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Entersekt is now Equifax's technology partner


Entersekt is now Equifax's technology partner

Entersekt, an innovator in push-based authentication and app security merges with Equifax Inc., a consumer credit reporting agency. The motif behind the amalgamation is Equifax wants additional security to its online and mobile services using Transakt, Entersekt’s product licensed by Equifax.

Consumers can vouch on Transekt because the product aids consumers safeguard their digital identities and accounts. Another advantage is, if you want to access the digital identity or account you will get a request to your tablet or cellular device for which you can either accept or reject.

“Entersekt’s market leading offering enables us to expand our trusted services to various new digital channels,” said Gaurav Khanna, senior vice president global product management and new product innovation at Equifax. “Adding Transakt to our platforms provides us with a secure way to identify, reach out to, and interact with our customers.”

Entersekt’s senior vice president North America, Sherif Samy said that the company is happy to work with Equifax since; the joint work will help protect its customers’ data and identities. Entersekt’s pioneering fintech is deployed across the globe. Spanning multiple use cases in banking, payments, insurance, healthcare, and government, its technology inspires peace of mind in consumers and innovative thinking in digital product developers – all while helping enterprises remain firmly ahead of the security and compliance curve.

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