Apple is launching a portal to help out law enforcement officials


Apple is launching a portal to help out law enforcement officials

Apple is planning to launch an online portal that will be exclusively for the law enforcement agencies to send in their requests for inquiries. This portal will go online later this year and will take requests from agencies all over the world.

Apple reportedly responded to 14,000 requests from law enforcement agencies last year. After 2017, this seems to be a good effort by the company in the right direction to pay heed to the law enforcement requests. The company has also said that it will be building a team to help train the law enforcement officers around the world. This move will help smaller law enforcement agencies and police forces that lack the resources that their bigger contemporaries have.

Right now, if a law enforcement officer wants to request Apple for information, he/she needs to send in a request to Apple’s email account. This process will be made easier for the officials by availing a completely different portal. Further, it would also make it easier for Apple to conduct its responses.

Lately, Apple has been getting stricter and, enforcing better regulations to ensure security for its customers and with this portal, it will be doing a lot of good for the global community too.

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