its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in an attempt to take on other rival news delivery services such as Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles. The company on T... Read more

Mozilla dumps Google and embraces Yahoo

The Mozilla Firefox browser has been among the world’s best browsers. For years, the default search engine in the browser was Google. Mozilla recently announced that it hadn’t renewed its ... Read more

Google Cloud attracts Developers with Custom Offering

Google proved on November 18th that it took cloud computing seriously. The company made an announcement that developers will be able to create compute instances with custom configurations of virtual C... Read more

Google and Akamai tie-up to speed up Cloud Networking

Inside Google's  Cloud Platform data-centers, everything is hooked together with 10GB Ethernet. Once your traffic is on its way to the public, it runs on top of Google's own Content Delivery... Read more

Google Working on a New OS

Google has been famous for its operating systems. The hugely popular Android OS is the main driver in mobile phones. The Chrome OS is relatively new and it was launched along with the company’s ... Read more

Google to the rescue

Yahoo!  Inc said that it had signed a search advertising deal with Google Inc, providing a potential boost to Marissa Mayer’s efforts to turn around the company, which also reported revenue... Read more

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