Get rid of Covid-19 scams! Be safe!


Get rid of Covid-19 scams! Be safe!

The Covid-19 has created havoc to many lives, industries and of course the economy! But beware, this is the right time for criminals to steal your information and you need to beef up your digital security and protect your data.

This pandemic has made us completely rely on internet to work, communicate and follow daily routine. As a result, people can easily fall prey to cybercrimes, including fake news and pranks. 

You can fall in trap if you react to emails and forwarded messages promising free Netflix subscriptions, a plot to sell the world’s largest statue — the Statue of Unity — for US$4 billion, phishing attacks impersonating health officials and face masks scams are just the tip of the iceberg.

“Malspam or malware spam, which is transmitted via email, continues to be the most significant source of infections. Malspam can include specific malware embedded directly in the email or contains links that trick users into visiting malicious websites or downloading malicious software. These may include emails that contain special offers or discounts and other specifically crafted emails with links to fake banking or government websites.”

In another instance last year, Kaspersky found spyware FinSpy installed on devices through a message sent to phones, especially if the phone is using an outdated version of Google Android. The attack allowed access to unsuspecting victims’ locations and messages, among other things, says Yeo. “While these discoveries are from the past, attackers are actively looking for the next opportunity to strike. It is better to stay safe than sorry.”

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