Certis Group introduces one-of-a-kind security solution


Certis Group introduces one-of-a-kind security solution

Certis Group came up with new Internet of Things Facilities Management (iFM) solution which was exhibited in an event to show the partnership between Certis Group and Eutech Cybernetic. Certis denied revealing any details of its clients but the company just said that it includes private and government agencies.

Mr Foo, vice president of Certis Technology asserted: "The security industry is facing a manpower crunch, while customer needs have become more complex, so we hope the system will help us bring more value to society."

He also added that the iFM solution was designed to aid Certis deliver good service for its customers.

Hari Gunasingham, Eutech CEO said that this solution is a game changer and it also helps building owners and operators cut cost and provide better services.

At present, iFM solution is one-of-a-kind in Singapore which was deployed to decline terror. Mr Foo mentioned that this technology uses facial recognition analytics to improve detection and surveillance abilities for security purposes.

This solution depends on predictive behavior model to trace if anyone enters a building and creates individual risk profiles based on the data.

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