Alexa Arlo Security Light gets added features

Arlo Security Light gets added features


Arlo Security Light gets added features

Netgear’s Arlo Security light is designed to take care of the potential dangers outdoors which works wirelessly. New features are added to the security device; now the device will get emit light which is water proof, weather-resistant that is not all; it also has LED light and customization features like flashing and changing colors.

The beam width can change size; these new additions to the device will scare away sneak thief. Now users can set the light to flash any color automatically when motion is identified. That lighting effect can be triggered by motion picked up by a light or by one of the Arlo security cameras.

Users can make adjustments in the motion sensitivity to satisfy their individual needs. You need not require professional assistance to install the lights, user-removable and rechargeable batteries and mounting kit. The lights also can be used with a small optional solar panel which has to be purchased separately.

You can also Arlo Security light using Amazon Alexa and voice commands and also the Arlo app. You can get alerts through push notifications and email. The firm is offering its recent security products individually for $149.99 USD, as well as in 2-camera and 3-camera bundles for up to $349.99 USD.+

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